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What To Feed Axolotls In Minecraft

How To Capture Axolotls In Minecraft

What do Axolotls eat in Minecraft? | How to Breed Axolotl in Version 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update

There are two primary ways that you can bring an Axolotl home with you when you find them in the game.

  • Use a lead.
  • Put them in a bucket.

The bucket method is by far the easiest as they can only stay out on land for a limited amount of time before dying. This is also the easiest way to quickly transfer them across long distances. A lead is best for moving them around when you have them situated inside of your home pond.

If you are going to explore underwater temples, be sure to scoop up some of your axolotls to come with you, and remember that leads to work in water. Axolotls were placed in the game to not only make a more diverse ecosystem but to help players with taking on those pesky underwater mobs.

Axolotls Were Put Into The Game For A Good Reason

Mojang has always been a vocal advocate for protecting the environment. It’s why they chose to include coral reef biomes and polar bears into the game, to celebrate nature’s beauty and spread awareness of endangered species.

Axolotls were no different in that regard. While Mojang could have chosen just about any other amphibian species to add to the game and make their first amphibian mob, axolotls are an extremely rare and critically endangered species found only in Xochimilco, a lake located near Mexico City.

Axolotls Can Be Captured With A Bucket Or Lead

Axolotls are not very hard to capture at all. The difficulty is finding some in the first place. Grab a bucket or a lead if you’ve found a spot where a bunch of them have spawned, and approach the axolotl.

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Using a lead on an axolotl will make it follow you around, but using a bucket on one allows you to transport axolotl easily even across dry land without exposing it too much to drought. If you need to bring your axolotl far away, make sure to use a bucket instead to avoid killing it. Leads are more useful when leading the axolotl to battle against guardians and elder guardians in an ocean monument.

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Where To Find Axolotls In Minecraft

You can find Axolotls swimming in the various bodies of water within the game. They typically like to spawn in the Lush Cave biome but will spawn when clay blocks are around as well. They arent a rare mob, so if you go looking for the right conditions, then you should come across a few Axolotls within no time.

Luckily, Axolotls arent a hostile mob to players, but they will attack underwater enemies, like Drowned. They deal two damage, and if they get hit, they may play dead, so they arent going to a replacement for your sword. You should also note that they attack all aquatic mobs, including fish, which can be annoying if your gathering in the area where they spawn.

Axolotls Can Be Bred With A Bucket Of Tropical Fish

How To Tame Axolotls In Minecraft 1.17: Where to Find

Breeding axolotl is quite a simple process as well. You’ll need to get at least two of them at the same location and then grab a bunch of tropical fish into a bucket. This actually makes the axolotl the first mob that must be bred using items that can’t be stacked.

Just like with other mobs, simply right-click with a bucket of tropical fish on both axolotls and the hearts will appear. A baby axolotl will be born, and it will take about 20 minutes for it to grow into an adult.

Until then, a baby will always follow around its parents. Usually, a baby will inherit the color of one of its parents, but it’s possible for a baby to have the rare blue color as well.

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Minecraft Axolotl How To Tame Axolotls

Adorable amphibians that you can carry around in buckets – what’s not to love?

What is the new Minecraft axolotl? In case youre not familiar with these adorable amphibians, the axolotl is a real creature that lives in caves. Axolotls are an incredibly rare species of salamander and are actually critically endangered. They are native to the Valley of Mexico, and in particular to two lakes, one of which no longer exists, so hopefully their appearance in Minecraft will aid conservation efforts for the axolotl.

As in real life, the axolotl comes in many colour variations pink, green, and brown and is ludicrously adorable. Eventually theyll be found in the new Lush Caves biome in the Minecraft 1.18 update, but also have heaps of new mechanics not shared by other Minecraft mobs. Whats brilliant about the axolotl is that you can capture them very easily by scooping them up in a bucket and bringing them along with you. They may look adorable, but these are assault amphibians that you can deploy against ocean-based mobs by emptying the bucket mid-battle.

Theyre much easier to find in the Minecraft 1.17 update as you just need to look in watery areas in caves. Join us as we go through everything we know about the axolotl in Minecraft, including where to find and tame them, and how they fight during combat.

What Do Axolotls Eat In Minecraft: Everything Players Need To Know

Axolotls in Minecraft are new mobs set to be released in the summer as part of the Caves and Cliffs update. They are passive to players. However, an Axolotl will attack other underwater mobs. The two mobs they will not attack are turtles and dolphins. The Axolotl attacks the other mobs as a method of hunting. Their preferred food that players can feed them is tropical fish.

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What Can You Do With Axolotls

Technically, Axolotls can’t be tamed in the same sense you can tame an Ocelot or some other animals. However, you can effectively tame an Axolotl and have it follow you around by holding a Bucket of Tropical Fish. The Axolotl will ignore you when you’re not holding what it wants.

Axolotls are not aggressive toward players, but they attack most other aquatic mobs. When attacked, Axolotls play dead and begin to regenerate health, but they can still take damage and die. Axolotls are picky eaters as they will only eat live Tropical Fish.

Axolotls can come on land, but they won’t travel more than a few blocks away from water. If you want one to follow you out of the water, use Lead on it to create a leash. Just keep in mind your Axolotl will perish if it spends too much time out of water.

If you want to keep one as a pet, use a Water Bucket on an Axolotl to scoop it up just like you did with the fish. Then, carry it wherever you want and use the Bucket to release your Axolotl. Since they don’t stray far from water, you don’t have to worry about them wandering off so long as you put them in a pool at least two blocks deep.

To breed Axolotls, feed Tropical Fish to two adult Axolotl when they are near each other. Give your baby Axolotl Tropical Fish to make it grow into an adult.

Axolotls Are Aquatic Predators

How to Breed Axolotls in Minecraft

Don’t let their adorable appearance fool you. Axolotls are at the end of the aquatic predators, and they leave a whole host of dead fish floating in the water. They’ll attack any aquatic mob with the exception of dolphins and turtles, and will prioritize attacking hostile mobs like the drowned, guardians, or elder guardians.

They also consume any type of fish, squids, and glow squids. Pufferfish will react negatively to axolotl approaching by puffing up, similarly to how they would react to players.

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What Do Axolotls Drop In Minecraft

Axolotls do not drop anything upon death.

There are rumors that killing an Axolotl has a chance of dropping some special item or an experience orb. Many players have conducted mass Axolotl slaughter to prove the possibility of this and come up empty-handed.

So no, Axolotls do not drop anything when they die, making them one of the few mobs in Minecraft that dont drop items.

That wraps up this guide to what do Axolotols eat in Minecraft. Now get out there and start taming some Axolotls!

Minecraft Axolotl Spawn Location

Axolotls were originally said to spawn in one of the new cave biomes, Lush Caves. But since the new biomes aren’t arriving in Minecraft until later this year, where can we find these fun fish?

Currently, axolotls can spawn in any underground water source, as long as it’s in total darkness and below sea level . I’ll update this guide when the new biomes go live in update 1.18 to reflect any future spawn changes, but this is how you can find axolotls in the meantime.

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Minecraft Axolotl Colors: How To Get The Rare Blue Axolotl

Minecraft axolotls come in the following colours:

  • Lucy
  • Cyan
  • Blue

The blue axolotl is by far the rarest colour and has a 0.083% chance of spawning, either naturally or via the breeding of adults with other colours. So, if you’ve got your heart set on a blue axolotl, you’ll need to have a lot of patience and more than a bit of luck.

How Do You Get An Axolotl In Minecraft

How to tame Axolotls in Minecraft Caves &  Cliffs: Food, location and ...

To get one, you need to find it within an underground water resource. From there, place it in a bucket or attach it to a lead. It is also possible to breed them, gaining more axolotls.

To breed one, once you have two adult axolotls together, feed them both tropical fish until red hearts display above them. Doing this results in a baby axolotl that has the colors of one of its parents. It takes around 20 in-game minutes to reach maturity. You can speed up the process by using more tropical fish.

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How To Tame An Axolotl In Minecraft

Axolotls can’t technically be tamed, but they’re not hostile towards players and can be scooped up into a bucket with ease. You can then carry them around with you or re-home them in a pond or lake nearer to your base.

You can also attach a lead to an axolotl if you don’t have a bucket handy, but it will die if it’s out of water for over five minutes, though not if it’s raining or there’s a thunderstorm.

Minecraft Axolotl Pet Guide

Finding Axolotls

  • Players cannot breed axolotls if they dont have any! To find them, head to a cave below sea level and look for any underground ponds. Specifically, theyll spawn underneath the coordinate y63 in areas not lit up by light. Given the treacherous nature of the caves they dwell in, players will want to equip themselves properly with enough weapons and resources before spelunking below the ground.

Carrying Axolotls

  • While they can be bred in any body of water under the right conditions, its much safer for players to do so while on the surface or in their own home base. Players can carry many axolotls at once provided they have the means to do so: a bucket filled with water, with one axolotl per bucket. These amphibious creatures cant last long without water, so prepare several buckets before searching for them. After right-clicking an axolotl with a water bucket, theyll automatically be added to the players inventory. Additionally, scooping an axolotl up with a bucket will prevent them from despawning, or disappearing when out of the player’s range, so players can name them with a name tag item and keep them as pets permanently!

Breeding Axolotls

Minecraft is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and PC.

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Feeding Axolotls In Minecraft: What Do They Eat

To collect tropical fish to feed to an axolotl, Minecraft players will need to use a water bucket, an empty bucket that’s been filled with water by using it on a water source block. A water bucket can be used to collect and transport aquatic mobs in Minecraft and using a water bucket on tropical fish will return a bucket of tropical fish to the player. To breed axolotls in Minecraft, players will need to feed two adult axolotls a bucket of tropical fish each. The adult axolotls will enter “Love Mode” and breed, producing a baby axolotl. Baby axolotls reach adulthood in 20 minutes however, the player can speed up the aging process by feeding the baby axolotl more buckets of tropical fish.

Axolotls are an adorable addition to Minecraft and one of the most popular additions from 2021’s Caves & Cliffs update. Locating and collecting axolotls in Minecraft is a straightforward process, as is collecting tropical fish, axolotl’s favorite food. Blue axolotls are Minecraft‘s most rare variety, with an extremely low spawn rate. However, once a player has collected two adult axolotls, breeding them is extremely easy, so players can test their luck trying to produce a blue baby axolotl.

What Is The Rarest Axolotl In Minecraft

What Do Axolotls Eat in Minecraft? 1.17.1

Axolotls come in different colors, and the blue Axolotl is the rarest. Typically, baby Axolotls are the same color as one of their parents, but there’s a 1-in-1,200 chance it will be blue. The number 1-in-1,200 was chosen because there are believed to be only about 1,200 Axolotls left in the real world.

You can’t increase these odds, but you can summon a blue Axolotl using a cheat command. Enable cheats in your world preferences in Bedrock Edition, and then enter the following command in the chat window:

/summon axolotl ~ ~ ~minecraft:entity_born

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Can You Breed Axolotl In Minecraft

Yes, like many of the other of the games species, Axolotls are capable of entering Love Mode to produce baby Axolotls! To encourage a pair of Axolotls into Love Mode, feed them tropical fish. You should see red love hearts above their heads, at which point a baby Axolotl will spawn.

Also, bear in mind that it takes around 20 minutes for a baby Axolotl to grow into an adult and is itself then capable of reproducing.

How To Feed Axolotls In Minecraft 117

Axolotls are Minecraft’snewest mob addition, having come in with the game’s Caves & Cliffs update, and they can be beneficial in combat for regeneration purposes, in addition to their cute appearance.

Feeding them can be a little tricky though, as they will only take buckets of Tropical Fish. If Minecraft players attempt to give them standard Tropical Fish, Axolotls won’t take them.

This is as per a dev diary where Mojang explained that this was intentional, due to Axolotls enjoying live fish in real life and not eating dead ones. So in order for players to feed their Axolotl, they’ll need to craft some buckets with iron and set out to capture some Tropical Fish.

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Blue Axolotl In Minecraft: How To Get It Breeding Tips And More

Blue Axolotl is one of the rarest types of mobs in Minecraft. Axolotls were added to the game back in 2020 in Caves and Cliffs part 1. They were initially found in several different bodies of water but were soon shifted to the Lush Caves biome after its release. Blue Axolotls were an instant hit amongst players due to their cute appearance.

In the game, there are five different variants of this mob in terms of color: brown, yellow, pink, cyan, and blue. While most of these variants can be easily found in Lush Caves, the blue variant is particularly rare. Hence, from the very beginning, millions of players were eager to find the rarest variant of this mob. Some of them even came up with ways to get the mob faster.

Blue Axolotl In Minecraft

What Axolotls Eat In Minecraft

Axolotls come in a variety of colors, all with an equal chance of spawning except for the blue Axolotl. The Blue Axolotl is a super rare variant with 1 in 1200 chance of appearing as a mutation when two Axolotls are bred.

Fun fact: The blue Axolotl was added by developers as an Easter egg with 1/1200 spawn chance because only 1200 Axolotls left in the wild.

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Water Flow Management And Item Collection

Underwater view of hopper and chest with water flowing toward it. The button prevents water from flowing in. The hopper is 1 block below the topmost water block so that items fall in from above.

The flow in the top layer is managed by first placing the row of water blocks along the wall, which makes a short waterfall into the next row but does not extend all the way across the room, as water would normally do on a solid surface. You must place a row of easy-to-break blocks just underneath the waterfall row to force the water flow to extend one more row. For this purpose, slime blocks, honey blocks, and TNT can be mined instantly without tools, and dirt can be broken quickly with a shovel. Break the temporary underwater blocks and repeat for the next waterfall row, working your way all the way to the opposite wall to get the top layer of water flowing from one wall to the other. Finally, place a water block opposite the hopper to cause the combined flows to sweep all floating items into the hopper.

An upside-down cobblestone stairs block is placed above the chest to prevent axolotls from leaving the room but still allow the chest to open. A block of sand is placed in front of the chest to provide a final seal to prevent any light from reaching the interior of the room. You just need to break this block to open the chest.


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