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Lego Minecraft Sets For Sale

Why Lego Love Lasts

LEGO MINECRAFT COMPILATION All Sets of All Time Fast Speed Build for Collectors – UNBOXING

One of the best things about LEGOs is the way the sets grow along with a child. The number of pieces gets larger, the construction becomes more complex, and the buildable structures become more for display rather than for play. LEGO features such advanced products as LEGO Architecture and LEGO Ideas kits that are specifically aimed at adult builders.

LEGOs are often bought by parents who enjoyed the bricks themselves as children and are now happy to share the fun with the new generation.

Not only are the best LEGO set choices ageless because LEGO lovers never outgrow them, but they also adapt to the times. The LEGO kits that the company releases adapt to whats happening in popular culture. The popular movies, the popular superheroes of the moment, and other cultural phenomena are represented by whats released in LEGO kits. No matter what your interest, you can find the right LEGO kit. Whether you are choosing the best LEGO set for a child who loves Star Wars, or you are choosing a kit for an adult who loves both LEGOs and architecture, or LEGOs and history, youre sure to find the perfect kit.

Q: Are Legos Just For Kids

Although kids love Legos and the best Lego sets are excellent brain-building toys that also foster creativity, many kids never outgrow Legos. And why should they? Building with Lego bricks stimulates the brain while it also has a relaxing effect, offering escapism without a screen. In fact, some adults become fans of Legos later in life when they introduce them to their own children, even if they never played with them as children themselves.

There is an entire community of adult Lego lovers known as AFOL.

In 2020, Lego introduced the first Lego sets marked for those age 18 and up. In fact, one famous Lego lover left his law practice behind to open a studio where he features his own amazing works of artall using Lego bricks as his only medium.

Lego Minecraft: The ‘abandoned’ Mine

Steve is trying to unearth coal, iron and diamond in the world of Minecraft, but he will not be able to do that unless you build him an abandoned mine made out of LEGO first!

Some threats that await him are a scary zombie, creepy spider and living slime, and they are all present and accounted for in this 248-piece LEGO set.

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Lego Minecraft: The Modern Treehouse

Almost every kid would love their own tree house, and that will remain true even if it is just a Minecraft one made out of LEGO. This tall build is a fun one as once you’ve constructed it, which will take a while, you can pull it all apart again to rebuild and restyle as you see fit – so endless fun, basically.

Lego Minecraft: The Ruined Portal

Lego Minecraft The Nether Portal (21143)

Don’t let the word ‘ruined’ fool you, this is a great Minecraft LEGO set to pick up as there’s a lot to see with the ruined portal. Journey into the fiery Nether with this set that includes hand controls to activate and deactivate the perilous, inter-dimensional gateway – a place that sounds super fun.

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Minecraft Toys And Gifts

  • Piece Count: High to Low New
  • Average rating4out of 5 starsPrice$44.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$34.99
  • Average rating4.6out of 5 starsPrice$129.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$119.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$99.99
  • Average rating3.6out of 5 starsPrice$69.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$69.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$79.99
  • Average rating4.1out of 5 starsPrice$59.99
  • Average rating4.7out of 5 starsPrice$59.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$49.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice$49.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$39.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$34.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$34.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice$29.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$29.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice$24.99

Save 20% On This Popular Lego Set If You Order It From Amazon Today

Building LEGO sets is fun. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. I built them when I was a kid whenever my parents bought them for me, and I still build them to this day whenever I see a set I want to buy myself. They can be a little pricey, however, which is why I was excited to see this deal on the LEGO “Minecraft” Bee Farm set for 20% on Amazon.

This 238-piece LEGO set comes with everything you need to recreate the bee farm from “Minecraft.” In addition to the pieces needed to make the farm itself, youll also get:

  • Beekeeper with wings
  • Rotatable flying stand

With all of these pieces in hand, you or your kids will be able to build the bee farm and bring the scene to life by putting the friendly bees up against the angry bees in a bit of back and forth roleplay. If playing with the scene isnt your thing, this piece is great as a final display with finished dimensions of 7 x 6 x 5. So it will take up a decent amount of room on a table or shelf, but its sure to be a hit among LEGO and “Minecraft” fans alike.

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Best Minecraft Lego 2022

Amazing Deal on Sealed 2016 LEGO Minecraft Set at Yard Sale

One important thing before we get started: Minecraft was released back in 2011 and there have been more than 70 Minecraft LEGO releases so far. Naturally, many LEGO Minecraft sets are not available for sale anymore. Just as the best Harry Potter LEGO sets 2022, there were new sets that came up in 2022 and we decided to focus on those sets that are actually available for sale online.

Minecraft fans, enthusiasts, fanatics, haters our list begins with a Minecraft toy house:

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When Was Lego Con 2022 And What New Lego Minecraft Sets Were Announced

The LEGO Convention 2022 took place on June 18. The full show is available on YouTube if you missed it – it was quite a thrilling experience. There were some awesome LEGO building challenges where the audience can actually play along at home with their LEGO bricks and pieces. Then the hosts announced the new LEGO sets 2022 and talked to experienced LEGO builders. A must-see!

Now, two new Minecraft LEGO sets were announced on the LEGO CON 2022 – LEGO The Abandoned Village and LEGO The Skeleton Dungeon . However, there are several more Minecraft LEGO sets that were released in 2022.

Best Lego Minecraft 2022 Last Updated: August 22 2022

Featured image © LEGO

Which are the best new Minecraft LEGO sets 2022? This is one of the most creative games of all time and when combined with the power of LEGO – the experience is nothing less than LEGENDARY! It goes without saying that any Minecraft LEGO set goes perfectly well in addition to another one. Make sure to check out the best Minecraft gifts 2022 for even more Minecraft magic!

The new Minecraft LEGOs 2022 are here! The new sets were released in August 2022 and we decided to create a list of the best new Minecraft LEGO sets to buy this year. Make sure to check out our Reviews category for more awesome LEGO sets 2022. They are stunningly beautiful, they stimulate the player’s imagination and creativity, they make an awesome addition to any LEGO collection, and they meet the global safety standards. One thing is for sure: your next favorite LEGO set is on this list:

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Lego Minecraft: The Sky Tower

565 pieces await you when you pick up the Sky Tower LEGO, a set that looks super impressive once you’ve added that final brick and have it on display. From growing vegetables to battling flying phantoms, there is a lot to do and see. And this “accessory-packed playset” is infinitely reconfigurable which means there is no end to the things that you can do with it.

Lego Minecraft: The First Adventure

Lego Minecraft Sets for sale in UK

If the notion of having a waterfall elevator and collapsible rail tracks appeals then look no further than LEGO Minecraft: The First Adventure! Steve and Alex are at the heart of this adventure that will see them joined by skeletons, a dyed cat, horned sheep and a flowery moobloom – what more could you ask for?

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Q: What Do I Do With Old Legos

Legos arent recyclable because they are made of ABS plastic. If thrown away, they end up cluttering up landfills which is not only bad for the planet but also a terrible waste! Thankfully, there are many ways to recycle Legos through donation, and this way children get to enjoy the bricks you or your own children no longer use. Many hospitals, daycare centers, and the Salvation Army accept donations of Lego bricks. A quick search online will help you find several organizations specializing in collecting and donating used Lego bricks, including The Giving Brick, Brick Dreams, and Brick Recycler.

If you feel youve invested too much money into your best Lego sets to let them go without some return on your investment you can sell complete sets in good shape on eBay or on BrickLink, an online Lego marketplace.

Lego Minecraft: The Crafting Box 30

The choice is yours with LEGO Minecraft: The Crafting Box 3.0 as you can remodel this into several different things as you wish. Primarily, it’s a castle with a farm outside and just sticking to that design will keep you busy. It’s a bigger set than a lot of others on this list with 564 pieces, so you are getting your money’s worth!

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Visit our video game release schedule for all upcoming games on consoles. Swing by our hubs for more Gaming and Technology news.

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Q: Do Other Brick Brands Work With Lego

Lego and Duplo bricks are made by the same company and work together. There are also many competitive brands with Lego-compatible bricks including Kre-O, Mega Construx, Banbao, Sluban, Laser Pegs, and more. However, most serious Lego fans are purists who work only with Legos. Other bricks lack the same quality and standards as Lego. Some users use less expensive brands as filler bricks in places where they wont show.

Keep in mind that you shouldnt mix the best Lego sets with other brick brands if you plan to later sell or donate complete kits. Separating them later if youve mixed them up can be difficult.

Lego The Llama Village

LEGO Minecraft: The Bakery set 21184 review! Not the goat we’re looking for
  • Could be difficult to find

This is one of the most beautiful collectable LEGO Minecraft sets and unfortunately its also not so easy to find these days. Basically, if you want to have only one Minecraft LEGO set ever – let it be this one.

The LEGO Minecraft Village is AWESOME!

The set includes 11 minifigures as well as a library, blacksmith, and a marketplace. With its 1,600 LEGO pieces its the second biggest Minecraft LEGO set ever msde and its design is absolutely gorgeous. It goes great with literally any other Minecraft LEGOs and it would make a wonderful LEGO display in any collection. A must-have!

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Lego Minecraft: A Perfect Match

There is no doubt that LEGO and now Microsoft-owned multiplatform sandbox game Minecraft are perfect matches for each other. The building aspects of LEGO and the highest-selling contemporary game of all time are similar in many ways. Both are without rules, involve building with cubes/blocks and require and ignite so much of the brain’s imagination. Unlike , the LEGO Minecraft ones often come with alternative instructions for those who wish to create a world all of their own. LEGO Minecraft is ideal for lovers of the renowned game, but those who don’t play will have just as much fun.

Which Are The Best Lego Minecraft Sets 2022

  • LEGO The Llama House
  • LEGO The Abandoned Village
  • LEGO The Rabbit Ranch
  • LEGO The Fox Lodge
  • LEGO The Mushroom House
  • LEGO The Red Barn
  • LEGO The Skeleton Dungeon
  • LEGO The Ice Castle
  • LEGO The Coral Reef
  • LEGO The Warped Forest
  • LEGO The Modern Treehouse
  • LEGO The Bee Farm
  • LEGO The Illager Raid
  • LEGO The Crafting Box 3.0
  • LEGO The Creeper Mine
  • LEGO The Jungle Abomination
  • LEGO The Village
  • LEGO The Sky Tower
  • LEGO The Pig House
  • LEGO The Horse Stable
  • LEGO The Ruined Portal

Which is the best LEGO Minecraft set for you?

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Q: Whats A Good Age To Introduce Legos To Children

According to, traditional Lego bricks are for children age 4 and up. However, Lego also offers Duplo blocks for younger children to safely start them on the path to creativity. These are larger bricks that are safe for young children who still put objects in their mouths.

The best Lego sets come clearly marked for their appropriate age level on the packaging. Youll see a number and a plus sign. For example, 9+ means the set is for children age 9 and up. Sets become more complex with smaller pieces and more difficult instructions as the age level increases.

Lego Minecraft: The Pig House

Lego Minecraft Sets for sale in UK

It doesn’t matter where you go in Minecraft, there’s never a pig very far away. So why not celebrate the porcine prevalence in the video game by building this impressive giant pig house complete with two little piggies, an Alex character and a Creeper who is more than likely to cause trouble.

More like this

Like much of the Minecraft LEGO, this set is quite interactive and is more than just a build-and-leave experience it’s designed to be played with. The whole of the side of the house opens, which is certainly worth the price of admission.

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Lego Minecraft: The Creeper Ambush

One of the smallest sets on this list at only 72 pieces, this is perfect for someone who is looking to start out in LEGO and doesn’t want to be overwhelmed with a massive build – never wise to go for a huge one the first time. But with some characters and items that are instantly recognisable from Minecraft, the creeper ambush remains a gift that fans of the franchise will love.

Review: Lego Minecraft The Village 21128

Minecraft became an instant hit among gamers when it was introduced to the public in 2009. The video game, which is playable on multiple platforms, offers several ways to play with no clear objective in mind – players loved having the freedom to be as creative as they can in enjoying its open world system.

The most popular feature of the game, however, is allowing players to mine and craft – you are able to collect rough 3D objects that represent various materials from stones to tree trunks to water and lava, and then use these materials to build and create whatever structure or scenario they pleased. Sounds familiar? It should, because in more ways than one, Minecraft was basically your virtual LEGO game.

When LEGO and Minecraft announced their partnership to produce LEGO Minecraft, people had mixed reactions. Some thought it was the perfect match, pairing together the virtual and physical worlds of creative brick-building. Others were afraid the resulting product wouldnt meet up to the high standards set by previous Lego sets. Lets go and take a look at what the product has to offer.

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