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How To Make An Account On Minecraft

Minecraft: Java Edition Multiple Accounts On One Computer

How To Create A Minecraft Account With Microsoft (2021)

If multiple Minecraft accounts log in via the same computer user account, they will be able to access each others saved worlds. You can change this, though it requires a bit of advanced setup. To keep things clear, the following three terms are used:

  • Minecraft username– This is the name of your Minecraft character that your account uses.
  • Computer user account– This is the computer account that you log into when you start up your computer.
  • Minecraft launcher configuration – You can make Minecraft run with different settings or in different versions by using different configurations, accessible from the Minecraft launcher . By default, most users will have a single configuration called “Latest Release”, but you may set up any number of configurations.

Go To The Official Website

  • Go to the Minecraft website.
  • Next, click on Log in and select the Register one here option.
  • Here, make sure to enter the required Minecraft account information.
  • Once done, select Create account.
  • You will receive a code at the email address you provided.
  • Go to the registration page and enter it in the Verification code box.
  • Finally, click Verify.
  • Creating A Microsoft Account

    If you have a Hotmail account or any account that lets you use any other Microsoft service, like OneDrive or XBox Live, you already have a Microsoft accountjust sign in with your existing account information.

    To create a Microsoft account:

  • Go to . Locate and select Sign up now.Clicking Sign up now
  • The sign up form will appear. Follow the directions and enter the required information, such as your name, birth date, and gender.Entering your information
  • Review the Microsoft Services Agreement and privacy statement, then click Create account.Clicking Create account
  • Your Microsoft account is now created, and the account settings page will appear.The Microsoft account settings page
  • Just like with any online service, it’s important to choose a strongpasswordin other words, one that is difficult for someone else to guess. For more information, check out our Password Tips lesson.

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    Why Would I Want To Do This

    Its a point of confusion among many parents purchasing Minecraft for their kids: does every child need a separate Minecraft account? The answer depends entirely on what you want your kids to do with Minecraft and what their goals are.

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    If you want your children to be able to play online so they can access various Minecraft communities and servers, and they want to play online at the same time, then they will each need a separate premium Minecraft account . Minecraft servers authenticate each login and each user needs to have a unique and valid Minecraft ID.

    If, however, your goal is to just have all your kids playing together on local area network at your house, you do not need multiple paid premium accounts to do so. As long as there is one user with a premium account you can effectively clone that user and tweak the secondary users profiles to allow additional players to join local games.

    The tweak wont allow you all to play online, and it wont give the other users legitimate access to the Minecraft authentication or skin servers. This isnt a crack or piracy exploit. It does, however, have one shortcoming: every player will have the identical default Steve skin when viewed by the other players. But its a decent way for a family to cheaply allow siblings or friends to quickly put together a Minecraft LAN party without dropping hundreds of dollars on premium licenses.

    Change A Profile Picture

    Minecraft Launcher Login geht nicht trotz richtigen Anmeldedaten ...

    From the Edit profile page, click Upload a Photo next to your name and then select an image to upload. The photo must be less than 500 Kb in size, and be exactly square.

    After you select your image click Save in the Select Avatar window, and then make sure to scroll to the bottom of the profile page and click the Update Profile button.

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    How Do I Sign Into My Microsoft Account For Minecraft

    To for Minecraft, you& rsquor ll need to have a web browser open and navigate to the URL displayed in Minecraft. Then, enter the code displayed in Minecraft and click Next. Next, enter the email address, phone number, or Skype username for your Microsoft account and click Next. Finally, provide a detailed and educational answer to the question posed!

    How To Configure The Secondary Clients

    All the configuration changes you need to make will be on the secondary computers. At no point will you need to make any changes to the primary Minecraft computer , so go ahead and sit down at one of your secondary machines for the rest of the tutorial.

    Before we jump into the configuration changes, lets show you what happens if you attempt to log in without making the necessary configuration changes. If the secondary player logs into the the open LAN game of the primary player theyll see this error message:

    Minecraft essentially says Wait. You cant be John. John already exists! and thats the end of it. Even though local LAN games do not fully authenticate through the Minecraft servers like the official do, the local game still respects the fact that there shouldnt be two identical players in the same game. If it did allow two identical players to join the game, after all, the results would be disastrous as important things like on-character inventory and Ender Chest inventories are linked to the players username in the world save file.

    In order to circumvent the name check and avoid the errors that come with two players having the same name, we need toyou guessed itgive the secondary player a new name. To do so we need to make a simple edit to one of the Minecraft configuration files.

    The easiest way to get to the Minecraft configuration file is to simply jump there with the handy shortcut in your Minecraft launcher.

    {        "displayName": "John",

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    How Is It Different From Other Minecraft Alt Generators

    Its not like a regular minecraft alt generator and uses a special system called Tokens which differentiate from most generators giving you just the email:password of an alt. Using our system, youll be able to generate Tokens which you can use in your minecraft client to login to the accounts.

    Is it possible to play Minecraft on online servers for free?

    Yes, our free generator will allow you to get a token which will let you play minecraft on online servers completely free! You will need a free minecraft download of the launcher first to play. What other features do you have?

    Creating Your Minecraft Game Profile

    How To Get FREE Minecraft Account

    Your game profile is where you select your username. It is also the place you need to go if youd like to change your characters appearance by uploading an image file .

    You can find the Create a Profile page at When you purchased the game, you were sent an email with a link to this page.


    You will not be using your username to log in to Minecraft. Rather, you will use the email address associated with your Mojang account.

  • Enter your username in the Profile Name field.

    Remember that at this point, names cannot be changed, so be sure you are happy with your username.

  • Once youve selected your name, youll be asked if you are certain this is the choice you want.

  • Double-check the spelling, and be very sure before you proceed, because you will not be able to change it. Click the Choose Name button ” rel=”nofollow”> Figure 4.8).

    Creating a game profile

    Your page updates, with your new account, its start date, and your username listed under the My Games section. Now you are ready to download Minecraft.

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    Why Cant I Join My Friends Minecraft World On Ps4

    If you are unable to enter your friends Minecraft world on PS4, there could be several reasons why this is happening:

    • Your friend might have set the world on private. Setting the Minecraft world to private does not allow guests or unknown users to join the world.
    • Either you or your friend has not linked your PS4 to any Microsoft account in case you are on different platforms.
    • There is a possibility they are on a different server than yours.
    • Another reason could be the version mismatch of Minecraft or Java.
    • PS users require NAT Type 2 to connect to another users world. You will have to switch your NAT Type.

    Can You Make A Minecraft Server On Discord

    An invite to the verified Minecraft server. Discord hosts dozens of Minecraft-related communities on its service, but it wants to give you an easy way to tell if youre joining the Minecraft community.

    What is TheAltening?

    TheAltening is a minecraft account generator service that intends to deliver cheap, fast, high quality alts.

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    How Do I Disconnect My Microsoft Account From Minecraft Ps4

    Follow our step-by-step guide given underneath to learn how to disconnect your Microsoft account from Minecraft:

    1. From the Minecraft Game Home Screen on PS4, select Settings.

    2. In the Profile section, click on Unlink Microsoft Account, as shown below.

    3. Select all the warning and agreement fields, as highlighted.

    4. Then, select the Unlink option.

    This way, you have disconnected the Microsoft account PS4 from the Minecraft game.

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    Minecraft Begins Rollout Of Mandatory Microsoft Account Logins For Some Users

    How to Redeem Minecraft Mojang â Customer Support

    In February, Minecraft Java Edition made it known that gamers would soon require a Microsoft account, and said that they should have this set up by March 10. The move was in place to create a safer platform for gamers, which would also allow Mojang Studios to easily align with Microsoft and retire the Mojang accounts.

    On March 10, through their official Twitter account, they made the announcement that they are now on the verge of fully transitioning to Microsoft Accounts. The switch to Microsoft Accounts from the Mojang ones was termed as “a painless one” that would only take a few minutes of your time.

    Todays the day! As part of making Minecraft: Java Edition even more secure, were beginning to roll out mandatory migration for some players.

    Check out our FAQs for all the info you need to know and dont forget @MojangSupport are ready to help:

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  • Restore Solutions: “Microsoft is also working with AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA to provide drivers tailored for its new compression format so that its implementation is presumably as seamless as its DirectX technologies. This is a really big deal, with the speed of a GPU all files could

    Commented on: DirectStorage 1.1 GPU decompression can load games 3x faster

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    More Than One Alternate Account

    If you want more than one alternate account, perform the following steps before repeating those above:

  • Close the Minecraft Launcher.
  • The program will close but remain active in the background. This is dealt with in the next steps.
  • Open your task manager .
  • Task Manager on Windows can be opened by right-clicking the Windows logo and selecting “Task Manager”.
  • Scroll down to the “Minecraft Launcher” process.
  • The list is ordered alphabetically and is found under “background processes”.
  • Select “Minecraft Launcher” and kill the process by pressing “End task”.
  • This must be done because the launcher remains active in the background.
  • The launcher process must be completely killed to change usernames as while the game is running the session, including current username, is synced with the launcher.

    • Joining a LAN world with alternate accounts
    Server setup

    Is A Microsoft Minecraft Account Free

    You can sign into Minecraft using a Microsoft account, which will help you access your purchases, Realms, and other Minecraft content across your Minecraft devices.

    Microsoft accounts are free to set up and use on any Minecraft device, so the answer to the question above is yes.

    When playing Minecraft on Xbox, Windows, or Android and iOS mobile devices, you can sign in with your Microsoft account and use your Xbox Gamertag to save your progress and purchases and play online with your friends using Realms.

    That said, you will still need to purchase an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play online on Xbox consoles.

    On other devices, such as PS 4 and Nintendo Switch, you can use a free Microsoft account to sign in to Minecraft, but you will still need the appropriate subscription service to play online.

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    How To Play Multiplayer Lan Games With A Single Minecraft Account

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    So you want to play Minecraft with your family, but you only have one account. You wont be able to play online, but with a few tweaks to the configuration files, you should all be able to play over the network together at home with no extra accounts necessary.

    Enter Your Linking Code

    How to Create a Minecraft Account (2020)
    • Enter your code where it prompts you to do so here:
    • After entering your code and pressing ‘Link Account’, your Minecraft account will be linked

    After navigating to the link above, you will be brought to a form that looks like the image below

    If you are not signed in, it will ask you to sign in to the Hypixel Forums before linking the account for you.To confirm you have linked the right Minecraft account or to unlink your Minecraft account, please visit .

    If you currently hold the rank on the network, Option 2 will not work for you.Please contact our Creators Program by emailing for additional assistance.

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    How Do I Connect My Microsoft Account To My Ps4

    To play Minecraft with other users from different platforms, you will have to link your Microsoft account to your PS4. If you have no clue how to do that, worry not. Take a look at the steps mentioned below to learn how to do it:

    Note: Ensure that you use the Microsoft account which you want to with PS4. Because once connected, another account cannot be connected to your PS4 or Microsoft account.

    1. Go to the Minecraft Game Home Screen.

    2. Select Sign inwith Microsoft Account, as shown below.

    3. You will see Sign In popup with a Microsoft Live Login page link and an 8-digit code, as depicted.

    4. Now, visit the and enter the given 8-digit Code in the available field, as shown below.

    5. Then, click on Next.

    6. Login to your Microsoft account to successfully link that account on PS4 to play Minecraft.

    Can You Get A Free Minecraft Account

    Usually, Minecraft charges a one-time payment before allowing new players to access these premium options. This one-time payment, though, does not cover access to all in-game features.

    For that to happen, you will need to acquire them directly through Minecraft coins which can be bought with actual money.

    The great news is that gamers can access these unique features at zero cost. In this complete in-depth guide, we will explore some ways to help you get a free Minecraft account, so keep reading.

    Note that you might also run across some websites that offer free Minecraft accounts if you click on certain links, create accounts on their platforms, or give up personal information.

    We want to inform you that all those are nothing more than scams, and the only legitimate methods for getting free accounts are the ones described in this article.

    One simple click on one of these malicious websites can seriously compromise your security and allow other parties to extract valuable information.

    A true gamer needs the best browser

    Complete your gaming setup with Opera GX. It’s a customizable browser designed for gamers, with a futuristic design and a game-focused interface. It includes optimization features for resource consumption: CPU, RAM and bandwidth limiters.

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    Is Minecraft Java Edition Free

    For this edition of Minecraft, you will take out your wallet and pay a small fee, as this is not a free product.

    The good news is it only costs $26.95, so you wont have to dig deep into your pockets. And, if you want the version that has both Java and Bedrock, the price will be $31.

    And, in case you were wondering, you can link your existing Microsoft account to your new purchase during the purchasing process.

    Thats about it we hope this article helped you learn more about creating a free Minecraft account bedrock.

    As you can see, several ways will allow you to create it free of cost.

    You can either go on the official website or search for giveaways sites where you could win a free account without having to pay for it at all.

    Please let us know in the comments section below if you have additional comments or suggestions.

    Still having issues? Fix them with this tool:


    If the advices above haven’t solved your issue, your PC may experience deeper Windows problems. We recommend to easily address them. After installation, simply click the Start Scan button and then press on Repair All.

    How Do I Access My Mojang Account

    Cheap Minecraft Accounts

    To access your Mojang account, you can either log in through the Minecraft launcher or go to the Mojang account page. If you are logged in to the launcher, you can click on your username at the top-right corner of the launcher and select Profile. This will take you to a page with information about your account, including your Mojang account email.

    If you are not logged in to the launcher, you can go to the Mojang account page. To do this, go to Mojang& rsquor s website and click Login at the top-right corner. Then, type in your email and password and click Log in. This will take you to a page with information about your account, including your Mojang account email.

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