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How To Add Multiple Enchantments Minecraft

Ways To Put Multiple Enchantments On An Item In Minecraft

How To Get Multiple High Level Enchantments on ONE Item in Minecraft! (2020)

If the question how to put multiple enchantments on an item in Minecraft has not been letting you sleep, you have come to the right place. Enchantments, hexes, charms, spells and the whole deal are probably things you never thought you would spend more than a minute thinking about, but here we are!

The term enchantment brings instant images of witches losing it around a cauldron, bewitching magic, bubbling potions and scraggly wizards with long beards to the head. But did you know that Minecraft has its own way and rules regarding enchantments?

There are dozens of enchantments that could help you win the game or just have fun with the many items available to you in the game. How should one put an enchantment on something in the first place? And which enchantment shall one put? Do you bring a bunch of beetle wings and ground them into the already frothing cauldron? Or do you borrow some dragonwort and foxglove to whip something new up?

We will answer all of your questions and more in our How To Put Multiple Enchantments On An Item In Minecraft Guide ! Read on!


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    How To Enchant Items In Minecraft

    Youve done so much to acquire a full set of diamond armor and tools. Youre feeling proud! So you go out exploring the world or risk battling the Ender dragon, when you unexpectedly die, realizing that youre still too mortal.

    If youve ever experienced or imagined this scenario, then you should consider enchanting your items before heading towards danger. Minecraft provides special blocks which can bind special abilities, or enchantments, to your armor, tools, or weapons.

    What Minecraft items can you enchant?

    The broad categories of items that you can enchant are armor, tools, weapons, and books.

    Bonus idea to save you time: If youre looking to add a specific set of enchantments to an item, enchant books rather than the item itself to save yourself cost and items!

    There are three ways to enchant items in Minecraft:

  • At an enchanting table.
  • Combine an enchanted book and item at an anvil.
  • Combine two enchanted items together.
  • This guide will go through all three ways to enchant items in Minecraft!

    • Lapis lazuli

    Before you can use an enchanting table, you must craft one through a crafting table.

    Youll need four obsidian, two diamonds, and one book. The above image shows the recipe and formation to craft an enchanting table.

    Once placed, right-click on the enchanting table to open up the interface. The above image will show the correct placement of items, as well as an example of what you might see in the GUI.

    How do you get better enchantments?

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    A Word About Bookshelves

    You dont necessarily need bookshelves to start enchanting, but its your interest to craft a few a soon as you can and place them around the enchantment table. Bookshelves can raise available enchantment levels and increase the likelihood of getting powerful enchantment options while crafting.

    Without nearby bookshelves, the minimum experience level never goes over eight. Consequently, youll have a hard time getting enchantments that coincide with your experience at higher levels.

    To craft a bookshelf, you just need Planks and a Book. Place up to 15 bookshelves around the enchanting table to maximize your options. Just remember to keep a one-block buffer zone between your shelf borders and the table.

    What Can You Enchant In Minecraft

    How To Get Multiple High Level Enchantments on ONE Item in Minecraft ...

    You can enchant most items like armor, tools, and weapons. Even if you think an item is unenchantable, there may be workarounds like:

    • Using the anvil and an enchanted book
    • Using the anvil to combine two enchanted items
    • Entering creative mode and using enchantment commands

    The trick is to get the right enchantment combinations on the right items. For example, when you first start enchanting at Rank 1, try using a Mending enchantment on your favorite tool or weapon. The Mending enchantment doesnt necessarily stop wear and tear to your item, but it does have a cool repair trick that new players may find useful.

    Imagine that youre far from home and your trusty axe breaks while youre gathering resources. Rather than trekking all the way home to make another one, your axe will repair itself with experience gained while using the item.

    The Fortune enchantment is another great option to use on any tool for gathering resources. Each time you strike a block with a Fortune-enchanted tool, youll receive more resources per block.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Enchant Items

    The cost to enchant items is the experience you gain by killing mobs, breeding livestock, mining resources, or using your furnace. For example, if you’re level five and do a level 3 enchantment, you would go back to level 2. The better the enchantment, the more levels it takes.

    Enchantments reach a maximum of level 30 and the higher-level enchantments require bookshelves around the enchanting table. In order to obtain the highest level of enchantment, you need a total of 15 bookshelves. The bookshelves must be arranged one block away from the enchanting table in a 1 high, 5 by 5 square, with an opening for a door.

    How Do You Enchant More Then Once

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    You can talk to me or any of the staff that is online at the time.

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  • You can talk to me or any of the staff that is online at the time.

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    Quote from MiniM00seWell, once you’ve enchanted something, you’re stuck with whatever it gets and you can’t enchant it again. Or, if you mean just get multiple enchantments on one tool, it’s random. The higher the level, the bigger chance you have of getting multiple enchantments on that tool.

    You can talk to me or any of the staff that is online at the time.

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    Quote from AidansbYa… any help?

    … … Mushrooms are rather rapidly consuming my Nether.

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    Quote from WinMacYou cant enchant more than once. BUT – If you want a bigger enchantment place bookshelves in proximity to the enchanting table :biggrin.gif:Hope that helps

    You can talk to me or any of the staff that is online at the time.

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    Quote from nickimmyYou should be able to enchant more than once…

    I agree! you should be able to add and upgrade enchantments to further improve your tools. I’ve made a mod for this:

  • Works with multiplayer .
  • You can cycle through the level options in much fewer clicks.
  • Allows you to add/upgrade enchantments to already enchanted items.
  • Allows you to undo crappy enchantments Most of your xp is refunded, .
  • Much fairer enchantment costs
  • Ignores max enchantability
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    Upgrading Your Enchantment Table

    The enchanting table will display three levels of enchantment to coose from. If your table has not been upgraded, these three options will have smaller numbers, which represent the level of an enchantment.

    To increase the level of enchantment, you will need to upgrade your enchanting table with bookcases. To reach the maximum level of 30, you will need at least 15 bookcases around the enchanting table.

    In the image above, you can see an enchanting table surrounded by 15 bookcases. This is a simple placement for bookshelves to achieve the maximum enchanting level. You can add more bookshelves to build up the walls, but they will be purely for aesthetic value.

    What Is The Most Efficient And Cheapest Way Of Fully Enchanting Items

    How To Get Multiple High Level Enchantments on ONE Item in Minecraft! (2022)
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    Hi, I am trying to achieve the best enchanted gear possible but because of Prior Work penalty, it gets really hard to fully enchant the items that can get several enchantments, like a sword. When I combine too much enchantments, I get the Too Expensive. I get some of my books by fishing and those books have several enchantments, making it more expensive when it comes to combining. For example, I want to apply Mending, Fire Aspect 2, Sharpness 5, Unbreaking 3, Knockback 2, Looting 3 to a sword but I have a book that contains both unbreaking and protection. When I want to apply that book or combine with the others, it has an extra unnecessary level need because of the protection enchant. I won’t use the protection enchant. I don’t want to enchant the sword directly to try to get multiple enchantments at once because I’m extremely unlucky, whether I will get multiple enchantments I don’t need or I will get only a single one.

    Long story short: How should I enchant the items to get the full enchanted gear without the “Too Expensive” message?

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    The Best Enchantments In Minecraft

    There are many Minecraft enchantments to discover, and you should experiment with combinations that work for you and your playstyle. To get you started, we’ve picked out some of the best ones to look out for and listed them here.

    Mending Best applied to: Weapons or resource gathering tools that you frequently use.Effect: You’ll have noticed that tools and weapons in Minecraft will wear down and break with repeated use. This enchantment allows an item to use any experience gained to repair itself so whenever you see those little green orbs that are produced from either killing monsters or mining resources, they will replenish the durability of the enchanted item.

    Unbreaking Best applied to: Weapons, armor, or resource gathering tools that you frequently use.Effect: Similar to Mending, Unbreaking will increase the durability of the item it is applied to. You’ll still need to repair it manually but it should take a lot longer to wear down.

    Fortune Best applied to: Pickaxe, shovel, or axe.Effect: This enchantment will increase the number of resources that can be collected from a single block quite significantly. It’s especially useful for gathering rarer materials such as diamonds or even Lapis Lazuli .

    Looting Best applied to: Sword.Effect: This one is similar to the Fortune enchantment, except that it increases the loot that an enemy drops when killed. It should be noted that this doesn’t increase the experience gained.

    What Are Enchanted Books In Minecraft

    Enchanted books are one of the rarest and most diverse types of books in the game. Unlike regular books, these arent used to record a text in the game. Instead, each enchanted book holds a different type of enchantment that you can transfer to other items. And not to forget, some special enchantments like curses can only be applied using these books.

    In terms of levels, the enchanted books can have any level of enchantment. This special feature separates them from the Enchanting table, which gives out levels in a progressive order. Plus, to make them even more special, combining multiple enchantments is also much easier with the enchanted books. Some rare enchanted books even come with multiple enchantments that can be applied to objects all at once.

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    How Many Players Can Play It

    You can play alone or you can play with a lot of your online friends. Connect to different Minecraft servers and start the adventure with your friend! It is no need to join a minecraft server, if you want you can also make a minecraft server for your own and for free! Or your Friends can join your singleplayer world. All of these tutorials are on my website Minecraft Sketch Bros so If you want to know how to do it just simple search for it on my website.

    Minecraft Enchanting: A Full Guide

    Enchanting Items In A Special Way :O Minecraft Blog

    Will give you an edge in end-game content

    Minecraft has an in-depth enchanting system that, like brewing potions, can give you a competitive edge in combat. If youre playing PvP, an enchanted weapon or set of armor will place you head and shoulders above another player without enchanted gear.

    Whether you enchant a sword to deal more damage, a set of boots to help you fall slower, or even a shield to automatically repair itself, learning how Minecraft enchantment works with items will give you an edge in all end-game content.

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    How To Increase The Level Of Enchantments In Minecraft

    There are a couple of ways to ensure you get better quality enchants. There is no level requirement to start enchanting in Minecraft but a higher level character will have a choice of higher-ranked enchants. It’s worth remembering that these will still be random so it will involve a lot of trial and error to get the exact enchants you want. To further increase the potential of possible enchants, you should place bookcases around your Enchantment Table as this also increases the potency of the enchants it can create.

    To maximise the potency of your enchants, you’ll need to raise your character to level 30 and arrange 15 bookshelves around the Enchantment Table. There is a very specific way they need to be placed or they won’t have any effect bookshelves should be positioned two blocks away from the table and on the same height or one block higher and nothing should be placed in between.

    If you don’t have the materials for bookshelves, there’s no need to go above level 8 on your character as further levels won’t influence the strength of the enchants produced.

    Can Data Packs Add Items

    Data packs can be used to add or modify functions, loot tables, world structures, advancements, recipes, tags, dimensions, predicates and world generation.

    Can you make custom items in Minecraft? An item is an object that can be held in the hand, you can use it as well. It can also have a custom damage value.

    The texture of your tool

    How do you make a custom ability in Minecraft?

    How Much Can Steve carry? What does that add up to? Steve can hold a third of a billion kilograms, while still being able to walk, sprint, and even jump!

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    What Is Enchanting In Minecraft

    Enchanting is a Minecraft game mechanic wherein players can add special abilities to armor and tools. Its like enchanting mechanics featured in other games, with a few slight differences.

    Level and experience do play a large part in what you can enchant and how powerful the enchantment is, but you also need key components like Lapis Lazuli and an enchanting table. You can bypass the special crafting table, though, if you have cheats enabled in creative mode. Simply use the /enchant command to add special abilities to your items.

    How To Put Multiple Enchantments On An Item In Minecraft

    How To Get Multiple High Level Enchantments on ONE Item in Minecraft! 2021 | gwyneth

    Enchanting in Minecraft

    Enchanting is Minecrafts own way to make magic weapons, armors, and various items. This enchanted equipment has its abilities boosted. It can also get some additional abilities. Enchanting requires its players to have Experience. It is gained by doing various activities in Minecraft.

    These activities may include fighting monsters, trading, smelting ore, or farming and mining. Doing these activities often will reward the player with Experience.

    Enchantment Table

    Enchantment Table is an important element for enchanting in Minecraft. It is the block that lets players enchant various equipment and items. A pickaxe is required while using the enchantment table. It is used for mining which then gives a random drop. Mining on an enchantment table without a pickaxe will result in no drops.

    A bookshelf is required for further boosting the abilities of the enchantment table. With the help of bookshelves placed near it, players can enchant up to level 30 enchantment.

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    Enchantments On 1 Book

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    Sooo i don’t know if this a thing or if my Minecraft is just weird, but i was mining eariler, and i came across a Spider Spawner. Inside the chests i found this enchantment book that has two enchantments on it. As you will see in the attached image, there is a Lure and Protection enchantment on one book.

    Is this normal? I haven’t done any googling, i just came straight here XD.

    I also feel like those two enchantments don’t go work together. O.o

    Sorry if i sound like a total noob for asking this, but i have never seen this before. Thanks for the help!

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    It’s definitely normal to have a book with multiple enchants, even if the enchants aren’t compatible with the same thing .

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    So if I got the book that OP did would I be able to apply it to armor, with the Lure just being there but not doing anything? Cuz I wouldn’t want to put Prot 3 on a fishing rod of course

    No, you wouldn’t get the prot, you’ld only get the lure.

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    Why would it give me Lure 3 on a chestplate though?

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    When using a multiple enchanted book on an item, only those applicable to the particular item will work the others are just lost.


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