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What Is The Overworld In Minecraft

How To Delete The Overworld Nether Or End From Your Minecraft Server

I Combined the Overworld and the Nether in Minecraft – Here’s What Happened…

This article will help you to reset the overworld, nether, or end dimensions in your server. If you do not want to spend the time to do this, you can always open a support ticket and our support team will do it for you. If you want to reset the entire world, follow our guide for resetting the world.

Why Use A Nether Portal Calculator

Nether portals help speed up movement through the Overworld, but if you’re in a world with some other players who build gates, it’s not unusual to emerge in an unexpected place while travelling through a Nether Portal and end up at a wrong return gate.

For Instance, you created a portal from your home at X, Y, Z and moved through it only to land in a nether portal room built by someone else. So, when you went back into it, your X and Z coordinates were nowhere near where you had the entry gate, and you had to sidle through the unknown landscape at night, avoiding mobs and hazards.

Frightening! Isn’t it?

And this is where Nether Portal Calculator comes in.

Resetting A Single Dimension

Decide which dimension you would like to reset. If you want to reset more than one dimension. This will keep all of the world generation the same, meaning that the world will keep the same seed, if you want to change the seed of the world, you will need to reset the entire world .

  • Stop the server. This can be done in the Multicraft control panel or from inside the server with the /stop command.
  • If you are unsure of whether you want to reset the dimension or not, now is the time when you should take a backup of your world so if you change your mind you can always restore it.
  • Login to the server using FTP. For more information on how to use FTP you can read our article about You only need to login to FTP, you do not need to upload or download anything. We are only going to be deleting folders already in the server.
  • In your FTP client, go into your world’s folder. By default, the world folder will be named world , but if you have a custom world folder name, you will need to delete the folder which matches the world-name in your file.
  • Find the corresponding region folder of the dimension you want to delete. The dimension region folders can be found below: < world> /region/ = Overworld < world> /DIM-1/region/ = The Nether < world> /DIM1/region/ = The End
  • Once you have deleted the region folder from each dimension that you want to reset, you can start your server .
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    Top 5 Rarest Structures In Minecraft’s Overworld

    In Minecraft, players will come across various pre-built structures. Some of these structures offer valuable loot and resources while others are home to terrifying monsters.

    Every structure in the game has a certain rarity level. Minecraft generates structures based on their rarity levels. Structures are usually themed around biomes, if not dimensions.

    The Overworld has the highest number of structures than the other two realms. This article showcases some of the rarest structures that can generate in the Minecraft’s Overworld. Players who have already found these structures on their own are definitely lucky.

    Is Bedrock Or Java Better


    Bedrock Edition has most consistent performance

    If youre not playing with a high-end computer, Bedrock might be your best bet. While the Java edition lets you use mods to enhance your graphics, the Bedrock version runs more smoothly more consistently. This means less dropped frames and faster load times.

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    All Minecraft Overworld Biomes

    Image Credits: Minecraft

    Biomes are different regions in Minecraft, featuring changes in climate, terrain, animals, geography, materials and more. There are plenty of different biomes to explore in Overworld all offering a variety of experiences. Among the different areas, some biomes have sub-regions, which are different types of the same biome.

    Does The Nether Portal Calculator Works

    Nether Portal Calculator is an intuitively designed calculator that determines where portals should be placed in the Overworld and Nether dimensions to appear at the correct coordinates. Simply put, Nether Portal Calculator does the maths for you.

    Let’s explain this with an Example!

    If the Nether coordinates are 2,3 and 5, the overworld coordinates would be:

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    Best Mods For Minecraft Overworld

    Minecraft has one of the most extensive modding communities out there. There are a ton of mods being made regularly, while old ones get updated as newer versions of Minecraft come around. Modding adds content to the game and makes gameplay more fun in general.

    A majority of Overworld-related mods exist for Minecraft, mods which add new mobs, new structures or new mechanics to the game. Since most of the players’ time is spent in the Overworld, these mods can often be useful.

    Xaero’s Minimap And Xaero’s World Map

    Mods That Make The Overworld Better – Minecraft Mods For 1.16.5

    These two mods stand out as one of the most convenient mods for the game, adding a mini map and world map respectively. Both the mini map and world map are quite customizable, and can be set up with a variety of settings. For example, the shape and size of the mini map can be altered, waypoints can be set, and different mobs can be tracked.

    Download Xaero’s Minimap here.

    Download Xaero’s World Map here.

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    Nether Portal Calculator A Detailed Guide

    The term is tossed around a lot among Minecraft gaming circles these days.

    And if you are in one, you would probably know what that term means and how does it associate with your all so loved game “Minecraft”.

    But if you don’t, it’s alright, because you are not alone. There is an astounding number of Minecraft players who are still in the dark.

    So, bear with me, read this description through to the end, and you’ll be wise on the subject.

    So, let’s begin with the basics.

    Inspired Wanna Learn How To Use Nether Portal Calculator In Minecraft

    Below is a simple stepwise guide for beginners:

    Choose a place in the Overworld for a portal and build the frame without lighting it.

    Enter your portal frame as if you were going to use it, and press F3 to record the coordinates X, Y, and Z, as well as the Facing number. Remember! This step is important if you want a seamless transition while passing through a portal.

    In our Overworld to Nether portal calculator, enter the coordinates. Double-check your entries, particularly if the numbers are positive or negative. Obsidian is difficult to disassemble and shift if you make a mistake. The calculator will convert the data and show the final coordinates that you’ll need to position your Nether-side portal.

    Light your portal and go to the calculated Nether coordinates using F3.

    Demolish and replace the block under your feet at these coordinates with obsidian.

    Steer your character until the earlier F3 Facing number matches up. Please note that you will be facing this direction when you exit the portal.

    Drop a second obsidian block onto the floor to your right or left . These two obsidians will serve as the base for your portal.

    To ensure uninterrupted transition through the portal, build a walkway at least a few blocks from the portal base in the matching “F” number direction. This guarantees that you don’t end up staring at a wall after exiting a portal.

    Complete the Nether portal frame and then light it.


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    What Is Nether Portal Calculator After All

    A Nether Portal is an autogenerated framework that connects two dimensions, the Overworld and the Nether. Likewise, Minecraft Nether Portal Calculator is used to compute the relative coordinates between the Overworld and the Nether.

    When you’ve gotten to the point in Minecraft where you’re constructing nether portals, you can use the Nether Portal Calculator to figure out where to place your return gate so that it connects as a link between the Overworld and the Nether.

    Nether Vs Overworld Distance In Minecraft

    We built The Nether corrupting the Overworld

    There are exactly two very important places in all of Minecraft where players will be spending almost all of their time playing the game. These two places are known as both the Nether and the Overworld.

    Theres a lot of comparisons between the two as theyre the two main areas in Minecraft. The main comparison of them all is arguably the size and the distance aspect between the two.

    If youre looking at how to manage the said difference between the Nether and the Overworld, heres everything that you need to know about the two.

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    Nether Vs Overworld Distance

    The first thing of all worth knowing is that there is a huge difference between both the Nether and the Overworld in Minecraft in terms of their overall size.

    The Overworld is the main location in the entire game. It is the world of Minecraft itself where players start off their journey. This includes all the forests, mountains, water, and just about anything else players will be able to see during the initial stages of the game. To put it simply, it is the default dimension of the game.

    The nether, on the other hand, is something completely different. This specific dimension was added very recently, only during the earlier half of 2020. This is especially recent compared to the Overworld thats been around all the way since the start, back when Minecraft first released in 2011.

    It is a much more unforgiving and dangerous area filled with unique items as well as enemies. It was introduced to the game as a part of one of the biggest updates in Minecraft history. As the Overworld is the main dimension of the game while the Nether is a dimension added in an update, regardless of how big said update was, it is safe to say the former is much larger.

    Because of this, the way the distance is calculated in either dimension is also very different. As the Nether is exactly 8 times smaller as compared to its default counterpart, this means that travel is much quicker inside of it as well.

    The Legend Of Zelda Series

    While previous games have featured overworlds, one of the earliest console games to feature an overworld is the Nintendo Entertainment System game The Legend of Zelda. Gameplay in Zelda‘s overworld was virtually identical to that of its nine underground dungeon levels, offering a top-down perspective and including access to caves, bridges, mazes, shops and waterfalls as well as lurking dangers that range from enemies to tumbling rocks. Much of the immediate gameplay takes place in the overworld, and the diversity of terrain ensures that the player will spend as much time exploring and searching above ground as they will below . The concept of an overworld also offered a non-linear gameplay experience some believed this would cause the player to become confused and not know where to go, a sentiment which has endured as overworlds have become larger and more complex.

    The Zelda series is well known for these large overworld areas, such as Hyrule Field. Many enemies inhabit the various overworlds. The player can see most of these without any special tools, and most are easily defeated or avoided. The game Minecraft is another popular example of a platform game with an Overworld.

    There are special items available in most of the overworld areas in the series, but these are often non-essential to completing the overall objective the main purpose served by an overworld is to connect more important places.

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