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Where Are Diamonds Most Commonly Found Minecraft

Diamond Weapons And Armor

Best Way To Find Diamonds Minecraft 1.9 & 1.8 Tutorial

Diamond swords deal the second most damage of any sword – seven points – although both iron and diamond swords kill most enemies with 3 hits, making iron swords preferable to diamond swords which are not enchanted as they are cheaper and about just as useful. Diamond armor protects the wearer better than any other armor aside from netherite. Diamond armor and swords both have the advantage of greater durability than armor and swords of any other material aside from netherite. A full set of diamond armor requires 24 diamonds, and 9 diamonds more to make a full set of tools, which contains a pickaxe, a sword, an axe and a shovel.

Use The Staircase Method

Since you should never mine straight down in Minecraft, the staircase method is a great way to get to the depths of the world safely and efficiently. Its exactly what it sounds like: dig yourself down at a 45 degree angle leaving a staircase pattern behind you. With each step dig one block deeper than the last. Youll be able to return to the surface by merely jumping your way back up. The staircase covers a lot of ground and is a widely used method to successfully find Diamonds and other minerals.

The Best Way To Find Diamonds In Minecraft 117

Chances are, if you’re looking for the best way to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.17 you’ve hit the same issue affecting everyone else: they’re now really rare. This isn’t an intentional Minecraft change but rather a bug introduced by the latest update.;

The current thinking is that because the Bedrock and 1.17 updates are moving the bedrock depths, this would also move the spawn depth of Minecraft diamond. However, because the updates has been split into two parts a bug somewhere currently makes diamond incredibly rare. It still technically spawns at the same level or depth of around y=16 and below, just much more sparsely now. So most of the advice in this guide still stands, you just need a lot more luck now.;

If you’re not sure how to check what level you’re on then press shift and F3 to bring up this screen:

In the area we’ve ringed red you’ll see three numbers that are your X, Y, and Z coordinates in the game. As you can see here, the diamonds we found in the 1.17 update are around the y=11 stage.;

The bug appears to be logged and it looks like the next hot fix should take care of the error. That was first scheduled as being in about a month’s time, which would make due around July 10. Until then, the usual diamond finding methods below still apply, it’ll just be a lot harder, so good luck.;

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What Do You Use To Get Diamonds In Minecraft

You can use a pickaxe or TNT to get diamonds in Minecraft. While you can break the block with a stone pickaxe, it wont drop diamonds. Mined diamonds with a stone pickaxe will despawn. Only iron, diamond, and Netherite pickaxes can mine diamonds.

When using TNT, you can get large amounts of diamond in a limited amount of time. TNT is an effective resource as it drops all other items. However, it only works in the Java edition of Minecraft, not on Bedrock.

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft On Ios And Android

Best find in minecraft since diamonds

Mining on mobile may be slightly awkward if youve spent most of your time playing Minecraft on a PC, Mac, or console.

However, the mining process remains the same. iOS and Android devices use the Minecraft Bedrock Edition engine. The core game, its features, and spawn locations stay the same.

Do most of your mining at levels 11 or 12 on the Y-axis to find diamonds faster.

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Best Ways To Find Diamonds In Minecraft


  • Dig the Stone around the Diamonds;
  • Finding Diamonds in Minecraft can be a chore, they are rare just like in real life, and as a new player, coming across diamonds can be hard at the start but there are useful ways to know how we can find diamonds just a little bit easier using simple rules and techniques to mine our way into a chunk of Diamonds.;;We will show you the Best Ways to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

    How Diamond Spawns;

    What Y-Level do Diamonds Spawn?;

    Diamonds can be found anywhere below Y-Level 16, but the common spawn spots are either Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11, or Y12. They are abundant in these Levels but far from each other, focusing on mining at these Levels will likely have a higher chance in coming across Diamonds.

    In order to make this efficient, we can mine around Y9, Y10, Y11 since its in the middle of the appropriate Y-Levels. We can see both up and bottom levels if we ever struck diamond. The worst thing is digging past a Diamond that is only 1 block away without knowing but mining at the said levels will avoid this problem.

    F3 on Windows or;Fn;+ F3 on Mac;to see Level coordinates

    This brings up a detailed informational overview about the game, including your coordinates of your locations. With this, we can see the Y-Level coordinates in the X/Y/Z on the left, which is how youd find the appropriate level for Diamonds on the Y Coordinate.;

    How many Diamonds can spawn per;chunk?;

    Common Diamond Spawns;

    Lava Lakes
    Spawned Chest
    • Villages;

    Mining Methods;

    Where To Find All The Ores In Minecraft

    There are a total of 8 different ores currently available in Minecraft, all with varying levels of rarity. These ores appear in veins of different sizes, and some of these ores can only be found in specific locations. Knowing where to look to find your ores and how to mine them efficiently is most of the battle.

    Minecraft generates worlds by numbering each block, with the bottommost level of bedrock being labeled as block 0, and each subsequent block afterward raising that number by one. This includes bedrock, air, and basically everything in between. Knowing this, it becomes much easier to know where to go to find ores. Minecraft considers sea level to be at block 62, and clouds start generating at block 128. Most ores are found below sea level, and no ores will be found above cloud level.

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    How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft 117

    Diamonds can be found in Minecraft 1.17 in the exact same way as you can find them in 1.16. You can find Diamond Ore in every biome at levels 1-15, but they spawn most often at levels 5-12.

    Minecraft’s upcoming Caves and Cliffs update was meant to all be delivered as part of 1.17, but Mojang decided in the end to split the update into two parts: 1.17 and 1.18. This has led to some confusion, because the update to the world generation was going to change where to find Diamonds, as we’ll explain below.

    To know what level you’re on, hit F3 to bring up the coordinates display. The second number next to “XYZ” is the current level of the bottom half of your body.

    Create The Iron Pickaxe

    How to Find diamonds in MineCraft Fast,Easy and the Most effective Way

    Once you’ve got the three Iron Ingots, get yourself a couple of sticks and you can create the Iron Pickaxe in the Crafting Table.

    It’s not recommended to use the Iron Pickaxe on anything but Diamond or Redstone unless you have an excess of Iron Ore. If you waste your pickaxe on general stone and what not, you might break it before you find what you are looking for and then not be able to mine it.

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    How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft 118 Complete Guide

    Published by ojasweeta on July 23, 2021

    There are a lot of Minecraft gamers who do not know How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18. Due to this, they waste a lot of time in their game for finding Diamonds. If you are also one of them, then this guide is for you.

    Here, you will get the complete information related to How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18, the best methods that you can use for finding diamonds in your game, and other details related to them. Lets explore this guide without any delay.

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    Where Are Diamonds Usually Found & What Are They Su

    Diamonds commonly spawn inside caves and ravines. On occasion, these ore can be found in chests inside villager huts, shipwrecks, dungeons and in other rare chests around the world.

    The easiest way for players to find diamonds would be to hunt for them and mine them naturally. Players should note that they will need at least an iron pickaxe to mine the diamonds.

    Anything below that will just cause the block to break, resulting in no diamond ore being dropped. Diamonds can be used to craft enchanting tables, diamond armor, weapons and other tools.

    The best armor and tools in the game are made of Netherite; however, the item has to be made of diamond before it can be upgraded to Netherite. Since Netherite is so hard to find, players typically settle for diamond equipment, which is second best.

    Diamond armor is extremely sustainable, and players will gain a lot more protection with it equipped.

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    Learn More About Diamonds

    Apart from this small detail on finding diamonds in Minecraft, the rest of the game regarding diamonds seems pretty accurate. Do you want to learn more about diamonds? Book a free guided diamond tour. Here, youll learn about the 4 Cs of diamond valuation. And who knows perhaps you find more similarities between diamonds in real life and the ones in Minecraft.

    How To Mine All The Ores In Minecraft

    I found diamonds!! (Minecraft)ep 5

    Just knowing where to find all the ores, or what to do with all of them isn’t enough to be a pro at mining. There are tips and tricks to maximize your hauls and fill entire storerooms with all kinds of ores and resources. Our guide to mining in Minecraft is considerably more in-depth if you need the full scoop, but we still have a few things up our sleeves in this guide.

    First things first, your equipment. Here’s what you’ll need:

    • A great pickaxe. Iron is the lowest grade pickaxe I would recommend since it’s easy to make, can mine every resource listed above in this guide, and has respectable speeds.
    • Lots of torches. Most of the ores on this list are found underground, and the ones that can be found aboveground are still more numerous below the surface of the earth. Spoiler: caves are dark. Bring torches.
    • Some wood. Wood is required for a lot of crafting, most notably including but not limited to, crafting tables, tools like pickaxes, and torches. All of this is necessary for mining, so it’s never a bad idea to have a stack of wood in your inventory.

    I also highly suggest looking into getting the Fortune enchantment for your pickaxe. This fantastic enchantment can increase how much an ore block drops when it’s mined. You can get up to 4 diamonds with a single diamond ore block, for example. This is a late-game upgrade, but it’s incredibly useful to increase your yield and make mining much more efficient.

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    The Most Valuable Resource

    Diamond gear is no longer the most powerful in the game. However, you still need it if you want to reach the end game and min-max your items. Its also a preferred tradable material on most multiplayer servers, so you have to find as much of it as you can, and fast.

    What are some of the mining techniques that you use to locate diamond veins? How do you pick your spots, carve out branches, or do you prefer searching for treasure chests? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.

    Prepare The Right Tools

    To extract diamonds, you will use an Iron or Diamond Pickaxe. Youll also want to carry extra in your inventory, so you dont have to stop mining when the first one breaks. Once you have a store of diamonds collected, we suggest creating an Enchanting Table and making a Fortune pickaxe. You can upgrade the Fortune enchantment so you get more resources when mining. The Mending enchantment is also very useful as it helps your pickaxe last longer.

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    Dig Down To Diamond Levels

    While exploring caves and opening treasure chests might net you a few diamonds, the best way to obtain them is by creating your own diamond mine. Doing so is a simple albeit time-consuming process.

    Diamonds naturally occur between layers 1 and 16 but are more likely to be seen in layers 5 to 12. Bedrock is considered layer 0, so youll need to dig pretty deep before you start seeing the shiny blue rocks. If you need help figuring out what layer youre currently digging at, PC players can press F3 to display their current location. Console players will instead have to dig down to bedrock and then work back up through the layers until they hit the desired height.

    There are several different mining techniques you can employ, but we recommend digging out a staircase until you hit layer 12. Once thats complete, dig a long horizontal hallway. From this main hallway, you can now dig perpendicular paths to maximize your diamond-finding potential.

    When you find diamonds, make sure to clear all the surrounding blocks to check if others are nearby. Diamond veins typically spawn in diagonal patterns, meaning theres usually a bit more hiding just out of sight.

    What To Take When Mining For Diamonds

    Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18 – Best Y Level?
    • The most important item is an iron pickaxe. Diamond ore can only be mined with an iron pickaxe or better . If you try to mine diamonds with a stone or wood pickaxe, the block will break but you won’t get anything from it.
    • Bring along a generous supply of torches. Torches will light your way as you mine, making it harder for enemies to get the drop on you. You can craft torches by placing a piece of coal on top of a stick. Craft coal by burning wood, if you don’t find some while digging.
    • You’ll need food to heal and stave off hunger. Anything edible will do, but if you can cook steaks or chickens before heading off, do it you never know when you’ll need the extra health.
    • Extra weapons can help you out in a pinch. While you can use your pickaxe if you need to, having a good sword and shield is always a better option.

    You can craft these tools as you dig, but don’t break or use them all before you find your diamonds remember that you’ll have to make a return trip.

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    How To Find And Mine Diamonds Fast On Minecraft

    This article was co-authored by Zac Churchill. Zac Churchill is from Davidson, North Carolina, and currently attends Tufts University. He has played Minecraft for over eight years and has extensive knowledge on how to play Minecraft and how the game has changed over the different versions. Specifically, Zac has expert experience in survival worlds, large builds on creative mode, and server design/upkeep. This article has been viewed 1,506,871 times.

    Diamonds are one of the most revered resources and items in Minecraft. They are the pinnacle tier of swords and armor. Additionally, they are the ingredients to some of the most durable and efficient tools in the game.XExpert SourceZac ChurchillMinecraft SpecialistExpert Interview. 2 December 2020. With diamonds, you can mine materials like obsidian and ancient debris. However, finding diamonds is not a simple game. Found at the lower depths of the earth, players will fight to the death for them. Luckily, players have discovered efficient ways of obtaining diamonds, which are listed on this article.

    Minecraft Guide: How To Find And Mine Diamond Gold And Other Rare Ores

    A large part of any Minecraft player’s life is searching for the valuable ores that open up a whole new world of tools, weapons, and resources. Whether it’s as simple as powering your furnace, or supplying an entire house with automatic doors and lanterns, being able to know where to find these ores is essential to mastering this creative game. It’s okay. We did the searching for you. So here’s our guide on where to find all the valuable ores in Minecraft.

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    Once You Get To Layer 15 Keep Digging

    You’re getting awfully close to diamond territory at layer 15, but go ahead and keep digging. Layer 12 is when diamonds, indicated by blue flecks, start to make more appearances. And there’s less lava on layers 11 and 12 than others, so that’s probably your best bet for a large mining operation.

    Remember that diamonds are rare, even in low layers. It might take a long time for you to find any. And of course, there’s always a chance that you won’t find any at all before you need to head back home.

    But once you find diamond ore, mine it with the iron pickaxe and collect your prize. Most diamond comes in a “vein,” meaning that there will be multiple diamond ore blocks connected to one another. Mine all the diamonds you can see, and then move on.

    Which Is The Best Place To Find Diamonds In Minecraft

    Where to locate and mine for Diamonds in Minecraft ...

    Most Minecraft players yearn to swing a diamond pickaxe from side to side.

    Diamonds are among the rarest ores and arguably the most sought after. Many videos, forums, and even Minecraft song parodies reflect this.

    What’s our Block of the Week? It’s…


    Finding diamonds is a challenge. This most commonly occurs between layers 5-16, with level 12 presenting the most. It also isn’t abnormal for diamonds to be found near lava and in ravines. Even with this knowledge, it can still be a hurdle to find diamonds in Minecraft.

    There are seeds, biomes, and the best loot spots to provide diamonds to players to ease the strife.

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