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How To Get A Dragon In Minecraft

About The Ender Dragon

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The Ender Dragon only appears in The End biome and is considered the final boss of Minecraft. The first time you defeat her, she drops 12,000 experience points and the Dragon’s Egg. After that, you’ll only get 500 experience points per battle, and a new portal will appear connecting The End and the Overworld .

The Dragon’s Egg is just a trophy item, so it cannot be hatched however, some Minecraft mods let you spawn the Ender Dragon in the Overworld.

How To Get A Dragon Egg In Minecraft

The dragon egg will only generate one time in the world.

To get the dragon egg, you will first need to defeat the Ender Dragon. This is no small task, but we have a complete guide to fighting the Ender Dragon to help you. The Ender Dragon can be found in the End, which can be accessed from the End Portal, found in Strongholds.

Once you have defeated the Ender Dragon, her egg will appear on the bedrock teleporter. The egg will spawn the first time you defeat the dragon, but will not appear for any additional Ender Dragons that are defeated.

Do not touch the egg!

Touching the egg will cause it to teleport up to five blocks vertically, and fifteen blocks horizontally. Because of this, it’s very easy to lose track of the egg. With the amount of endermen present in the End, you don’t want to risk your life searching for the egg.

If the egg goes through the portal, it will appear at X= 0, Y=0 . If you want to be here, then feel free to send it through the portal. If you do not want this, then cover up the portal with blocks and move it with the first method below.

Minecraft Guide: How To Acquire The Ender Dragon Egg

ByZachary Boddylast updated 8 February 20

You may be hard-pressed to convince people you successfully defeated the ender dragon unless you have a trophy to show off. The minds behind Minecraft thought about this and made it possible for the most clever of dragon slayers to obtain the incredibly rare ender dragon egg. Of course, acquiring the most valuable decorative piece in Minecraft isn’t easy to do, and there’s a specific way you have to approach this. We’re here to tell you what you need to know.

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Minecraft How To Get Dragon Head

Want to show off youre the best dragon slayer around by having the Dragons head in your base. We should you how to obtain the Dragons Head in Minecraft 1.

There are other answers below:

According to the wiki, dragon heads will generate on End Ships. To quote: A dragon head can also be seen at the bow of the ship, making this currently the only natural way to obtain the beasts head. End Ships can be found in an End City, which randomly generate on outer Islands in the End. To quote:


Minecraft players will first have to slay the ender dragon and search for an end city to collect the head. But not every end city will have a

The Ender Dragon is the final boss in Minecraft and is also the largest and most fierce. Killing it is the ultimate test of your skill at the game, and wearing its head as a trophy is a badge of honor and proof of your abilities. Youd think that killing the Ender Dragon is good enough to acquire the head, but its not that simple.

The Dragon Head is a decorative head block, which can be obtained in the End. Source. Unlike other mob heads, this head is not obtained by simply killing a mob by a Charged Creepers explosion and picking up the head. Added as part of 1.9, this head is obtainable by reaching the End ship high above the End city.

Prepare To Hatch Your Dragon Egg

I liked How To Hatch the Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft Pocket Edition ...

If you’re looking to hatch the dragon egg in The End, you can bypass the above process the egg is perfectly fine in its current location, and doesn’t actually play an active role in respawning the Ender Dragon.

To “hatch” your dragon egg in Minecraft and give birth to a new Ender Dragon, you’ll need to collect or craft four end crystals and bring them to The End. Take those four end crystals and place one on each side of the portal surrounding the Dragon Egg pedestal. This will reignite the flames on top of the towers scattered about The End and resurrect the Elder Dragon. Keep in mind that this process doesn’t necessarily require the dragon egg, and you’re free to keep it with you as a trophy of your conquests.

Unfortunately, adding the dragon egg to your inventory and trying to hatch it in the overworld isn’t possible in the base game, and you’ll need to install a mod to add that ability to Minecraft. In other words, dragon eggs can only be hatched if you’re playing a modded game.

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How To Install Dragonfire:

Installing a Minecraft Mod is a fairly simple thing to do and will be outlined in steps below along with a video to help anyone get playing!

Step 1) Install Minecraft:

This step may seem straightforward to some, but is worth clarifying. You must first visit the official Minecraft site and purchase and download a valid copy of Minecraft. This site will walk you through installing the game!

Step 2) Launch Minecraft at least once:

This step will only apply to those who just installed minecraft, though this ensures best results with our future steps, especially when downloading Minecraft Forge.

Step 3) Download Minecraft Forge for 1.12.2:

Start by visiting the Minecraft Forge page for 1.12.2. You can visit that site by clicking here. It is important you use the link in this post as you may accidentally install Minecraft Forge for the wrong version else-wise.

Once on this page, you are going to want to navigate to the “Download Recommended” section of the site. Once on this section, you are going to want to click the “Installer” button.

Once you have clicked this button, you will be brought to an Adfoc.us page. There will likely be ads on this page and to ensure you select the right option, wait 5 seconds and in the top right corner of the page you will see a red button titled “Skip,” click this button.

This will begin the download of Minecraft Forge.

Step 4) Install Minecraft Forge for 1.12.2:

Congratulations, you’ve just installed Minecraft Forge, but we’re not done yet!

How To Finish The Ender Dragon

Once the end crystals are all destroyed, the battle with the ender dragon is a fair deal easier. Now you can focus all your efforts on it, content in the knowledge that the ender dragon has no more backup, and any health you take is gone for good. More than that, at this point, the ender dragon should already be hurting if you timed your attacks correctly. At this point in the battle, there are three strategies to employ:

  • Stay mobile. The ender dragon’s attacks focus on your position when it begins the attack, so continuously moving will make it difficult for the ender dragon to lock on. It also makes it easier for you to avoid the lingering pools of purple goo that the ender dragon leaves behind.
  • Use your bow. There’s no point swinging a sword around in the air for ten minutes while the ender dragon is flying off into the distance. The bow lets you put in a lot of damage, and is your most effective weapon in almost every situation. Almost.
  • Use your sword. The only time the bow is not a great weapon is when the ender dragon perches on the center end portal structure. If this happens, all arrows simply bounce off and have no effect. Now it’s time to use your sword and get in close. Be wary: the ender dragon will launch breath attacks as well as charge at you, so staying mobile is extra important. If you’re the cautious type, simply wait, and the ender dragon will eventually launch into the air again.

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Preparing To Fight The Ender Dragon

To prepare for the fight, you should make Diamond armor pieces, a Diamond Sword, and a bow with lots of arrows. Ideally, youll want the sword to have a level three or higher Sharpness enchantment and the bow to have a level three or higher Power enchantment. If you can get an Infinity enchantment on the bow so you wont need any arrows, thatll work even better. Since the Ender Dragon flies around, your best bet at damaging it will be firing arrows at it. Youll also want to have lots of spare dirt blocks to build simple towers with and a Shovel to break them.

Some players also take buckets of water, so when they fall from a tower, they can quickly use the bucket to land in water, rather than taking fall damage. If you dont want to use a bucket, you can also make Potions of Slow Falling to remove that risk.

There will also be a ton of Endermen hanging out during the Ender Dragon fight, so if youre having a hard time looking away from the Endermen, you can wear a Carved Pumpkin.

Youll also need many Eyes of Ender to find and activate the End Portal. Eye of Enders are made from one Blaze Powder and one Ender Pearl .

How To Collect Dragons Breath In Minecraft

How to Get DRAGON’S BREATH in Minecraft!

Dragons Breath is procured from the Ender Dragon. You will actually want to find the Ender Dragon in the End biome. Subsequently, you should find a fortress in request to arrive at the Ender Dragon.

That thing is mythical serpent breath, and the conditions that a player should be in to obtain such a thing are quite certain as well as placed you in grave peril. With the right information and planning. However, you can without much of a stretch defeat such chances and gain your desired substance.

To get mythical serpents breath, you really want to make a few glass bottles and enter the end entryway. When you stand up to the mythical beast and have some glass bottles with you, you will need to trust that the winged serpent will breathe its breath assault at you which will abandon leftovers of the assault. Finally, move toward the vaporous substances and right-click with your glass bottle.

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How To Respawn The Ender Dragon Using His Egg

Players can also re-summon the Ender Dragon after defeating it. To do so, you need to place the egg on top of the bedrock structure and make four End Crystals using a crafting tool. Here’s a recipe to build crystals:

Image credits: Minecraft

Now, go ahead and place all four End crystals around the egg as shown in the picture below:

Image credits: Minecraft

This will repair all the End crystals and regenerate the obsidian towers.

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Image credits: Minecraft

How To Get An Ender Dragon Head In Minecraft

The Ender Dragon is Minecrafts final boss. It is also the largest, most formidable and fiercest. It is the final test of your game skills. You can wear its head as a trophy and a badge of honour to prove your skills.

Youd think that killing the Ender Dragon is good enough to acquire the head, but its not that simple. Once youve killed the dragon, a portal will open up and you must go through it to reach the End City. You can only access the End City if you defeat the dragon, or if you build a massive 1000 block bridge.

Once you get to Ender City, youll notice a ship floating high in the sky. To climb aboard, you will need to climb up the purple tower. After youve climbed aboard, the Shulkers will be defeated. Ranged weapons cant hurt them, so youll have to shoot their projectiles and punch them. Once they are out of the way, you can make your way to the front of the ship where the dragons head is mounted and claim your prize. You might as well grab the elytra and other loot while youre on the ship. You can wear the dragon head as a helmet, or mount it on your buildings.

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Where To Find It

There is only one location where you will be able to acquire dragons breath and it will not be an easy area that you will have to enter. The location in question is the end, and the source of the dragon’s breath is predictably the end dragon.

In survival, the only way to enter the end is to locate the end portal which is located in strongholds. To find a stronghold you are going to have to acquire the eyes of ender which you can throw to lead you towards your quarry. Take care to remember that the eyes of ender can only be made through the combination of blaze powder and ender pearls.

How To Hatch A Dragon Egg In Minecraft

Dragons Addon for Minecraft PE for Android

Hatching the Ender egg in Minecraft might be an exciting idea, but aside from looking up others’ experiences, they should hatch it themselves. It can be daunting, as they don’t know what the egg holds and what it will do if they have not researched it. Others, often new Minecraft players, will try to mine or break the egg, resulting in losing everything.

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Can You Fight The Ender Dragon Again

Now that youve done all the work in gathering materials, preparing weapons, and finding and activating the End Portal, it would be a waste if you had to start an entirely new world just to experience fighting the Ender Dragon for a second time. Thankfully, there is a way you can summon him back for round two, or as many times as youd like, but it isnt cheap.

What youll need are 28 blocks of glass, four more Eyes of Ender, and four Ghast Tears. Craft these together, and you can make four new End Crystals. Take them back through the End Portal you already found, and place each new crystal on the four sides of the portal that leads back to the overworld. Once all four are set, stand back because they will explode, the portal will deactivate, the original crystals on the towers will respawn, and the Ender Dragon will return to face you once again. Good luck!

Editors’ Recommendations

Minecraft Ender Dragon: Everything You Need To Know

A complete guide on how to slay the fearsome Minecraft Ender Dragon, how to summon another dragon, and how to get the Ender Dragon egg

So you want to know about the Minecraft Ender Dragon? If the popular open-world crafting game has any kind of end goal, it is to march into The End and defeat the Ender Dragon, also known as Jean. Minecrafts only true boss is no joke and can be tough to beat, so make sure you stock up on plenty of Minecraft potions, don that diamond armour, and keep your composure. Failing all that, maybe some Minecraft cheats will help.

The Ender Dragon spawns as soon as the player enters The End that nightmarish realm accessible only through a portal found in strongholds. It doesnt matter what difficulty youre playing on, the Ender Dragon will come for you. She shoots dragons breath and charges at players by swooping down from the sky. If she gets hit she will retreat, but she can also instantly destroy most blocks she comes into contact with.

If youre going to take on this titanic tyrant, you need to come well prepared. Players cannot escape from The End until they slay the Ender Dragon, so you need everything from good armour, potent potions, and even food to keep your health replenished. We also recommend taking some beds because you can use them like TNT charges.

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What Can I Do With An Ender Dragon In Minecraft

Again, the mystical Ender Dragon is a very relevant mob boss. Hence, this creature is the main antagonist of the game. You can call the game over after slaying the Ender Dragon. But aside from slaying this dragon in your clash with it, there are other things that you can do!

Undoubtedly, trying to tame the Ender Dragon is way cooler than just killing it. Taming the dragon can give you benefits such as controlling it or having a saddle and riding it to go to numerous locations thru flying in the air.

But, if you choose to slay the dragon, it will become a ray of light and crumble away.

Defeating The Ender Dragon

How To Get Dragon’s Breath – Minecraft 1.9

After taking enough damage, the Ender Dragon will be vanquished. Players should then check out the very top of the Bedrock Portal that spawns after its defeat. There will be a dragon egg sitting neatly on top of it. Players can then strike the dragon egg, which will cause it to teleport to a nearby block. They can then try one of the tricks below to harvest the dragon egg.

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