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Minecraft Mods With Dragons

Dragoncraft Addon For Mcpe


If you love the End Dragon, then you will love this add-on. This Dragon add-on helps you own a pet Dragon, and you can ride on it and fly on it in the skies.

DRAGONCRAFT is a Dragon Mod for Minecraft PE that adds more dragons to the game. Currently it includes 6 different dragons and all of them can be domesticated / tamed with rotten flesh.


DRAGONCRAFT is a utility that adds more dragons to the game. Currently, it consists of 6 different dragons. The good news is that you can use rotten flesh to tame them.

When you kill a wild dragon , you will get one dragon egg. Use it to get your own dragon.

To hatch a dragon egg, you have to give them a diamond. When you give it a diamond, it will start to shake. Newly born dragons will be fragile and can be killed by any hostile mob, so you will have to protect them.

  • The hostile dragons have between 100 150 of HP.
  • Tamed dragons have 150 HP, and you can add armor to it to give them more protection.
  • The dragons eggs take approximately 2 minutes to hatch.
  • You can ride tamed dragons. You can fly them by giving them a chicken feather or by simply jumping.
  • If you have a cane with a carrot, you can go faster.
  • Dragons are tamed with apple meat.
  • You can put a chest on the dragon and then will get 15 inventory slots.

Best Minecraft Dragon Mods

How to Tame your Dragon comes to Minecraft!

Since it was officially released almost 10 years, Minecraft has had a plethora of custom content created for it by fans of the game. It has become so common to install Minecraft mods that third-party software has been developed to help players install it. In this list, we are covering the best Dragon-themed mods for those of us Minecraft players that like their adventures to be medieval.

Additional Notes:

  • For convenience, all the mods listed here are available for installation on Curseforge. This is generally considered the easiest and best way to install mods. If you need instructions on how to install a mod, you can follow this guide: How to install Minecraft Mods on PC. We also provide a quick rundown of how to install mods underneath the list of mods below.
  • Unfortunately, mods take a long time to update when new versions of Minecraft are released. Sometimes, it isn’t possible to change them to work with the latest updates. Because of these, it’s possible that the mods below are not compatible with the version you are using. We have listed the version compatibility with each mod so you know what version of Minecraft to use.

Ice And Fire: Dragons

This Ice and Fire: Dragons mod isnt introducing anything new or innovative.

The dragon-themed mechanics is top-of-the-line.

Ice, fire, and lighting dragons are not new .

However, allowing them to appear in their natural habitat is an innovative feature.

And no, Im certainly not speaking of scorching deserts or freezing tundras. These are treasure caverns! Isnt it true that The Hobbit gave you any lessons?

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Wyrmroost By Wolfshotz Kindomall Ukan And Shannieann: Java Edition

This mod will keep players entertained with various dragons.

Wyrmroost is available to download from CurseForge and is compatible with Java Edition.

This mod has a broad range of gorgeous dragons that can be controlled.

According to the mods developers, the mod is designed to be more than just a travel companion.

Its easy to get attracted to dragons, and they should be offered sometimes by those that are into fantasy or dragon Minecraft mods.

Best Minecraft Dragon Mods In 2022 Dragon Mod for Minecraft PE: Appstore for Android

Dragons are a huge part of fantasy and fiction, but they also have plenty of applications in Minecraft.

While players have likely encountered the Ender Dragon, there are many ways to add dragons to the game or enhance the mob’s in-game presence.

With the right in-game mods, Minecraft players can overhaul their encounters with dragons. This includes making the Ender Dragon much more fearsome as well as adding new and unique dragons to the game. With so many mods online, it may be tricky to find the right dragon-related job.

Below, Minecraft players can find a collection of great mods that offer intriguing and thrilling dragon gameplay.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer

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Baby Ender Dragons Addon By Editor: Pocket Edition

It is a Minecraft PE add-on that lets players create a dragon ender in the overworld. It is a challenging but risky game.

The dragon goes through two phases after hatching. One stage of the dragon is neutral toward players and will not harm players, however, Stage 2 is hostile.

The first stage is when the dragon is healthy to 100 as well as the ability to fireballs.

The dragon then expands and progresses to the second stage, in which it turns aggressive towards endermites, players, and even villagers. Its health will also increase by 20 percent.

Top 3 Minecraft Mods For Taming Dragons

Dragons are one of the most remarkable creatures to add to Minecraft using mods. Minecraft does have the Ender dragon, but players cannot tame or ride it. It is a hostile boss mob that can be seen in the End dimension.

Many mods add dragons of different types to Minecraft, but not many of them allow the player to tame them. Taming is a feature using which players can make living entities their pets.

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Best Minecraft Dragon Mods In 2021

Minecraft players are familiar with the ender dragon and its sinister lore and can’t help but think of other dragons that can be included through mods.

Players may find themselves wondering about hatching the ender dragon’s egg or other dragons that they could tame and ride into the sunset. Perhaps it’s the opposite, and they’d want to dress themselves in the ender dragon drops, which can only be achieved through mods.

To better understand dragon mods and make a solid decision on which one to download, take a look at the top five Minecraft dragon mods of 2021.

NEW on – Carving Dragons! Roman’s incredible dragon sculptures have us screaming and running for our lives .

The Best Minecraft Dragon Mods

Fooling My Friends With DRAGONS in Minecraft

The Ender Dragon is fun and all, but wouldnt it be cool if there were more dragons to slay, or maybe even tame? What about flying on one?

Whether youre looking for daunting new dragons to battle or would like to tame some cute fire-breathing creatures that may be able to accidentally burn your epic wooden house down , or maybe a mod that lets you play as a dragon – rest assured, these mods have at least one of these features, and then some.

In no particular order of quality, here is a list of the best Minecraft dragon mods:

  • Ice and Fire: Dragons
  • Dragon Survival

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Less Tech More Dragons

This modpack is simple yet efficient. It removes any futuristic elements and just brings dragons to Minecraft. It focuses on giving a proper medieval experience. This modpack is lightweight and easy to run on older PCs, giving it a ton of replayability and a huge audience. Its classic and simple vibe is enough to make any Minecraft player love it.

Download this mod here.

Why Say Its Free When Its Not

I downloaded this app because I love dragons and it was free. As soon a I got in it said I had to pay SIX DOLLARS A WEEK to use it. Of course I didnt waste that much money but it was disappointing. DO NOT GET THIS APP. Also if your gonna bother to charge people for the app at least make it cost money in the App Store instead of the app itself so people dont get there hopes up.

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Adding New Mobs To The Game Is A Common Feature Amongst Mods But Not Many Of Them Add Dragons Check This Post For The 5 Best Minecraft Dragon Mods

Dragons have always been a big part of video games, and Minecraft is not an exception. The final boss of the game is a black, fire-breathing dragon aptly named “Ender Dragon”.

Apparently, The Red Dragon was a mob planned by Notch for a future update. However, since Notch’s departure from Mojang AB in 2014, it is uncertain whether the plans for this mob were abandoned when he left the company. Because of that, the only way to enjoy Dragons in Minecraft now is to use mods.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best dragon mods in Minecraft 1.19.

Dragon Addon For Minecraft Pe


If you are looking to own a dragon for yourself, then this is the MCPE Dragon addon you are looking for. This dragon will help you fly into the air and take you wherever you want. It will help you kill the enemy if desired.

Your dragon has three different attacks. When its just a wild dragon, it has 100 HP, but once you tame it and turn it into your own, it will increase to 400 HP.

They only spawn in extreme hill biomes and will hunt you on the day, but at night they are incredibly docile. You can tame it at night with a golden apple while its still on the ground.

Control the same way you control a player.

Special thanks to:for helping me.

Tame the dragon only at night time when it is on ground using golden_apple

While flying look at the dragon body and tap the look around to idle mid air

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Most Downloaded Dragons Minecraft Mods

  • JinGames8/18/22 2:37 posted 12/5/12 12:37579.6k119.9k740
  • pitman-877/19/14 4:43 posted 3/25/12 5:38152.4k43.1k301
  • chylex4/2/15 12:13 posted 12/12/13 4:4797.7k24.1k121
  • GoblinBob10/9/14 4:10 posted 12/28/13 4:0955.6k15.5k54
  • DragonbornSR7/24/15 4:48 posted 3/3/14 1:0782.6k14.6k143
  • Cube Modding6/1/14 1:31 posted 11/20/12 12:48135.7k14.1k414
  • SirNiloc1/25/15 11:12 posted 2/22/14 12:0048.3k12.8k167
  • 1.8 beta New Content Mod80%
  • Caribik1/14/17 8:47 posted 11/18/16 5:3989.4k6.7k18
  • Nielsstrychi10/31/18 3:32 posted 1/5/17 9:3967k5.8k77
  • Bigbelloboss8911/28/21 3:42 posted 4/3/20 8:3451.1k5.2k54
  • DatSaus12/3/16 4:07 posted 2/9/16 12:2828.4k4.5k34
  • elitejalyt6/14/12 3:20 posted 3/27/12 4:2329.1k4.4k44
  • ams36612/18/12 6:07 posted 10/20/12 11:3722.7k4.2k179
  • MTX19963/1/13 8:03 posted 2/9/13 2:3130.6k4k124
  • ModderPenguin4/3/13 11:18 posted 2/28/13 8:4029.6k3.6k78
  • Beltain1PMC9/17/14 12:57 posted 9/3/14 2:2823.8k3.3k66x 5
  • JinGames12/26/12 5:22 posted 12/10/12 8:2217.4k3.2k9

Ogdragon+ Minecraft Dragon Mod

Gameversion: 1.12.2

This minecraft dragon mod replaces the old dragon fight and removes the melee and fight stages with dragons to offer a whole new experience. It also introduces some great features like a random chance of different kinds of dragons spawning and an all new way to spawn dragon fights using an egg that is held by endermen. Interesting, right?

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Less Tech More Dragon

Less Tech More Dragon is true to its name and unsurprisingly bases itself around keeping anything futuristic out of its mod pack. This is a great mod for two reasons: It better represents the feel of a medieval setting, and it runs much better on PCs that can’t handle the burden of the other mods we’ve mentioned above. In the description on the official page, they use that as a selling point for people to use the mod, stating that they intentionally made it low-tech. Less Tech More Dragon makes it possible for players with older or slower PCs to enjoy the excitement and danger of dragons in Minecraft!

Dungeons Dragons And Space Shuttles

5 Minecraft Mods That Add Dragons

This modpack contains over 300 mods. Adding every dragon-themed aspect players have ever thought of into Minecraft. It includes a complete overhaul of most of the games features, like food, farming, combat, technology, storage, and magic. With over 20 different dimensions, this is a promising modpack that is a lot of fun to play.

Download this mod here.

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How To Get Started

Once you load into the world, you can immediately begin to explore the new features added by the mod. Some of the most notable will likely be the various structures that can be found all over the world.

Dragon Skeletons

In deserts and cold biomes, you will likely find various dragon skeletons across the ground. These once-powerful creatures can be right-clicked with an empty hand to harvest the bone items directly. With this, you can craft different tools and weapons for use within the mod.

Gorgon Temples

Find a strange stone structure with nothing in it? These broken temples are often found within beach biomes. By pulling a nearby lever, a stairway to the lower level will open, providing a chance to fight the Gorgon.


If exploring a cold biome, you may encounter a foreboding dark structure. These mausoleums can only be unlocked with a special key and provide a variety of items.

Cyclops Cove

Found near beach biomes, the cyclops cove has gold, chests, sheep, and the cyclops itself. Be weary on approach, as the inhabitants are not friendly.

Dragon Roosts

The dragon roosts can be found across every normal biome in the overworld. Often spawning multiple dragons, these areas tend to be very dangerous. Ice roosts are only found in colder biomes, while their fire counterpart is found in almost every other biome. While approaching is dangerous, the various gold and chests tend to balance it out.

What Is New In Grow Your Own Dragon Mod

Grow Your Own Dragon Mod will help to replenish the list of tamed creatures. By the way, it will not just be a small dog, but a full-fledged flying monster that will faithfully serve its owner.

In the world of Minecraft PE, players have never had the opportunity to have such animals under their command, so this addition will be a great opportunity to coolly diversify the game.

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Best Minecraft Modpacks With Dragons

Since Minecrafts release in 2010, its modding community has developed thousands of mods for the game. Each mod adds something different and unique to the game. Some mods add new animals and enemies, some introduce new items and mechanics to the game.

Dragons have been a part of Minecraft modpacks for a long time. They have been part of some of the most medieval-themed packs over the years and bring a mystical vibe to Minecraft.

Listed below are five of the best modpacks that bring dragons to Minecraft.

How To Train Your Dragon Ultimate Mod

Dragons Mod for Minecraft PC

Based on the famous animated movie How To Train Your Dragon, this mod has been created for Minecraft that adds dragons like Night Fury, Skrill, and Deadly Nadder. The dragons are divided into seven classes: Strike, tracker, sharp, boulder, tidal, mystery, and stoker.

Players will also get to use new items and weapons such as clubs, waraxe and warhammers. The textures of the dragons and other additions are highly detailed and since they are based around the franchise, they have abilities as well.

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Baby Ender Dragons Addon

This mod pack allows the players to add a baby Ender dragon to the Overworld. The baby dragon is neutral towards the players and is significantly weaker. However, after some time the Dragon will hit growth stage 2 and gain 20 more health points and shoot fireballs towards players, villagers and endermites.

This Minecraft Mod Adds Hydras Gorgons Death Worms And Trained Dragons

Also ghosts, sea serpents, liches, trolls, pixies, and more.

It’s always exciting when Mojang adds new mob types to Minecraft. We’ve seen the recent additions of the axolotl, glow squids, and mountain goats, with more sinister creatures like the blind warden coming in the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update .

If Mojang’s 50+ mobs aren’t enough for you, then look no further than Raptorfarian and Alexthe666’s Ice and Fire: Dragons , a mod that adds a whole load of fantasy creatures into the base game. What originally started out as a project to add more dragons into the game back in 2017 has developed into a whole bestiary of monsters. The list is huge, including the likes of hippogryphs, gorgons, dread liches, sea serpents, hydras, pixies, cyclopes, trolls, death worms, and ghosts.

Dragons are the highlight of the mod though, letting you train, ride, and hunt the mythical beasts. You can craft dragon equipment, find dragon eggs, and explore dragon caverns where special loot lies.

It’s an incredible mod. If you’re looking to take it for a spin, make sure you have installed the support mods and resource packs needed for it to run, which you can find at the bottom of the mod’s description.

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The Dragonloot App By Pois1xlive Java Edition

This Minecraft mod lets players take loot and items from the dragon that lays an end from the egg after it is killed.

It is similar to leather in that it can be used to make armor.

This is an excellent option for those with an aversion to the ender dragon or who are looking to show off their accomplishments with their peers.


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