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Minecraft Ideas To Build

Famous Locations And Landmarks

50+ Build Ideas for your Minecraft Survival World!

Another great building idea, especially for players who prefer to recreate something that already exists, is to create a Minecraft project based on a famous location or landmark that exists somewhere in the world.

Try building the Statue of Liberty, the Colosseum, Stonehenge, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Big Ben, the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, or any other monumental landmark that comes to mind.

the leaning tower of pisa vs the straight tower of pisa from Minecraftbuilds

Even if you dont want to recreate a famous landmark, this too is another great place to draw inspiration from regardless. Viewing some of the worlds most impressive feats might help inspire you to create your own special landmarks in Minecraft.

Make Another Base In A New Location

Having more than one base helps if you need to travel farther to get resources. A base next to your spawn point is helpful if you built your main base far away and you died at night. A base in a desert can provide sand, and a base in a tundra can provide snow. A base hovering in the sky can provide entertainment, especially if mobs spawn on the edge of it. A great idea is to connect them with nether portals that have a secure hallway in the nether.

Easy Bridge With Roof

  • Difficulty:Easy

Almost all major bases in Minecraft have rivers of some sort in them. But only a few players choose to build a bridge over them. Most just cut the water off by creating a path that blocks water on both sides. This solution is easier to make, but definitely not aesthetic. However, with the help of a simple tutorial by SheepGG, you can make a wooden bridge in no time.

The bridge in their tutorial only uses basic building blocks to fit well within the biome. But you can modify the design to make it grand scale or even hidden. Some creators recreate a fallen tree to give their bridge a more natural look.

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A Modern Seaside House

Everyones wish is going to come true. What better to build in this century than a Modern Seaside house that gives us that rich people feeling?

The best thing about Minecraft is that you can use all of your imagination to create whatever you want. Even something you wanted in your present life.

And while building a modern house can be challenging, it is all worthwhile in the final moment. You can build a massive mansion with a swimming pool, a romantic staircase for the entrance, and much more.

This house can have three or more floors. You could even construct your own elevator to reach those floors. And add a swing outside or on the top floor. In short, go crazy!

Things To Build In Minecraft Survival That Are Useful

Minecraft building ideas for happy gaming [39 in 2020

Theres only so much that you can do with a bunch of blocks in an open space, right? Wrong! I, as an avid Minecraft player, can certainly say there is no limitation on creativity here.

Whether you are building cities, skyscrapers, floating bases, ships, or a castle, the possibilities are endless. And that is exactly what we will look at in this article.

Here we have created 32 lists of things you can build in your survival world when you are bored or just want to get a little creative.

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House On The Side Of A Cliff

Building a house on the cliff is very interesting and rewarding. Since Minecrafts Cave and Cliffs update introduced us to bigger and many more mountains, you can always find a tall mountain with a beautiful view and then start building a house on its side.

However, it is best to be aware that building the house on the side of the mountain can be dangerous if you are doing so in survival mode. You may fall, and if the ground is too low, hit the ground and die.

Built Your Very Own Custom Item

Okay, hear me out here. Coding your mod, particularly if you are not very tech-savvy, may seem like an incredibly daunting task. But as evidenced by this fantastic tutorial by Suited Llama, it need not be that much of a challenge.

Starting small, you can come to have your custom item in-game in only a few hours and with very rudimental knowledge of Java.

It will be a long shot for most of us, but if you are looking for new ways to build in Minecraft, coding your additions will raise every ceiling in the game.

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Minecraft Nature Reserve Build

Parks and nature reserves are some of my very favourite places to go in the real world, and both places make for great building projects in Minecraft. If you’re tiring of big blocky creations and you’re looking for a more landscape-oriented build, then a nature reserve is a chance to create a truly beautiful area of land, and then fill it with foxes, horses, and all other animals you’d like. Take a look at this video by YouTuber “Keralis” for inspiration.

Entrance To Your Mine

Minecraft: How to Build a CASTLE | Minecraft Building Ideas

It’s generally a good idea to put the entrance to your mine inside your shelter, simply so that if you return at night you won’t encounter mobs. It’s probably a good idea to make sure your mine is well lit by torches, redstone lamps, or glowstone. If playing in a mode besides peaceful, you should put a door so mobs do not get in . Buttons are useful for any barrier only opened by Redstone.

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Cool Nether Portal Build

There are so many ways to build a nether portal in Minecraft and there are endless design possibilities. Try making a room just for your nether portal or make an even larger nether portal and decorate it .

As an added bonus, keeping your nether portal in a separate room will keep away any Minecraft mobs that walk through it. For building materials, I recommend using materials found in the nether such as quartz, netherrack, nether brick, or lava. This will make sure your portal still has a nether theme to it.

Overhaul Your Outdoor Area

Building the perfect base is a daunting enough task that often takes days and days of work in survival worlds. When you are finally looking at your finished creation, you might start to think the surroundings look a little barren compared to the very detailed build you just completed.

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Youtube user Typface shows how you can bring to life your yard, garden, or simply the outside of your house in this video. This guide is long, but it showcases a variety of smaller projects you can tackle individually, at your own pace.

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Elegant And Simple Minecraft Building

In this picture, you can see an elegant and also simple building. However, the overall structure doesnt feel cheap or lousy. In fact, it looks classy and timeless. The construction is simple with a sense of modernity to the design. And the fact that it comes with glass walls add the atmosphere of being modern and sophisticated. The option of soft purple is also elegant and stylish.

What To Build In Minecraft Survival

Cute Minecraft House Designs Easy : Pin on minecraft architecture in ...

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Are you all out of building ideas?

Youve come to the right place!

These designs are here to rekindle your creativity and help you figure out what to build in Minecraft Survival. Whether youre looking for practical or just plain cool builds, theres something for everyone here.

Lets get inspired!

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Minecraft Pixel Art Build

I don’t know, this one looks sus… When it comes to the question of practicality, there’s really no build less practical than a piece of 2D pixel art. But there’s also nothing quite like logging onto your survival server to see that your friend has “griefed” you with a massive pixel art creation outside your house. YouTuber “RocketZer0”, who created the above art, has put out multiple videos on different pieces of pixel art to inspire you.

Wooden Steampunk Tall Tower

This steampunk tower is unique, cool, and definitely not something you see every day when youre playing on all of the Minecraft servers available.

If youre into Steampunk designs, this is definitely a house you should make your permanent residence, once you go through with building it of course.

I especially like the tree right at the top of the tower which acts as a great accent finish. You could even extend the tower to as tall as you want, maybe even using some of the sky bases on this list as inspiration.

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Build An Obstacle Course

Since you have completed your game, you can also invest some time in building a giant obstacle course so that you and your friends can run around the world parkouring your way out.

Additionally, you can use the latest features from the 1.18 update, such as the dripleaves, to make the obstacle course even harder. Then, ask your friends to join your world and have a run. Time each other, and whoever completes it fast wins.

Fantastic Building For Minecraft Design

25 Minecraft Build Ideas to Improve Your Survival World

If you have to compare the two buildings on the picture, there is an immediate difference between them. The one of the right is looking normal with the regular and traditional structure while the one of the left has a completely unique and grandeur design. You can also create a fantastic design to your building, creating odd shapes or lines that may cut the usual design of the construction. Dont be afraid to explore further to any design or shape that you want.

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Build These Cool Things In Minecraft When Youre Bored

With that, you now have the best ideas for some of the coolest things to build in Minecraft. You can use them to have weeks, if not months, of entertainment within the boundaries of the game. All thats left for you to do now is to find the perfect place to build these cool things. In case you need some help, the best Minecraft commands can lend you a hand. To take it a step further, you can even choose to make your own Minecraft skin to match your building style. Having said that, which cool thing are you planning to make in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Minecraft Brick Building Ideas

Looking for simple but functional Minecraft building ideas? This following picture can be a great inspiration. It looks like your regular apartment complex made from concrete and bricks. After all, brick can deliver good childhood memories and a touch of traditional atmosphere. For the building, you can build one completely from bricks entirely or you can have some parts constructed from bricks. Dont forget to include a green complex or garden to accompany the building.

Minimalist Minecraft Building Ideas

18 Minecraft Medieval Build Ideas and Tutorials

A minimalist design can incorporate lego-like or brick-like construction that will make the building stand out from afar. In this picture, there are only 3 colors being used red, silver, and dark gray. The inclusion of red adds a nice appeal and balance to the overall hue, so the building doesnt look plain or boring. The brick-like construction is also nice because it creates a modern look and yet still retaining the minimalist design.

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Large Natural Mountain House

Another one of my go-to designs for when I make a new survival world is mountain houses, because you only need to bother with the look of the front of the house, and then the back and be as ugly as you want it to be as its closed away!

This base can be constructed out of wood thats all around you and you can add personal details like vines and plants to add some extra life to the project.

Black And White Lighthouse

Youve built your house, your mineshaft and youve already got a farm, but you might be looking for something else to make your Minecraft world come to life. There are plenty of ideas you can go with, but have you considered a lighthouse for your coast to add some realism?

Here we have a great lighthouse design that uses easy-to-gather materials such as black and white wool, wood, and concrete. And of course, at night you can see the bright yellow light shine across the world.

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Looking For A New Building Project To Include In Your Minecraft World Check These Out

Building is a core aspect of Minecraft, with many players engaging in massive builds that have made a considerable impact on the community. Since Minecraft is made up of blocks, you can scale anything you build as much as you want to, depending on how large you want the buildings to be. Sometimes you get to the point where you have done everything you can in survival mode, and just want to have some fun in creative mode.

If youre looking for things to build in either creative or survival mode, we have prepared this list of the best Minecraft building ideas. These projects are massive undertakings that are extremely fun, especially if you have multiple people to do them with.

We sincerely hope that you can find something new, challenging, and fun to do in your Minecraft world. If youre the type of player that prefers to play with other people, you should take a look at the best Minecraft Bedrock servers. If you want to alter your survival experience, check out the best Minecraft modpacks!

Landing And Takeoff Platforms

Minecraft: 4 Machine Build Ideas

If playing with flying enabled you can create platforms at the same height on multiple buildings for easy flight between the upper levels of different locations. This works great in tree-forts, cities, and anywhere that multiple balconies are otherwise unconnected. Since 1.11.2, firework rockets have allowed the player to have a propelled flight with elytra, so these platforms should have water to slow the impact due to how fast players can fly, if these are meant for elytra.

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Minecraft Famous Landmark Build

When you’re thinking about Minecraft builds, it’s always best to take inspiration from real life architecture. The truly spectacular creations are often the landmarks that are known all over the world. Places like the Taj Mahal, recreated above by YouTuber “Vexel Design”. Or the Eiffel Tower, or Stonehenge, or the Statue of Liberty. Hell, why not the Grand Canyon if you’re in the mood for some landscaping? You could even try recreating the Library of Alexandria !

Large Fantasy Tree House

Ive wanted to live in a treehouse ever since I was a kid, and while that has never become a reality I can at the very least use this tree house design to build one in my Minecraft world. You can too!

This treehouse perfectly blends in with the environment so it looks completely natural, as if it has been there for many years with a bit of creativity, youll be able to fit it in your own Minecraft world too.

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Add Dungeons To Your World

Dungeons can be scary, full of mobs, and a dangerous place to go to. And since Minecraft has horror elements to it, you can try your hand at building a dungeon in your world. Furthermore, you can make it in a way that mobs can spawn everywhere inside your dungeon so that it fills its purpose.

Whats more, if you are playing multiplayer, then the players in your world can try their luck at conquering the dungeon. You can even place loot chests for those worthy players who can dominate your build.

Dungeons can also simply be an addition to your single-player world. Building it in a swamp or a jungle can definitely add more elements to your world.


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