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What Is Bedrock Minecraft

Bedrock Edition Has Most Consistent Performance

Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition Official Trailer

Although it might seem like a simple game, Minecraft can be incredibly taxing on your computer’s graphics card and CPU. If you’re not playing with a high-end computer, Bedrock might be your best bet.

While the Java edition lets you use mods to enhance your graphics, the Bedrock version runs more smoothly more consistently. This means less dropped frames and faster load times.

Java: Experiencing Mods Come Easier

Mods are always a major part of the Minecraft experience, with some mods looking to aesthetically enhance the game and some looking to add more content. While Bedrock edition has been the version with the modding API, Java continues to be the best outlet to enjoy mods in Minecraft. Bedrock has add-ons that players can purchase in the Minecraft Marketplace, but installing mods on the Java edition is free. Plus, there is an unlimited amount of different mods out there that players can try out while Bedrock is restricted to those being sold to them.

What Is Minecraft Bedrock Version

Minecraft is available on every platform that you can play a game on. This includes desktop platforms, mobile platforms, gaming console including the Nintendo Switch. Across all these platforms, the game goes by the same name: Minecraft. On the Windows platform though, you will find that Minecraft is often referred to in one of two ways Java or Bedrock.

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Bedrock: Multiplayer Is Easier To Set Up

Java has improved over the years with how private multiplayer servers work, but simply put, life is much easier for those on Bedrock when it comes to setting up a hang-out with friends. For starters, players can just join off each other’s games if they are friends with each other on their Microsoft accounts.

There are also consoles that allow for split-screen multiplayer, allowing for easy local play. Java requires players to set up a server either through port-forwarding, purchasing a realm server, or through LAN. Either way, two copies of Minecraft are required.

Minecraft Bedrock Vs Java Differences


Microsoft has created a handy document that goes into detail on what the differences are between the versions, but in summary the key differences between Minecraft Java and Bedrock are:

  • World generation and how blocks are handled
  • Redstone behaviour differs
  • Hardcore and spectator modes arnt available in the Bedrock edition
  • Back-end performance differences
  • Minecraft multiplayer is handled separately

The way the different Minecraft versions view mods is very important. Minecraft Java as the OG Minecraft has a long and storied history of creative and expansive mods and Minecraft texture packs, all of which you can do for free.

The Bedrock edition does still allow mods and texture packs, but you typically have to buy these on platforms other than the PC. Further to that, the mod tools for the Bedrock edition are also something creators have to pay for. Some popular PC mods support both versions for free but not all of them.

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Bedrock: A Smoother Experience Playing

While it is a game that moves as far away from hyperrealistic graphics as it can, Minecraft on Java edition still tends to have lag spike issues even with some of the best computers out there. Bedrock edition has somehow avoided this issue, likely because it is a game that is built completely with a different language.

Simply put, this edition has an engine that it runs off of that is separate from the game itself. Java edition doesn’t have that structure, needing to rely on all of its parts to function properly without some optimizations.

Beta And Preview Test Versions

Starting on November 22, 2013,Mojang Studios began to publicly release testing versions of full updates to Android users who opt into the beta program, in order to get major feedback, especially for bug reporting. This enabled the official updates to be considerably more stable.

Versions from 0.8.0 to 0.12.1 required opting into a Google+ group to receive development builds. Players would then see development updates appear as normal updates in the Play Store. On July 17, 2015, the Google+ group was removed due to the amount of spam and advertisements that the group attracted. On November 3, 2015, the PE Beta team published a dedicated blog that was subsequently used for users to opt into the 0.13.0 beta program and to display changelogs for these development builds.

The Xbox Insider Hub app is used to opt into the beta program on Windows since July 31, 2017, and on Xbox One since August 24. Before the release of the Better Together Update, the Xbox One beta was available only to owners of the digital version of the original Xbox One Edition, and not owners of the disc version.

Starting on January 31, 2022, the beta program was expanded to other platforms, starting with iOS and iPadOS, with Minecraft Preview. The previous beta program through Xbox Insider Hub has been phased out and replaced by Minecraft Preview.

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Minecraft Update Bedrock Edition: 11920 Details

Looking for information on the new Minecraft Update for Bedrock Edition? Update 1.19.20 has been released, and a number of small issues have arisen when it comes to launching clients and Realms. To ensure you know exactly how to seamlessly update to 1.19.20 and resolve any relating error messages, check out the step-by-step walkthrough below.

If you’re up-to-date and just want to know what’s new, check out the Minecraft update details and 1.19.20 patch notes below.

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Bedrock: Parents Have More Control

Wait, Minecraft Bedrock Edition Is Now BETTER Then JAVA???

The audience for Minecraft has skewed younger and younger over the years. The game hasn’t had too many parental controls over the years, which means that little kids may hop into a server with teens and adults without much stopping them. Java Edition especially doesn’t come with anything parents can do to restrict their child. Bedrock does at least provide some sort of outlet. Parents who set up their child’s Microsoft account can go to the settings on Xbox Live to stop them from accessing multiplayer if they are worried about the dangers.

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I Already Own Both Minecraft: Java Edition And Minecraft: Bedrock Edition On My Microsoft Account What Does This Change Mean For Me

You can keep playing both games as you wish though its still a good idea for you to click Get on the MS Store just to make sure you keep updates getting delivered as they come out.

Also: We are planning something special for users who previously already owned both games on a single MSA. Stay tuned!

Mojang Minecraft Java Bedrock

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Should You Buy Java Edition Or Bedrock Edition

As noted above, if you’re playing on anything but a PC, you don’t have a choice.

But if you’re on a PC, we recommend the Java version. You get the same great gameplay, as well as thousands of mods to enhance your experience, and the massive multiplayer community. It’s the original way to play Minecraft, and still the best.

Bedrock: Combat Is More Straight Forward


For hardcore fans of Minecraft, players will remember back when 1.9 came out how combat in the Java Edition changed forever. Players needed to get used to fighting monsters and other players with the addition of cooldowns between hits and Hotbar item switches. This was a huge frustration in the community, but the good news is that the Bedrock Edition doesn’t have this feature and still has the old combat system. PVP-loving players could wait for Mojang to work out the combat issues in Java, or switch versions.

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Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition For Pc Faq

Weve been working on some big changes, and were excited to announce that Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft for Windows are now being sold as a single product! What does this mean for you? Well, if youve never bought Minecraft before, you can now get both Java and Bedrock for one low price, also called Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC.

If you have bought Minecraft before, youre now getting the other edition for free. Woot! Follow these steps to redeem it:

  • to go to the Microsoft Store listing for Minecraft: Java & Bedrock for PC.
  • Sign-in to the Microsoft Store with your Microsoft account. Please note: If you still only have a Mojang account and have not yet migrated to a Microsoft account, you will have to migrate to a Microsoft account before you can redeem your new game. Dont fret, migrating your account is easy and free!
  • Once youre signed in, instead of a Buy button you should see a button that says Get. Click this button and now you own both editions!
  • Mining And Crafting Are The Bedrock Of Minecraft

    Its obvious enough, but the world of Minecraft revolves around the simple tasks of mining resources and crafting new objects. And in all honesty that accounts for most of the game. Youll trek out into the wilderness, punch trees to collect some wood, fashion that into an axe, and slowly build up an inventory of armor, weapons, furniture, tools, and precious minerals. Along the way youll also build a few shelters to call home and store your belongings in when on a respite from adventure.

    The explore, build, repeat gameplay loop is endlessly addicting and is only limited by your imagination. Even if youre not a creative type, theres still plenty of fun to be had by going on dangerous adventures into the Nether a hell-like world filled with incredible treasures and dangerous monsters.

    Or, you can enjoy some premade worlds fashioned by other players and go on a guided quest, indulge in minigames, or play a round of Cops and Robbers. If your imagination needs some inspiration, theres always a new mod or player creation to help spark your creativity.

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    What Is Minecraft: Java Edition

    Minecraft: Java Edition, also referred to as the PC Edition is the original Minecraft edition made for PC only and developed by Mojang Studios. The Java Edition is exclusively available through for $26.95. This is the most open sourced sandbox games for the users that would prefer PC gaming. It provides cross-platform play between Windows, Linux and MacOS, and supports mods and skins, created by the community.

    Which Version Of Minecraft Is Better

    WHICH IS BETTER? – Minecraft JAVA or BEDROCK?!

    There is really no definitive version of Minecraft. If youre looking to jump right into the game, youll be comfortable on either version of the game. It really depends on the features that youre looking for, as they can help push you in the right direction. If youre looking to play with friends, and dont mind the limited modding tools, Bedrock will be the best version. If youre looking to get inside of the game, and mess around with every setting possible, or want to challenge yourself with the Hardcore Mode, then youre going to want to play with the Java Edition.

    No matter which version you choose, make sure that youre peaking into our Minecraft Guide Section, where we cover plenty of different topics that will help you love the game more than ever before. Youll be able to find out which level Netherite spawns on, find out the mystery of the Heart of the Sea, and what it does, and even ways to get your hands on a cape, without mods!

    Minecraft Bedrock is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Devices, and PC. Minecraft Java Edition is available only on PC.

    More on Attack of the Fanboy :

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    Java: Two Crucial Modes Exist

    Minecraft allows for different ways to play the game. At a baseline, players who have either version can choose to deal with the elements in survival mode or enjoy building in creative mode. There is also an adventure mode for map creators not wanting players to destroy their work. There are two modes that are exclusive to Java. One is a hardcore mode, which puts players in survival mode at its hardest difficulty with only one life to spare. There’s also spectator mode, which allows players to have a wide view of their world as they can fly through blocks and look through the eyes of specific entities.

    Netherite Spawn Levels In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

    To acquire Netherite, you must smelt it from super rare blocks called Ancient Debris, found in the Nether. Ancient Debris mostly spawns in y-levels 7-23, meaning youll need to go quite deep into the Nether in order to come across it. Youll most likely be venturing near the giant lava pools found near the bottom of the Nether, so we highly recommend bringing something to help with fire, like a Fire Resistance Potion or armor enchant.

    Before you start searching, make sure to turn on Show Coordinates in the World Options menu to see your y-level, which is shown in the top left corner of the screen. Ancient Debris looks like brown, craggy blocks, as seen in the featured image for this article. They usually spawn by themselves, but sometimes if youre lucky you might find a small bunch. Youll need a Diamond Pickaxe to mine them.

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    There are a couple of places to dive into the Nether that can help you find Ancient Debris. The Warped Forest biome is probably one of the best places, because there are very few hostile mobs that spawn. Dig down until you get around y-level 23 or below, and then start searching.

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    Touch, Tap, Play is looking for experienced writers to produce guides for popular mobile and Nintendo Switch titles. If mobile gaming is your passion and you want to get paid to create guides, youre in the right place. Check out our job ad today!

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    Minecraft Bedrock What Is Included

    If youre looking for the most complete version of Minecraft that youll be able to jump right into, Bedrock is going to be your choice. Youll be able to jump right into multiplayer games with friends, so youll be able to play with anyone, be it on PC, Mobile, or console at home. Everyone is welcome to join in, and youll even be able to carry your purchases across multiple platforms if you purchase Minecraft again on a different system.

    However, you are going to be limited to a fairly vanilla experience, as Bedrock limits modding capabilities, so if youre looking to go nuts with all sorts of different mods in the game, this isnt going to be the version for you. Bedrock features different paid content packs, much like the recent Spongebob Minecraft DLC, so youll be able to experience these crazy worlds for a few dollars at a time. Youll also be able to find different resource packs, character skins, and more, but be cautious of the fact that they will cost you money.

    If youre looking to play Cross Platform with your friends that have Minecraft, and dont mind it being the more vanilla version, Bedrock is going to be your go-to from this point on. Youll also find that Bedrock is updated more frequently, so if bugs are found in the game, youll have a patch deployed for Bedrock faster than you will for Java.

    Java Edition Has A Near

    Nintendo Switch Minecraft Bedrock Edition Dated For June 21st

    One huge difference between Java and Bedrock is the ability to add mods, which are only available to Java players.

    Mods are pieces of software you can add to Minecraft to transform the game in just about any way you like. There are basic mods that alter the graphics or change the music, and more advanced mods that introduce new items or change how the world generates.

    Best of all, nearly all of these mods are free. And there’s even a dedicated program called Minecraft Forge that will let you install and edit them easily.

    While Bedrock has some modding tools available, you have to pay for them, and there are only a few compared to the limitlessness of Java.

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    Java Vs Bedrock: Why Are There Two Versions

    When Minecraft just started to become popular in the early 2010s, there was just one platform and one version. Minecraft was built in Java and played on Windows and Linux. Bedrock, meanwhile, began its life as Minecraft Pocket Edition, a version meant to run well on mobile devices, but would eventually form the base for Bedrock Edition.

    Bedrock Edition exists for a few reasons. One is that Java has tons of security vulnerabilities a major vulnerability affected Minecraft’s Java edition as recently as December 2021, in which the Log4j vulnerability allowed users to execute code on a Minecraft server just by entering text into the game’s chatbox. If you’re putting your game onto every console in existence, you probably don’t want to accidentally make them all hackable–as much as console modders would love that.

    Java is also not terribly well optimized for 3D games like Minecraft, and wouldn’t have run well on the first round of consoles it released on, which includes the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Bedrock is a complete rebuild of Minecraft that both takes care of that security issue and lets Microsoft better optimize the game for modern game console hardware.


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