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Minecraft Lego Sets Walmart

Lego Harry Potter: Hogwarts Clock Tower

He Tricked Me Into Buying Two LEGO Minecraft Sets

Best for ages: 8 and up

For your budding Potterheads, this set is filled with favorite characters and iconic locations from the beloved movies, including Dumbledores office, a fully stocked Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom and a section of the Icy Ballroom, complete with holiday decor and a decorated, snow-covered Christmas tree.

This Lego Harry Potter set include eight festive minifigures all come dressed in their Yule ball best, including Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory, Viktor Krum, Albus Dumbledore and Madame Maxime

Lego Disney: Mickey & Friends Castle Defenders

Best for ages: 4 and up

What little kid doesnt like castles, dragons, knights and princesses? This Duplo set has just enough pieces to challenge preschoolers, but its easy enough that they can build and create on their own without frustration. Plus, it has some of their favorite iconic Disney characters, like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck.

Lego Dots: Lego Big Message Board

Best for ages: 6 and up

Let them say it loud with the biggest message board of the Lego Dots line. Lego Dots are one of our new favorites for kids that favor creative self expression. They allow kids to essentially draw, doodle and write with flat Lego pieces. The free-form expression of this message board will make the tween in your life think youre actually cool for gifting this.

This set comes with four 16×16 plates and frame and hanger elements, plus 800 plus tiles that include a range of colors and shapes to give kids all they need to speak their minds and express themselves. While this is a favorite Lego Dots set this year, we highly recommend you check out the whole Lego Dots line if you have a creative kid in your life.

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Lego Harry Potter: Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets

Best for ages: 9 and up

As part of their 20th anniversary Lego Harry Potter line, this is quite possibly the most epic Lego Harry Potter set of the year and its sure to make for the most magical of holiday gifts.

With 11 minifigures, a posable Basilisk snake with opening jaws, a golden Voldemort and numerous magical rooms secret chambers, the interactive play of this set is ready for hours of magical and spellbinding play.

Minecraft Toys And Gifts

LEGO Minecraft The Dungeon, 21119
  • Piece Count: High to Low New
  • Average rating4out of 5 starsPrice$44.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$34.99
  • Average rating4.6out of 5 starsPrice$129.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$119.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$99.99
  • Average rating3.6out of 5 starsPrice$69.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$69.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$79.99
  • Average rating4.1out of 5 starsPrice$59.99
  • Average rating4.7out of 5 starsPrice$59.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$49.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice$49.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$39.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$34.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$34.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice$29.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$29.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice$24.99

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Lego Stuntz: Double Loop Stunt Arena

Best for ages: 7 and up

This easy-to-build playset has loads of payoff with real stunt action that add a truly exciting element to Lego play. Lego Stuntz are a relatively new addition to the Lego City line and they are the best choice for builders that like a little excitement.

This set is loads of fun with two loops, two tension-loaded mechanical motorcycles, a snapping serpent head and two flame features. The two motorcycles take a little bit of technique to get going through the loops but we got to test this one in personnot only is this set tons of fun once you get the hang of it, its the most used during play dates.

Lego Duplo: Wild Animals Of South America

Best for ages: 2 and up

Kids ages 2 and older can take a trip to the wild side with this Lego Duplo set thats specialty designed for preschoolers.

With jungle activities and and animals, including rocks, waterfalls, trees, a baby jaguar, toucan, sloth and alpaca, this is our favorite entry into the world of Legos this year.

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Lego Duplo: Space Shuttle Mission

Best for ages: 2 and up

For your tiny budding astronaut: This totally manageable 23-piece Lego Duplo set is small on size but big on imaginative possibilities.

This space set includes male and female astronaut figures, a buildable space shuttle with an opening body and wheels that turn, a movable ladder, and a buggy with wheels and a turning radar on top. This fun interactive set can be configured in numerous ways and has loads of play possibilities.

Lego Minecraft: The Skeleton Dungeon

I Fixed Minecraft LEGO Sets…

Best for ages: 8 and up

If theres one trend that goes perfectly with the classic elements of Legos, its Minecraft. Kids cant get enough of Lego Minecraft builds and the blocky nature of the wildly popular video game lends itself perfectly to Lego bricks.

This set takes the gaming features of Minecraft to the next level with interactive features like a rock slide, a rotating skeleton spawner and a dripstone cave.

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Lego Friends: Organic Farm

Best for ages: 8 and up

Fun and festivities abound at this Lego Friends farm. One of the best features of the Lego Friends line is how interactive it is. This socially conscious set does not disappoint.

For kids who love animals, this traditional farmhouse comes with chickens, a hen house and a horse to ride and groom. After they are done playing with the animals, the four figures can tend the crops on their tractor or get to work selling eggs and applesor cook up healthy meals in the outdoor kitchen.

Dc Comics Super Heroes

In 2016, Superman& Wonder Woman , Batman& The Joker , Supergirl& was an exclusive sets are only available at San Diego Comic-Con.

Several Lego DC Comics Super Heroes characters based on Justice League film have been released as part of the Lego BrickHeadz theme. A range of DC Comics Super Heroes BrickHeadz was announced in January 2018, which included The Flash , Wonder Woman , Aquaman , Cyborg and Tactical Batman& Superman as buildable characters.

In 2017, Belle and Beast were released on 1 March 2017 and based on the Beauty and the Beast film. Later, Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Armando Salazar were released on 2 April 2017 and based on the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales film.

In 2018, Mr. Incredible& Frozone was released in April 2018 and based on Incredibles 2 film. The set consists of 160 pieces and 2 baseplates.Elsa and Anna& Olaf were released in July 2018 and based on the Frozen film.Ariel& Ursula was released in July 2018 and based on The Little Mermaid film. The set consists of 361 pieces and 2 baseplates.Jack Skellington& Sally was released in October 2018 and based on The Nightmare Before Christmas film. The set consists of 193 pieces and 2 baseplates.

In 2020, Donald Duck and Goofy& Pluto were released in February 2020 and based on the Disney cartoon characters. Later, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were released in August 2020 and based on the Disney cartoon characters.

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Minions: The Rise Of Gru

Gru, Stuart and Otto and Belle Bottom, Kevin and Bob were released in April 2021 and based on the Minions: The Rise of Gru film.

Geoffrey was an exclusive set only available at Toys “R” Us.

Lady Liberty was released on 4 July 2019. The set consists of 153 pieces and baseplate.

Spice Girls Tribute was released on 1 March 2018 and based on Spice Girls are a British girl group from England. The set consists of 578 pieces and 5 baceplates. Lego Designer Daniel Squirrell discussed the process behind Spice Girls Tribute and how important it was to get the fine details just right to pay homage to the band. Lego Designer Daniel Squirrell explained, The band members have famous outfits and iconic looks, like Geris Union Jack dress, Mel Bs trademark leopard print, Emmas baby-pink dresses and pigtails, Melanie Cs tracksuits and of course Victorias little black dress, and continued, They have a meaningful history in British music and the youth of many of my peers, so it was important to reference these moments for the fans.

Lego City: Lego Express Passenger Train

LEGO Minecraft The Trading Post 21167 Collectible Playset (201 Pieces ...

Best for ages: 7 and up

Every kid should get at Christmas morning train set at one point in their childhood. This fully functioning, build-your-own train set may be our favorite new Lego set of the year and may be our favorite train set ever. This bullet locomotive has all sorts of cool, electrical components that make this the ultimate DIY train set that will appeal to builders and toy train enthusiasts alike.

This Lego City set is fun to build and comes with loads of clever details including working lights, a fully stocked dining car, doors that open and close, luggage and bike racks, two crew mini-figures and four passenger mini-figures with luggage. Accompanied by plenty of track for loops and turns, kids will get miles of play out of this set.

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Lego Friends: Andrea Theater School

Best for ages: 8 and up

Drama-loving kids can act out all of their big ideas in this charming Lego Friends theater set that is a replica of Londons famed West End Theater.

This extensive playhouse has loads of fun details, including customizable backdrops, a full prop room, a dressing room and costumes, lights, a balcony with seating and more. This is the ultimate Lego Friends set to spark imagination for creative play.

Minecraft Star Dream Meets His Screaming Fans For First Time

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Lego Ninjago: Lloyds Golden Ultra Dragon

Best for ages: 9 and up

Lego Ninjago just dropped a new season, so if you have a fan of Sensei Wus kid ninja clan its certain to be renewed this holiday season with Coles four-headed golden hydra dragon. Lego says this is the biggest Ninjago dragon ever, with its posable legs and tail and a pair of wings that fold out into three golden blades.

As any Lego Ninjago fan knows, golden minifigures are a coveted bunch. This set relives adventures from the Ninjago: Crystallized TV series and comes with nine exclusive minifigures including Golden Oni Lloyd, Golden Kai, Golden Jay, Golden Cole, Golden Zane, the Crystal King, a Vengestone Warrior and two Vengestone Brutes.


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