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When Did Minecraft Come Out On Pc

Which Mobs Did The Allay Beat

How to Install Minecraft on your PC | Minecraft Basics Tutorial

The Allay was introduced to us as part of the Minecraft community mob vote that forms part of Minecraft Live. Viewers were asked to vote on their favorite mob from a choice of three. The Allay won the vote, beating out the Glare and the Copper Golem.

The Glare highlights dark areas to help players know where hostile mobs could spawn while the Copper Golem is a craftable mob that would wander around and push buttons, before eventually corroding and becoming a statue.

The Minecraft 118 Release Date Is Scheduled For This Week And Mojang Has Provided The Latest On When The Caves And Cliffs Part 2 Update Will Be Coming Out

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UPDATE: Mojang has announced that Minecraft 1.18 – Caves and Cliffs Part 2 – is now available to download and play on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition onXbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, andWindows 10 and 11 and Minecraft: Java Edition onWindows, macOS, andLinux.

The game’s next major patch is not expected to arrive until next year, and at least a couple of months into 2022.

ORIGINAL: Its been a long wait, but the final Minecraft 1.18 release date has been locked in for the end of November 2021.

Having suffered several delays and expansions during its development, Mojang is now ready to unleash Caves and Cliffs Part 2.

This will change things both in the background and visually, making it an exciting update for fans across PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC and Mobile to enjoy for free.

And while most of what was promised in the past will be available later this month, a few things have been missed out.

Mojang has confirmed what will be making it into the final build and what has been postponed until 2022.

Items missing from Caves and Cliffs Part 2 includes archaeology, bundles, and goat horns, which have been pushed back until a later date.

Minecraft Java And Bedrock Editions Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass For Pc On November 2

Minecraft, one of the most popular games of all time is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC next month. Starting November 2, the Minecraft Launcher on PC will provide access to both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft for Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers.

For those unfamiliar, Minecraft: Java Edition is the original version of the game that has cross-platform play between Windows, macOS and Linux, as well as support for user-created mods and skins. Minecraft for Windows 10 is a separate version of the game built on the new cross-platform Bedrock version that supports cross-play multiplayer via Xbox Live, Virtual Reality, as well as ray-tracing. Xbox Game Pass for PC will get to play both versions of Minecraft for free via the Minecraft Launcher.

Minecraft has been available on Xbox Game Pass for Console for quite some time now, and its absence for PC was a bit surprising considering its a Microsoft game. Minecraft Dungeons, a Minecraft-themed dungeon crawler has also been available on Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC on day one.

Anyway, its good to see Minecraft finally joining Xbox Game Pass for PC next month, and developer Mojang Studios announced a couple of exciting updates for the sandbox game during Minecraft Live 2021 this weekend. The Part II of the Caves & Cliffs Update will be released later this year will allow players to dig even deeper and revamp the procedurally generated mountains and caves.

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What Uses Does The Allay Have

We don’t yet know exactly how the Allay can be used, since currently it is in a conceptual stage and could change. However, initial ideas based on the mobs confirmed feature of retrieving items are:

  • Helping to clear up blocks from mined areas
  • Collecting items you have no inventory space for
  • Moving items from crafting areas to storage areas
  • Collecting overflow items from farms

As the Allay is further developed these may change but if anything the uses are likely to hugely increase, depending on the final mechanics of the implementation of it.

What Is Minecraft 20


Minecraft 2.0 was, interestingly, a thing in 2013. Except, it wasnt what you were hoping for: Minecraft 2. The problem was that Mojang announced that it had been working on Minecraft 2.0 for two years, bringing blocky simulation games to the next level on April 1, 2013.

For the less keen pranksters among you, Minecraft 2.0 turned out to be a particularly mean . Among the new features listed in the changelog for Minecraft 2.0 was a new Super Hostile difficulty and an Ultra Realistic graphics setting. It even included lapis lazuli blocks that, er, already existed in Minecraft. Stop playing with our feelings Mojang and bring us Minecraft 2!

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What You Need To Know

  • Mojang Studios is always working on new features and improvements for Minecraft, which are tested through betas and snapshots.
  • The latest Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta includes plenty of expected bug fixes, but also a surprise addition.
  • Frogs, one of the most exciting additions coming with 2022’s ‘The Wild Update,’ are in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta
  • Players can test the amphibious mob by enabling the experimental feature and starting a new world.

It’s a big day for Minecraft in more ways than one on Wednesday. On one hand, Minecraft is celebrating crossing one trillion views on YouTube, a massive accomplishment worthy of praise. On the other, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition’s typically mundane beta is getting an exciting addition this time around with the release of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta For the first time, Minecraft players get to play with frogs.

Recent Minecraft betas and snapshots still revolve around the Caves and Cliffs Update, but Mojang Studios is absolutely already looking ahead to the next major Minecraft content update, The Wild Update, which is slated to release at some point in 2022. Still, it’ll be a surprise for many players to see such a sizeable feature from the aforementioned content release being tested so early, with frogs being one of the headling features of The Wild Update.

The full changelog for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta includes:

What New In The Minecraft The Wild Update

There are all sorts of new goodies coming to the game with Minecraft The Wild update, including several fresh biomes to explore from lush Mangrove swamps to creepy underground cities. New types of blocks will open up extra crafting and building options, while additional animals provide more wildlife to populate your worlds. But beware, as there’s a ghastly new mob lurking beneath the ground, just waiting to emerge and hunt you down.

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Minecraft Frogs Tadpoles And Fireflies

Finally for Minecraft The Wild update, there are several new animals to meet on your adventures. Minecraft Frogs leap around near water, happily bouncing about the place and occasionally falling off their lily pad while they try to eat any Fireflies hovering overhead. Unlike other animals that grow up from smaller versions of themselves, these Frogs actually develop from Tadpoles that swim around in water, which can be caught in a bucket and taken to different areas.

There are three variants of Frog that can develop in Minecraft 1.19, based on the temperature of the biome in which they grow up. Alongside the regular Frogs, a cold biome will produce Snowy Frogs while a hot biome will yield Tropical Frogs. The developers have promised that each of these variants will provide something unique to players, though they are still in development so exactly what hasn’t been decided yet.

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Changes To Minecraft Mob Spawns

How To Download & Install Minecraft on PC (Minecraft Java Edition!)

In the first Minecraft 1.18 experimental snapshot, theres a natural terrain variation that is separate from how the biomes work. The patch notes state an example of this, suggesting that forests and deserts could form up on a hill without needing a special biome just for that. Mobs that spawn in the dark will now only spawn in complete darkness, so dimly lit areas are safer. However, a subsequent experimental snapshot makes zombies, spiders, and skeletons spawn at light level 11, so multiple torches are needed to ward away those monsters.

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Minecraft 118 Cave And Cliffs Part 2 Release Time And Delays Explained

The release date and time countdown for Minecraft update 1.18 Cave and Cliffs Part 2 has begun but fans should know about the features that have been delayed into 2022.

It is a significant update that will add plenty of new additions to the Bedrock Edition on all platforms. It changes the landscape of how mountains look and it makes the game more beautiful than ever.

Its a shame that some of the promised additions have been pushed back into next year, but theres still plenty to anticipate for tomorrow.

Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I Official Trailer

Changes To Minecraft Terrain Limits

As of Minecraft snapshot 21w37a, all of the terrain changes and ore distribution updates are now here. You can get a full list of these changes at the official site, but here are some highlights of the new changes to mountains, rivers, and caves.

It would not be easy to implement with the current terrain height limitations, so these are changing to allow for the underground biomes. You may have heard Y=0, this refers to the coordinates you can enable in the options menu, and the Y axis shows the vertical distance. The lowest Y axis block distance limit will change to -64 in the upcoming update, giving you a large number of blocks to dig into. This is where youll encounter Deepslate blocks, including new varieties of Minecraft copper, iron, and gemstone blocks.

The same can be said for the maximum height, as the new highest Y axis block distance limit is 255, and this means there are new snowy biomes to explore:

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Xbox 360 Vs Xbox One Platform

Minecraft for the Xbox 360 was released in 2012 and was the first console version of the game. Due to the hardware limitations of the Xbox 360, worlds were restricted in size. The Xbox One platform was later released in 2014. The improved hardware of the Xbox One allowed worlds to be much larger in size.

The Xbox 360 and Xbox One console editions have been designed to use the standard Xbox controllers rather than keyboard and mouse.

The available blocks, items and mobs within both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One have basically caught up now to the Java Edition version.

How To Update Minecraft Bedrock Edition On Pc

How to Play Minecraft 1.15 Early on PC

If you’ve been playing Minecraft on PC for a while, it’s likely you’ve got the Java Edition, which should update automatically through the launcher. Bedrock Edition should also automatically update, but on the off-chance it doesn’t, here’s what you need to do using either the Xbox App or the Microsoft Store.

Xbox AppLook for the ‘My Collection’ tile in the top left corner of the app, just beneath the Xbox logo. Click on this, then click the ‘Manage Installs’ button in the top right. Give it a few seconds to populate and you should see Minecraft in the list. Click on the update arrow, let it install, and you’re ready to play.

Microsoft StoreLocate the ‘Library’ tile near the bottom of the menu on the left. Click on this to see any updates that are available for your appsMinecraft should be there. Click on update, let it finish, and you should be good to go.

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Minecraft 118 Update Caves And Cliffs Part 2 Features

Everything you need to know about the new biomes, features, and mobs that are now in Minecraft as of part two of the Caves and Cliffs update

Want to know everything thats coming in the Minecraft 1.18 update? The Caves and Cliffs update has been split into two halves: the first part has already been released with the Minecraft 1.17 update. This means we have plenty of new Minecraft mobs to get acquainted with such as goats, glow squid, and axolotls, as well as the brand new amethyst blocks.

However, the 1.18 update is where all the world-changing features will arrive. These include all new biomes, a fearsome new enemy mob in the form of the Minecraft Warden, and new blocks that enable wireless Redstone for the first time in Minecraft. Its all very exciting stuff and if you cant wait until the official release date to experience it for yourself, you should probably check out the Minecraft snapshot betas.

So without further ado, this is a roundup of everything that we currently know about the Minecraft 1.18 update, otherwise known as part 2 of the Caves & Cliffs update. Well also include all of the announcements that Mojang has made regarding any confirmed features coming after the 1.18 update.

Alternative Mod: Pams Harvestcraft

Your home might look great, but thats nothing without some delicious food on your table. Pams HarvestCraft adds over 1,100 new foods and items to give you a menu fit for a Minecraft 2 king. The new items include 60 crops, 17 types of fish, tofu for vegans and vegetarians, and 36 fruit-bearing trees, and theyll really widen your culinary repertoire.

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Dripstone Caves And The Deep Dark Biome

Dripstone Caves are now in Minecraft as of the 21w37a snapshot. Though the stalagmites and stalactites did make it into 1.17, theyre also what will make the Dripstone Caves stand out. Destroying the blocks at the top of the stalactites will drop the rest from above. On the other hand, Stalagmites act like spikes and can hurt friends and foes alike. Stalactites also drip water, so you can use a bucket to collect the water. This gives you a renewable source of water.

You can combine multiple stalagmites and stalactites to make them as long as you can imagine. Stalactites will not only drip water, but they can also drip lava, which you can collect in a cauldron placed below it, just in case you need it for later. Its also worth noting that the dripstone will break if you throw a trident at a pointed dripstone. You can also find more copper ore here than in normal caves.

Windows 10 Gets Its Own Minecraft Coming July 29

How to Open Inventory in Minecraft PC Bedrock Edition (Easy Method!)

Minecraft: Windows 10 Beta Edition adds more controls and GameDVR support, and won’t cost a dime for existing Minecraft PC owners.

How many more platforms can Minecraft be announced on? Does Windows 10 count? At today’s MineCon conference, a worldwide gathering for Minecraft players, Microsoft announced Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta will be arriving on Windows 10 on launch day, July 29.

It joins the many other places you can already play Minecraft: Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. Windows already has Minecraft, but this additional variant aims to be more tuned to what Windows 10 offers.

Minecraft is Microsoft’s Tetris. Since purchasing Mojang, the Swedish creators of Minecraft, in 2014, Microsoft has put Minecraft into every Microsoft platform: on Xbox One, on HoloLens, and now Windows 10 .

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta has additional optimizations that set it apart from the existing PC version: seamless swapping between touchscreen, controller or keyboard/mouse controls, Xbox Live and Minecraft Pocket Edition online play, and record/share support for built-in GameDVR functions. In many ways, the multiple control modes could make this version feel like the ultimate hybrid between mobile and desktop versions.

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Minecraft 119 Deep Dark Biome And Wardens

After originally being planned for the 1.18 update, Minecrafts dangerous Warden mob has been delayed to the Wild Update in 2022. The Deep Dark biome wed seen previously has been expanded further also. Mojang did a serious dive into the Deep Dark biome this year and its looking much scarier than before.

What makes the Deep Dark so much spookier now is the Skulk Shrieker blocks which will emit a screech when activated and put a darkness effect on the nearby area. Youll need to get away from that Skulk Shrieker quickly and quietly because that loud noise will likely attract a Warden.

As wed already seen, the Warden mobs are very, very dangerous and will hunt down players by sound. The Shriekers pulsing darkness effect makes the stomping of the giant Warden sound like something out of a horror game. In the new video of the Warden we actually see one tunnel out of the ground through some skulk blocks, which is extremely frightening.

Also new in the Deep Dark are the big ancient city structures that you can find down in the dark. Mojang has hinted that theres a structure at the center of every ancient city that may have its own secrets. Youll also want to pay attention to the Skulk Catalysts. When an enemy dies near one, it will convert nearby blocks on the ground to Skulk Blocks, which you can mine to gather experience.


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