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How Did We Get Here Achievement Minecraft

The Final Effect And Getting The Achievement

How Did We Get Here Achievement In Minecraft Hardcore!

The last effect is glowing, which is obtained when you’re shot by a spectral arrow . Craft one of these arrows and put it in a dispenser to shoot yourself with it. With that sorted, everything should now be in place to get you the achievement.

Start at the ocean monument to get the Mining Fatigue , then swim or boat over to where you have your dispenser, beacon, conduit, and the mobs you’re holding. Throw all your potions, eat all your food except the suspicious stew, use the dispenser to shoot yourself with the arrow, swim with the dolphin, stand on your Wither rose, let the Shulker hit you, and eat the suspicious stew . You’ll need to be quick about all of this, since whichever order you do it in, there are some short countdowns on effects that’ll limit you.

Get it all right, however, and you’ll be rewarded with what is arguably Minecraft’s rarest, and hardest-to-get achievement. You’ll also get A Furious Cocktail if you didn’t already have it, meaning all your hard work might pay off in a two-for-one. Either way, though, going for How Did We Get Here is a fun, challenging, and rewarding process, and once you have it you’ll have completed one of the most notorious challenges in all of Minecraft.

Where Are Your Wings

To perform the achievement to get the elites.

The original phrase means something like “no limits to human capabilities.” When translated, it would be possible to take advantage of something like “above only the mountain …” But the original saying is negative: “Almost the mountains, turning the eggs only with eggs” – so they talk about a taller person. Therefore, the name of the song Nautilus Pompilius “Where Your Wings” is used. This phrase relates well with the assignment itself to obtain achievements.

How To Get Achievements In Minecraft Pe

Like most video games, Minecraft has an achievement system. Achievements are designed to reward the player for carrying out certain actions within the game. These actions are specifically tailored to assist in progression, as well as provide the player with a rewarding experience.

While achievements in the various versions of Minecraft Bedrock are similar to advancements in Minecraft Java, there are some subtle differences like the number of achievements, how to obtain them, and how to track their progress.

Note: This article reflects the writers personal opinion. In addition, the article is about obtaining achievements in general, not a how-to for every specific one.

Minecraft Pocket Edition or PE is the name given to the version of Minecraft on mobile devices. Players can download or purchase Pocket Edition from their app store and start playing on any mobile device they have, which includes tablets.

Since Minecraft Pocket Edition falls under the umbrella of Minecraft Bedrock, players can earn achievements in this version of the game. These can be tracked using the Achievements tab provided in the games menu. The following article will guide players on how to obtain achievements for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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Mob Effects You’ll Need

We’re almost done setting up! There are a few effects you’ll need from mobs for the achievement, so get ready to capture some creatures and keep them contained until you need them. The first is Dolphin’s Grace, so just get your hands on a dolphin and leash it up in the water where you’ll be working.

The next is the Wither effect, so lure a Wither skeleton through a portal and keep it in a pen until you need it. Alternatively, you can use a Wither rose, which is obtained when a Wither kills a mob. You’ll have needed to fight the Wither for all this anyway, so bring a bucket of fish or something and place it down for the angry boss to kill, and you’ll be rewarded with the deadly flower.

The next one is the hardest – you’ll need the Levitation effect, which requires a Shulker. Getting one of these grumbly box-creatures out of the end can be tricky, but it’s doable with minecarts and a lot of patience. When they go through the main End portal, they’ll come out at spawn in the Overworld, so be ready to travel there to pick your new purple pet up if you’ve set your spawn somewhere else.

Lastly, Mining Fatigue. This is obtained by being in the vicinity of an Elder Guardian, and while you could capture one of these and move it, it’s far easier to just set up where you’ll be getting the achievement close to an ocean monument, especially since you need to work in the water anyway. Simply find an untouched monument and set it up nearby.

Swim With The Dolphin And Touch The Wither Rose

Minecraft has a HIDDEN Achievement?!

In this last step, all that youll need to do is interact with the Dolphin and Wither Rose. Jump into the water and swim next to the Dolphin to gain the Dolphins Grace effect . Finally, hop back onto land and touch the Wither Rose to get the Wither effect . Shortly after this, you will get the pop-up for the How Did We Get Here Advancement.

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Use The Dispenser Full Of Potions

This is the point when you should use the Dispenser to hit yourself with the potions that you wont be drinking. You will get the following effects from each:

  • Fire Resistance comes from the Potion of Fire Resistance
  • Invisibility comes from the Potion of Invisibility
  • Leaping comes from the Potion of Leaping
  • Night Vision comes from the Potion of Night Vision
  • Slow Falling comes from the Potion of Slow Falling
  • Strength comes from the Potion of Strength
  • Speed comes from the Potion of Swiftness
  • Water Breathing comes from the Potion of Water Breathing
  • Weakness comes from the Potion of Weakness

Trapping A Raid Captain

A Raid Captain is always a type of Illager that wears a Banner on their back. They can be a regular Illager, a Vindicator, or even an Evoker. The best place to find a Raid Captain is from an Illager patrol, during a raid, or at a Pillager Outpost. You can pull Raid Captains with a Lead and transport them with a Boat like with other mobs. Just keep in mind that they will keep attacking you as you transport them. Like with the other captured mobs, imprison the Raid Captain on your island base.

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Minecraft Mod Guide All Advancements / Achievements List

Read this Minecraft 2021 guide on all the available advancements and achievements you can earn within the game! Get gameplay tips on how to complete and unlock them, & more!!!

Advancements & Achievements

The heart and story of the game
Stone Age Mine stone with your new pickaxe
Getting an Upgrade
Protect yourself with a piece of iron armor
Not Today, Thank You Deflect an arrow with a shield
Hot Stuff Fill a bucket with lava
Ice Bucket Challenge Form and mine a block of Obsidian
We Need to Go Deeper Build, light and enter a Nether Portal
Zombie Doctor Weaken and then cure a Zombie Villager
Eye Spy Follow and Eye of Ender
The End?
Enchant an item at an Enchanting Table

Every Required Status Condition To Get The Advancement

How Did We Get Here? The Minecraft Survival Guide [Part 201]

The 26 different status conditions that you need to get this Advancement are mostly gained through different ways. A lot of them can come from potions, but many cannot. Here are these status conditions as well as how to get them:

  • Absorption being affected by a Totem of Undying, eating a Golden Apple, or eating an Enchanted Golden Apple
  • Bad Omen defeating a Raid Captain
  • Blindness getting hit by an Illusioner attack or eating Suspicious Stew
  • ConduitPower being affected by a Conduit
  • DolphinsGrace swimming next to a Dolphin
  • Fire Resistance using a Potion of Fire Resistance, getting hit by an Arrow of Fire Resistance, being affected by a Totem of Undying, eating an Enchanted Golden Apple, or eating Suspicious Stew
  • Glowing getting hit by a Spectral Arrow
  • Haste being affected by a Beacon set to Haste
  • Hero of the Village defeating the final Illager of a raid
  • Hunger occurs when you have 1 or fewer food icons left on your Hunger meter
  • Invisibility using a Potion of Invisibility or getting shot by an Arrow of Invisibility
  • JumpBoost using a Potion of Leaping, getting shot by an Arrow of Leaping, being affected by a Beacon set to Jump Boost, or eating Suspicious Stew
  • Levitation getting hit by a Shulker attack
  • MiningFatigue being passively affected by a nearby Elder Guardian
  • Nausea eating a Pufferfish
  • NightVision using a Potion of Night Vision, being affected by a Conduit, or eating Suspicious Stew
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    Minecraft How Did We Get Here 117 Guide Speedrun Effect List

    Published by ojasweeta on October 19, 2021

    If you are also looking for the latest Minecraft How Did We Get Here 1.17 Guide, then you have reached the correct place. They all are looking for its Speedrun, effect list, and other things that they can get about this achievement.

    Thats why we have brought this guide about the latest Minecraft How Did We Get Here 1.17 Guide, Speedrun, its effect list, and other details that you need to know about it. Lets explore this guide without any delay.

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    All The Food Effects You Will Need

    When all your potions are ready, you should take care of the next feed. You will need a few dishes to eat. All of them here, along with how they are obtained and the effect they will bring:

    Absorption Enchanted Golden Apple or Golden Apple The regular golden apple can be crafted with one regular apple and 8 gold bars, so this is by far the easiest way.
    Blind Suspicious cellar The effect of Suspicious Vault varies depending on the flower used for blindness, place a bowl on the crafting table with red and brown mushrooms and a green plant.
    Nausea, Hunger and Poison Puffer fish Fishing, or just killing one in the ocean. Since this provides poison, the previously mentioned poison can be dropped.

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    Mobs Needed For Applying Status Effects

    Players will have to gather the following mobs in one place as well:

    • Elder Guardian for Mining Fatigue
    • Dolphin for Dolphin’s Grace
    • Shulker for Levitation

    Players will also have to get the Bad Omen effect by killing a raid captain and the Hero of the Village effect by protecting a village from a pillager raid in Minecraft.

    All The Potions You’ll Need

    Sean should end the minecraft series when he gets this ...

    Potions are definitely the most basic part of How Did We Get Here, and if you’re going for the achievement there’s a good chance you’ve already done all the potions for A Furious Cocktail. Nonetheless, you’ll need to do them all again for How Did We Get Here, so here’s a list of everything you’ll need and how they’re brewed:

    Water Bottle Fermented Spider Eye

    As you can see, while an Awkward Potion has no effect of its own, it’s a very common base ingredient brewed by simply adding Nether Wart to a water bottle. The other common occurrence, fermented spider eye, is obtained by adding a spider eye to sugar and a brown mushroom in a crafting table.

    Everything else is obtained how you’d expect: magma cream from Magma Cubes, golden carrots from combining carrots with gold, Ghast tears from Ghasts, Phantom membranes from Phantoms, Rabbit’s feet from rabbits, and Blaze powder from Blazes .

    Additionally, to have more time to work with, it’s a good idea to extend the duration of the effects your potions will give you by adding redstone, then turning them into splash potions to get the effects applied faster, which you can do by adding gunpowder.

    Another notable point is that Poison can be ignored if, for whatever reason, you can’t or don’t want to brew it, as it’ll be a byproduct of something else you need to get.

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    What Is The Most Useless Thing In Minecraft

    5 extremely useless Minecraft items

    • #5 Golden Hoe. Image via Minecraft. Since golden hoes have a bit of use, they are number five on this list.
    • #4 Clock. Image via Minecraft.
    • #3 Poisonous Potato. Image via Minecraft.
    • #2 Sponge. Image via Minecraft.
    • #1 Dead Bush. Image via Minecraft.

    Top 10 Hardest Minecraft Achievements

    Minecraft has been the staple of gaming communities across the world since its release. Players have gone from building small dirt huts to conquering entirely new realms, fighting off dragons and undead creatures.

    For a while, the only thing to do was build around the land youve shaped to your design. Now though, countless achievements can be completed in the game for bragging rights.

    If you aim to earn every achievement, youll need to spend a ton of time playing. Theres now so much to do in the game, most of it comes naturally.

    Some achievements are extremely difficult though, requiring you to go out of your way to complete. Ill be going through the 10 hardest achievements in Minecraft!

    Note that these are hard to complete but if youve played Minecraft for hundreds of hours, you might have already done them all. For anyone else though, completing even half of the achievements on this list is pretty amazing!

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    Dlc: Content Update 44

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    Minecraft: Player: Killed: Entity

    How Did We Get Here? Minecraft Hardest Achievement First Try Hardcore! – BDB S3E473

    Triggers after a player is the source of a mob or player being killed. Available conditions:

    • conditions:
    • entity: The entity that was killed. May be a list of predicates that must pass in order for the trigger to activate.
    • All possible conditions for entities
  • killing_blow: The type of damage that killed an entity. Missing corresponding list of predicates for the direct entity.
  • Tags common to all damage types
  • player: The player that would get the advancement. May also be a list of predicates that must pass in order for the trigger to activate.
  • All possible conditions for entities
  • An example


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    All The Medicine You Will Need

    Potions are undoubtedly the most basic part of How Did We Get Here, and if you want to hit the mark, chances are youve already made all the potions for A Furious Cocktail. However, youll need to redo them all for How We Got Here, so Here is a list of everything you need and how they are brewed:

    Water bottles Fermented Spider Eyes

    You can see, while Awkward Potion has no effect on its own, it is a very common base ingredient brewed by adding Nether Wart to a water bottle. The other common occurrence, fermented spider eyes, is obtained by adding spider eyes to sugar and a brown mushroom in the crafting table.


    Everything else is obtained the way you would expect: magma ice cream from Magma Cubes, golden carrots from combining carrots with gold, Ghast tears from Ghasts, Phantom Membrane from Phantoms, rabbit feet from rabbits, and Blaze powder from Blazes .

    In addition, to have more working time, Youre better off extending the duration your potion will give you by adding redstone, then turn them into splashing potions for the effect to be applied faster, which you can do by adding gunpowder.

    Another point worth noting is that Poison can be omitted if, for whatever reason, you cant or dont want to cook it, as it will be a byproduct of something else you need to get.

    The Parrots And The Bats

    Breed two animals together

    Requirements: Breed two breedable mobs together.

    Use one breedable mob with the item that they can breed with, and then use the same type of mob nearby with that item, and they will come together and make a baby. Cows, sheep, and chickens are probably the easiest animals to breed, because they don’t require very expensive items. Cows and sheep breed with wheat and chickens with seeds.

    Also, you can breed tamed wolves with any type of meat and tamed cats with any type of fish. However, wolves and cats are a little bit rarer than most animals although cats naturally spawn at villages.

    See the chart under the advancement “Two by Two” for details on what item each animal needs to breed.

    Parent of: Two by Two

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