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Lego Minecraft Video Game

Lego Sonic The Hedgehog Green Hill Zone

This is what a LEGO Minecraft game would look like

Sega fans, rejoice. Lego has come up with Sonic The Hedgehog kits, too. Sonic is best known as that blue side-scrolling performer with lots of momentum and speed.

This kit features the first level of Sonic challenges: the Green Hill Zone. Its a recreation thats a detailed mirror of the game version, complete with a loop-de-loop, palm trees, checkpoints, and collectible rings.

Lego Super Mario: Starter Course

Whats unique about the Super Mario LEGO sets is that the interactive Mario minifigure is designed to be used on different sets as if you were progressing through levels in the game. He makes noises, collects coins, and to get him you need to buy the Starter Course first. In addition to Mario himself, you also get Bowser Jr., a Goomba and a small level with flag poles, ? Blocks and all the other things youd expect in a Mario platformer.

Lego Nintendo Entertainment System

This is a particularly clever LEGO set. Here you build a NES, a NES controller, an original Super Mario Bros. game cartridge, and even an old fashioned television. The TV shows the game Super Mario Bros. and thanks to a special handle, you can even make the game levels scroll as if it were actually running the game.

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Lego Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck

Released to coincide with the latest instalment in the Horizon Zero Dawn series, this intricate set gives you a chance to build your own Tallneck figure and its a big one! In Horizon Zero Dawn, when Aloy was able to climb to the top of a Tallneck, shed unlock the map for that area. This comes with a patch of wilderness scenery for the Tallneck to stand on and even includes a little LEGO Aloy minifigure to go with it.

Minecraft Sold To Microsoft

So when the inevitable Lego Minecraft video game is released, will it ...

In April 2011, Mojang celebrated its two million copies sold. A year later, the barely released Xbox version sold 1 million units in five days. The following month, the first Minecraft-based Lego toys hit stores. Minecraft earned over $100 million for its maker in 2012!

The phenomenon is beginning to go far beyond the world of video games. In 2013, a Swedish college included the study of Minecraft in its training to help students better understand urban planning, environmental issues, and more. And notable performances will include those of Simon Kokkendorf and Thorbjorn Nielsen, from the Danish Geodata Agency, who create a replica of Denmark on Minecraft!

Since April 2014, servers have been set up by Mojang to allow Minecraft to be played over the network. However, this development awakens an avalanche of complaints from players. On June 17, 2014, Pearson tweeted his dismay. » Would anyone be interested in buying my shares in Mojang so I can move on? Harvesting hate for wanting to do the right thing is not my thing. »

On September 15, 2014, Microsoft announced its intention to acquire Mojang for $2.5 billion.

The rest is history. As early as 2016, Minecraft exceeded 106 million copies sold, becoming the video game record. And it has shown extraordinary longevity, as shown by the figures cited above.

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Lego Luigis Mansion: Haunt

Its not just the main Super Mario series that has LEGO sets. LEGO has now released a selection of Luigis Mansion sets and this one gives you a miniature version of the titular mansions interior. Though youd need to buy the Luigi Starter Course if you wanted a Luigi figure, this one does come with Toad, King Boo, a Grabber Ghost and a Garbage Can Ghost.

So those are eight of the best LEGO gaming sets. Were looking forward to seeing what LEGO comes out with next. We think itd be pretty cool to see LEGO Banjo-Kazooie, Pokémon or Zelda in future.

Check out our guides on Nintendo gifts and for an idea of some of the other video game tie-ins available out there.

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Capturing The Lego Game Spirit

Perhaps the most important aspect of a theoretical LEGO Minecraft game is its potential to embody what the Minecraft franchise stands for. Mojang’s beloved sandbox game is all about fostering creativity and offering a fun journey for players of all ages LEGO aims to do the same thing, offering creative projects for everyone. These two products are so close thematically that it’s hard to imagine any better way to celebrate their similarities than a LEGO Minecraft game that uses the best of both worlds. Minecraft may seem like a tough brand for Traveller’s Tales to get the rights to, but considering Minecraft‘s other recent collaborations, it may be easier than it seems. Hopefully, Traveller’s Tales considers Minecraft for the LEGO game franchise’s next step.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Lego Super Mario: Luigi Starter Course

Crafting Box 2.0 – LEGO Minecraft – Stop Motion

Hold it! If you want to step into the world of LEGO Super Mario, but you were always Player Two growing up, then you might prefer the Luigi starter set instead. Were sure that many fans would rather have the ghost-busting, death-staring, green thunder himself, Luigi! His figure can do all the same things as the Mario one and he even comes with a different course, containing a Pink Yoshi, a Boom Boom and a Bone Goomba.

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Imagining A Lego Minecraft Game

Traveller’s Tales’LEGO games frequently retell the plots of famous movies, but in subfranchises like LEGO Batman or LEGO Marvel, the studio often makes up its own plot using the licensed characters. LEGO Minecraft would probably fall in the latter category since it’s famously short on plot. Still, Minecraft offers interesting details that Traveller’s Tales can work with as it transforms a sandbox game into a linear action-adventure title. LEGO Minecraft would probably focus on the playable Steve and Alex on a quest to defeat Minecraft‘s famed final boss, the Ender Dragon, exploring famous Minecraft locations like ocean monuments and Nether fortresses along the way.

LEGO Minecraft wouldn’t be short on playable characters, nor would it lack compelling enemies. It seems likely that certain LEGO Minecraft levels would swap out Steve or Alex for a friendly playable villager who helps solve certain puzzles with unique crafting skills. Players might even make use of an iron golem’s strength or an ocelot’s agility to overcome obstacles. At the same time, LEGO versions of Minecraft‘s many hostile mobs, from zombies to skeletons to creepers, would offer no shortage of enemies to fight off.

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Use Minecraft Skills In The Real World

Do you dream of building a castle in your garden, then digging down to search for diamonds? When you think like a Minecrafter, you can use your Minecraft creativity anywhere. And the best way to be a Minecrafter in the real world is to use your LEGO® bricks to bring your creativity to life!


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Lego 76989 Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck

This Lego kit allows you to form the most iconic Horizon from the Forbidden West. You must focus on details and use clever building techniques to build this set. Once youre done, you can display the Tallneck, especially if youre a game enthusiast.

The May 2022 version includes this Minifigure with weapons plus the Watcher figure with eyes you can change to either blue, yellow, or red. A bonus is that the kit also has an inside story on how the Lego designers team came up with this model.

Can Lego Shake Off Its Minecraft Regret

LEGO Minecraft The Taiga Adventure 21162

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Speak to folks inside LEGO and there’s a palpable sense that they’ve missed an opportunity in video games.

You can see why, what with the likes of Minecraft and Roblox doing a multi-billion dollar job of highlighting just how successful digital LEGO could be.

It was this missed opportunity that has convinced the Danish company to start investing more heavily in video games. Last week it announced a huge partnership with Epic Games to create a LEGO metaverse, and it’s even been building and incubating entire studios .

Yet to suggest LEGO is some gaming minnow is to misrepresent reality. LEGO, primarily via its partnership with TT Games, is a giant of a games licence. Last month, charts company GfK revealed the Top 30 most successful games brands in UK history . Lego was at No.5 just behind Grand Theft Auto. That means LEGO is a bigger gaming brand than Star Wars, Pokémon, Assassin’s Creed, Marvel and Sonic the Hedgehog.

The popularity of LEGO at one point saw upwards of three games released a year, often based on big IP such as The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Indiana Jones, Jurassic World and, most famously, Star Wars.

LEGO might feel frustrated for not inventing Minecraft. But the brand’s position in video games has never looked stronger.

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Lego Sonic The Hedgehog: Green Hill Zone

Over the years, the Sonic the Hedgehog series has been reimagined in countless ways, but something that always seems to come back in some form or another is Green Hill Zone. Its safe to say that this is the most iconic location Sonic has ever visited. In this awesome recreation you get a LEGO Sonic minifigure, along with Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik in his Egg Mobile, Crabmeat and Moto Bug.

Whats The Funniest Minecraft Sound

You cant deny that some Minecraft noises are just plain funny. Its a world where every woosh and bang is a new surprise! You might find yourself asking why are the sheep screaming? Why do Ghasts sound like theyre having a bad dream? And WHY does the Zombiepigman sound like someones dad sleeping on the sofa after a huge meal?We guess thats what makes it so interesting and weird. What is your favourite funny Minecraft sound? Comment below!


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Minecraft Lego Edition Game Description

Minecraft Lego Edition is an online game that you can play in modern browsers for free. Minecraft Lego Edition Online is in the category of Adventure. This game has received 13350 plays and 70% of game players have upvoted this game. Minecraft Lego Edition is made with html5 technology, and it’s available on PC and Mobile web. You can play the game free online on your Computer, Android devices, and also on your iPhone and iPad.

Welcome to explore the world of Lego Minecraft! Collect the available items and build everything you want, such as trees and houses. You will sharpen your creativity. Come and enjoy the game!

If you want a better gaming experience, you can play the game in Full-Screen mode. The game can be played free online in your browsers, no download required! Did you enjoy playing this game? then check out ourRetro games, Pixel games, Minecraft games, Lego games, Kids games,

Minecraft A Social Lego

The Village – LEGO Minecraft – 21128 – Designer Video

Every time a player purchases a copy of Minecraft, Notch receives an email. One morning, he realizes that he has won the equivalent of $6,000 in 24 hours! Then, the bar of 20,000 copies is crossed. Gradually, sales rise to ten thousand a day. A phone call from Valve in August 2010 marked a turning point. Valve is one of the legendary video game companies. At the end of the line, someone from Valve congratulates him for Minecraft and offers him a job!

Valves visit takes place in early September 2010. Against the wall, Markus Persson declines the offer. And to think: I dont want to work for Valve. I want to create a Valve! »

The Mojang studio was established in October 2010 on one of Stockholms islands. There were then six people. At the end of 2010, Minecraft was already becoming a phenomenon. There are up to 20,000 downloads per day. During GDC in San Francisco, Minecraft received five awards: Best Downloadable Game, Innovation, Best Start

On stage, one of the legends of the video game, Peter Molyneux compares Minecraft to a social Lego and testifies: From the first second I saw Minecraft, I felt like the world had changed a bit for me. Immediately, I went to see everyone to tell them: You have to watch this game! » Some looked at him and shrugged their shoulders: Where are the challenges?All those things that are supposed to be prerequisites? » Minecraft broke all the rules « .

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Lego Minecraft: The Zombie Cave

The experience of mining deep into the caves of the Minecraft world and encountering hordes of monsters is one that many of us know and love. Part of the excitement is not knowing what youre going to find when you start digging. This set captures that wonderfully and gives you minifigures of Steve and a zombie, along with a bat and even a terrifying/irritating child zombie.

Lego Minecraft Dungeons: The Jungle Abomination

The popular spin-off, Minecraft Dungeons, has also received a line of LEGO sets and one of the coolest of these is The Jungle Abomination. Not only do you get a few floor tiles to build an Abomination Vine, but also minifigures of an enchanted Creeper, a skeleton archer, an archaeologist character, an explorer character, and an iron golem. The centrepiece of all this is then the Jungle Abomination itself once constructed, its a figure that towers over the others and is fully articulate.

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Lego Nintendo Entertainment Kit

The Lego Nintendo Entertainment Kit consistently gets an overall rating of 10/10. Its one meant to be assembled by older children and adults, labeled as an 18+ toy with over 2,646 pieces. Thats a lot! But if youre a Nintendo fan, its like a collectors item worth forming. Or, perhaps your dad used to grow up playing Nintendo? This kit would be a great gift, too!

The Lego Nintendo Entertainment kit is considered a tribute to the eighties console when the first versions of Nintendo came into being. With this kit, youre able to build the following:

  • The console itself
  • A scale replica of the four-button controller
  • The game cartridge of Marios first solo

The main star of this kit is a retro or classic-style television which shows a recreation of World 1-1 with a moving Mario mini figure. Once youve finished building this set, its also worth displaying as a classic piece.

Best Lego Gaming Sets To Add To Your Wish List

Best Buy: LEGO Minecraft The Skeleton Attack 21146 6212506

Legos brick-based collaborations are constantly expanding. All it takes is for you to walk into a Lego store and roam the aisles and aisles of all sorts of Lego kits. Movie kits, superheroes, architecture, automobiles, and even video game sets can be found. Yes, even gamers who are Lego hobbyists themselves can find a kit to work on, too.

Whether youre a kid or a kid-at-heart, you can now recreate some of your most-loved virtual environments and characters in brick form. This Danish toy brand has certainly aced their R& D for new kits to come up with, as they know Lego gaming sets will always be a big hit.

Lets jump right into this list of the six best Lego gaming sets to add to your wish list and practice with so you can be a Lego creator expert yourself.

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Someone Finally Turned Minecraft Into A Lego Game

A new Minecraft LEGO mod transforms the popular building game into the popular building toy.

A new Minecraft mod finally transforms the game into what its always been, really: a LEGO game. This new Minecraft LEGO mod is a full texture pack that turns the popular building game into the popular building toy and its still being improved upon.

The MineBricks texture pack for Minecraft by Macio6 Productions released its first version at the beginning of this year and is now at version 5. Aside from just general improvements, the current release adds posters that look like stickers for that proper miniature LEGO effect.

The LEGO mod is recommended for use with the awesome SEUS shader that adds wonderful ray tracing, and youll need the Optifine mod too to add HD texture packs more easily. Once installed the difference is startling, as it really does transform every single Minecraft block into a chunky plastic-looking LEGO brick complete with those little circular knobs on the top, although Macio6 has cleverly branded them mine rather than LEGO for obvious copyright reasons.

Its not the first brush LEGO has had with Minecraft heck, LEGO has even tried to make its own Minecraft but its one of the coolest attempts to turn Minecraft into a full LEGO game, not to mention just being a gorgeous texture pack in its own right. Its really quite spectacular, and you can check out the latest version in the video below.


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