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The Minecraft Movie Trailer

Grab Your Invitation To Minecraft Live Before A Frog Does

Fractures – A Minecraft Movie (2018) – Trailer

Despite its age, Minecraft remains strong in popularity across every age range. Content creators and modders have also added creative new ways to enjoy what the game has to offer. One modder recreated The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker into Minecraft while also adding extra secrets and enemies for fans to discover. Even if developer Mojang Studios stopped creating new content for the game, Minecraft modders would be quick to pick up the slack.

With the base game continuing to grow and newer games joining the franchise, like Minecraft Dungeons and the upcoming Minecraft Legends, Minecraft 2 is unnecessary at this point. Consistent updates adding new content and themed Minecraft DLC is keeping fans excited. Still, next month’s Minecraft Live event is sure to provide more content for Minecraft fans to look forward to and hopefully more frogs.

Minecraft Movie Release Date Speculation

Right now, there is no release date for the Minecraft movie. The production had been dated to open in theatres in March 2022, but was delayed indefinitely in 2020 in a calendar-wide change-up from Warner Bros as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Another release window still hasnt been revealed, but with talent like Jason Momoa and Jared Hess now attached, it seems likely well get something definitive soon. Stay tuned.

The Minecraft Movie Is Coming

7/1/2022 3 min read

Any parent with children older than four or five is probably familiar with the video game “Minecraft.” The fervor with which those kids approach the game tells you why a MIECRAFT movie has been on the minds of producers for a long time. Really, the only surprising thing about the MINECRAFT movie is that it has not yet been made.

At long last, that is changing. After years of development and a lot of different creative directions, MINECRAFT now has a notable director with an interesting résumé. It also has one of the biggest movie stars in the world on board to star. Heres everything we know about MINECRAFT.

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The Release Date For The Minecraft Movie Was Today

Alas, poor Minecraft movie, you were supposed to release today but we never even got a trailer

In an alternate world probably a much better world, where we never had a COVID-19 outbreak today wouldve been the release date for the Minecraft movie. Originally scheduled to launch on March 4, 2022, the film was pushed back over a year ago to make way for The Batman. But while the new superhero flick has landed on schedule, the Minecraft movie never got a new release window.

Mojang announced the original Minecraft film release date in a now-deleted blog post back in 2019. As the devs described the plot, the live-action film would tell the story of a teenage girl and her unlikely group of adventurers. After the malevolent Ender Dragon sets out on a path of destruction, they must save their beautiful, blocky Overworld.

In 2020, The Hollywood Reporter revealed the Minecraft movies delay alongside a big COVID-19-related shuffle of the Warner Bros. slate. The Matrix: Resurrections and The Batman were part of that shuffle, and have both released on schedule. Dwayne Johnsons Black Adam film was, along with Minecraft, given an indefinite delay at the time, but now has a date set this summer.

In lieu of a proper film, lets just watch a trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode, shall we?

For more sandbox games that may or may not become movies someday, you can follow that link.

Minecraft Movie Release Date Speculation Cast Trailer And More

25 Movie Posters Recreated in MINECRAFT â GeekTyrant

A Minecraft movie release date could be in the offing now, with Jason Momoa starring in the adaptation of the hit building game, and we’ve all the info

When is the Minecraft movie release date? Its strange to consider that, despite being one of the biggest videogames ever made, we still dont have a Minecraft film or TV series. Thats not for lack of trying, mind, and thankfully it seems now a nascent adventure movie based on the property could be on the square horizon.

A sandbox game involving players exploring a randomly generated map made up of coloured blocks, Minecraft has become a genre unto itself since the first public version in 2009. The creative options and sheer fun of moving around the simple yet beautiful landscape have made it an enduring hit among players of all ages. Warner Bros was quick to snap up the rights to an adaptation, and has been working towards one for quite some time.

Plans for some form of family movie based on Minecraft first came to the fore in 2014. Since then, names like Rob McElhenney, of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Mythic Quest fame, and Shawn Levy, director of The Adam Project and Free Guy, have come and gone. Napoleon Dynamite filmmaker Jared Hess is the latest to become attached, but hes joined by none other than Jason Momoa in the cast. It seems like were all go for the Minecraft movie release date heres everything we know so far.

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Original Super Mario Bros Game Gets Realistic Remake Starring Chris Pratt

Super Mario fans who are currently waiting for their first look at Chris Pratt as the iconic plumber in the upcoming film from Minions production house Illumination, you might be waiting a while for the trailer. But you can at least pass the time with a new realistic game featuring a realistic take on Pratt as Mario in a recreation of the very first Super Mario game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. One fan has been hard at work recreating a few early levels from the original game in Unreal Engine, with players taking control of a realistic version of Mario with the likeness of Chris Pratt.

The trailer below showcases the increased difficulty in the physics engine, as well as the ridiculous interpretation of power-ups in the game. Watch the Super Mario Remake trailer right now and bask in the absurdity that is claimed to be a “realistic” take on the legendary video game.

While it remains to be seen if Nintendo themselves will provide a video game adaptation along these lines for the upcoming Super Mario movie, or if the film will take a drastically different approach to the popular video game character that has been around for decades on multiple consoles, it is clear that there is a strong demand for the project. The animating team at Illumination Entertainment has crafted hit after hit over the last couple decades, including franchises like Despicable Me, Minions, The Secret Lives of Pets, and Sing.

Super Mario is set to release in theaters on April 7 2023.

What Might Happen In The Minecraft Movie Plot

A since-deleted plot synopsis for the Minecraft movie came from developer Mojang itself in 2019, though its unknown how relevant this still is to the story. According to that description, the film will tell the story of a teenage girl and her unlikely group of adventurers. After the malevolent Ender Dragon sets out on a path of destruction, they must save their beautiful, blocky Overworld.

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That all sounds very Minecraft, but with personnel changes and delays and all the rest, another direction might have been chosen, especially given the mention of Gabriel from Story Mode. That said, keeping the main protagonist someone young who must somehow survive the blocky landscape of the game is a good hook that we wouldnt mind seeing whenever this movie hits theatres.

There you have it everything we know about the Minecraft movie. While we wait for more info, have a look at our sister site PCGamesNs guides to the best Minecraft seeds, and best Minecraft maps. Or, check out our guide to the best adventure movies to get you in the mood.

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Who Could Be In The Minecraft Movie Cast

Only one cast-member is confirmed, but its a big one: Jason Momoa, the DCEUs Aquaman, will lead the Minecraft movie. Hes the first, and as yet only, star to become involved, after a revolving door of directors and writers.

Momoa is believed to be playing Gabriel the Warrior, a character from adventure game spin-off Minecraft: Story Mode. This is a fascinating turn, as it suggests the film will take inspiration from across the Minecraft universe.

As of September 2022, no other names have been added to the cast, and its still only Momoa who has been confirmed, along with the director Jared Hess. Well keep you updated as more stars are added to the videogame adaptation.

The Director Of Minecraft

MINECRAFT : The Movie (2021) – Animated Teaser Trailer HD

The man behind the camera for MINECRAFT is also a surprising choice. The director is Jared Hess, who broke out with NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, and has since made movies like NACHO LIBRE and MASTERMINDS.

Now, as to what he’ll do with the movie, it’s pretty much like all the other aspects at this point. We don’t know! But we are just as curious as you are to find out.

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