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Minecraft Treasure Map X

How To Find Treasure In Minecraft Without A Map

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

There may be times when you don’t have the patience to look for maps and want to skip straight to the treasure. While this may take a bit longer, it’s not impossible. The good news is that buried treasure can generally be found in the same places that maps can like coastal areas, shipwrecks, and the ocean floor. In specific terms, the buried treasure will spawn on Beaches, Snowy Beaches, and Stony Shores.

However, it can be challenging to know where to start digging since buried treasure won’t suddenly appear on the map when you are nearby. Based on the area it’s located, the treasure may be covered by blocks matching its surrounding like sand or gravel. Still, generation is randomized, so the buried treasure could be covered such as ore-filled blocks. Because of this, you should keep an eye out for any suspicious mounds or collections of blocks that seem out of place.

There are also guaranteed buried treasure locations based on what version of Minecraft you’re playing. If it’s the Java Edition, you will be able to find treasure at chunk coordinate 9 of 15 of the X/Y axis and will be pointed towards the east. If you’re playing the Bedrock Edition, the coordinates change to 8 of 15 on the X/Z axis.

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How To Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft

Now that you have the buried treasure map, take a look at it. If you are not standing near the treasure, you will see landmasses outlined, with the ocean filled with orange stripes. As you come closer to the buried treasure, the map will fill in with color. In the image above, you can see the map has been partially filled in. Most of the time, you will find these chests on the beach or right off the coast.

Although it’s rare, you may find a chest in the center of the ocean. If this is the case, be sure to have respiration and aqua affinity enchantments on your armor, so you can reach the bottom of the ocean without drowning. The treasure will be located at the red X. It may be difficult to accurately pinpoint this location, but there is a trick that you can find below.

Finding Treasure From A Map In Minecraft

There are two places players can find a treasure map in Minecraft, and they’re both in the ocean. Ocean ruins and shipwrecks will often have chests, and those chests will usually have treasure maps. The treasure on them can be near or far, but it will always be the closest treasure in the world.

Players can use the treasure map just like their regular map. Minecraft treasure hunters should travel in the direction of the X until they find themselves on the map. This is signified by the map beginning to receive some color. After that, players can reorient and continue towards the X.

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Minecraft Buried Treasure: How To Find It

So, you traveled to different biomes but couldnt find the exact location of the buried treasures?

What if I say, the best method to find a buried treasure is by using a treasure map. Thats where my Minecraft Buried Treasure Finder Guide comes in handy.

You have to dig a few blocks to find the treasure chest. The closest chest also contains saddles in Minecraft.

How far down is the buried treasure in Minecraft?

The buried treasures are 3 to 6 blocks deep down. Treasure maps dont help you find the exact location of the treasure. They only reveal structures and monuments. You have to dig about 2 meters of radius around the X mark to get the treasure.

Keep Reading, As Ill show you where the treasure chests are exactly located.

Also, Check out our separate post on how to find spawn chunks in Minecraft.

How To Find Buried Treasure Minecraft Depth

Minecraft Treasure Map What To Do

Despite the perks, looking for a buried treasure chest can sometimes be an intimidating thing, especially if the Buried Treasure Minecraft depth is a lot.

If you cannot find anything directly underneath the marked X and have been digging and excavating for an insanely long time, then it might be time to change your approach and strategy.

Firstly,you can start digging around the X, instead of under it. This is a commonphenomenon for gamers. Some Buried treasure chests are also observed to spawnunder rocks.

It is essential to note that the X is just a general indication or marker that suggests that the buried treasure chest is lying somewhere near it does not claim to be the exact location of the treasure.

  • That is why it is strongly advised to dig around deeper and wider.

A few YouTube gaming channels claimed to have found the buried treasure chest to be almost 40 blocks down in an underground cave system.

Gamers have also noticed that buried treasure chests mostly can appear under sand or gravel, and very rarely are found under stones.

The general rule of thumb seems to be that the buried treasure chests can spawn at any place where there is zero sunlight exposure.

  • They have also been shown to spawn in unusual locations such as homes.

Now that we have discussed the random spawning habits of the buried treasure chest, you will be better equipped to find the buried treasure and the Buried Treasure Minecraft depth the next time you sign in to play.

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Can Buried Treasure Not Spawn

The buried treasure originally spawned on their own. However, if you turn off the generate structures option in your setting you will not be able to find treasure chests.

Another thing that could make it seem like the treasure chests do not spawn is if you have a map from one version and trying to find the treasure in a different version. Due to the terrain changes the chest will actually not be located where the map shows.

How Deep Is Buried Treasure Minecraft

This is a tough one to answer, but we will do our best to show you all of the tricks we can. First up, Buried Treasure can show up in all biomes.

They can be located relatively easily by using an Exploration Map. If you want to know where to get these, looking in and around shipwrecks and around other sorts of underwater ruins is a great place to start.

Unfortunately, figuring out how deep Buried Treasure is buried is still an unknown science. However, we can help you narrow it down quite a bit! If you want the know-how, heres your chance to get it!

How Far Down is Buried Treasure in Minecraft?

The first thing you need to know about finding Buried Treasure in Minecraft is that we will perhaps never know exactly how far down it will show up. But this doesnt mean that it is totally random. It will have some spots where it is far more likely to show up than others.

Sometimes, these chests will show up in really easy to find locations even as close to the surface as one or two blocks under the surface. We all love it when this happens because it saves a crazy amount of digging.

On occasion, they can be so far down that they take an age to unearth. Weve also come across them 20 blocks down, simply sitting on the surface, or just out in the open in a cave. This can make finding treasure seem a lot harder than it really is.

How to find buried treasure

The Last Word

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Advantages Of Finding Buried Treasure In Minecraft

Buried treasure is added from Minecraft 1.13 JAVA edition. Buried treasure chests are the only way for obtaining one heart of the sea whenever you are outside of the creative mode inventory or Commands.

Use a command block in Minecraft to get valuable items in seconds.

And hearts of the sea is one of the most valuable things you can find in the entire Minecraft map.

You can use the Buried treasure Map chest to find out in which biome the treasure has spawned.

Actually finding a Buried treasure is like an adventure. Its more of fun than wanting only the loots.

Quick Tip:Allocate more RAM to Minecraft for a lag less gameplay.

Find And Use Buried Treasure Map In Minecraft

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft (Best Tutorial)

And just like that, youre now ready to be the next pirate and use all the treasure maps in Minecraft. And if uncovering secrets is something you genuinely like, the new Deep Dark biome coming in Minecraft 1.19 is sure to impress you. But do make sure to dress the part using one of the coolest Minecraft skins. With that said, if your boat faces any trouble on your quest to find the buried treasure, feel free to reach out in the comments below. Someone from our team will help you on this exploration journey.

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Do Dolphins Lead You To Treasure In Minecraft

Another way you can get to the treasure is by using dolphins to help you find these treasures. You can find them in any non-frozen oceans and approach them without much trouble.

Once you find a dolphin you can use raw cod or raw salon to improve their trust. Depending on the amount of the provided fish the dolphin will start interacting with the player.

This built-up trust will make dolphins lead the player to the nearest shipwreck, ruin, or buried treasure. Since dolphins dont look for the structures, but rather the chests, once you destroy the chest after you raid it the dolphin will lead you to the next closest chest.

Use The Buried Treasure Map

Next, use the Buried Treasure Map to find the location of the Buried Treasure.

The white dot shows your location and it also indicates the direction that you are facing. The red X shows the location of the Buried Treasure. Move towards the Buried Treasure. As you move closer, the map detail will fill in.

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How To Use A Buried Treasure Map In Minecraft

Do you want to know how to find buried treasures in Minecraft? This guide will show you what to do and where to find one.

Going on adventures in Minecraft allows players to explore its vast overworld and obtain various items and loot. And with each major update, the world of Minecraft only gets bigger and better. Buried treasures were one of the features added in the 1.13 Update Aquatic. With its expansion and adventure possibilities, players can now use explorer maps as a mini-challenge in locating buried treasures and be rewarded with tons of loot.

Minecraft Treasure Map : How To Use Treasure Map In Minecraft

Minecraft Treasure Map No Chest

If you have been anywhere in the gaming community in the past decade or so, youve heard the name Minecraft and if you have, then youd agree that Minecraft treasure map is one of its best features.

The game is a fan favorite of millions, and according to Youtube, was the most-watched trend in 2019.

One of the many reasons fans absolutely adored this game is because Minecraft never fails to keep the player integrated through its frequent updates.

One of these updates was the Minecraft treasure maps update, our main focus for the moment. Ever since the update, many players have been asking how to find treasure in Minecraft?. So, without further ado, heres everything you need to know about the treasure map in Minecraft.

Already have a treasure map? Learn how to use treasure map in Minecraft from the following table of contents:

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How To Find A Buried Treasure Map

Buried Treasure Maps are one of the few items in Minecraft that you cant craft. But once you find one, youll be able to go on an adventure to find some loot. So if youre looking for tips on how to find a Buried Treasure Map, what to do with it, and the loot found in the buried treasure, we have you covered in our Buried Treasure Map guide below.

Looking for something particular in our Buried Treasure Map guide? Be sure to click the links below to jump to…

How To Locate A Treasure Map In Minecraft

After finding a shipwreck, the next step is to find a treasure chest. You can find it inside a shipwreck that is not difficult to find. You can access the map, which will show you the location of the treasure map, and not only that, you will also find some valuable items that you can use for crafting.

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How To Use Treasure Maps In Minecraft

Treasure can be extremely valuable in Minecraft. For starters, it will always have a Heart of the Sea, which is necessary to build a conduit. Otherwise, it’ll have good loot and will satisfy a Bedrock Edition achievement. Finding treasure can be difficult, and treasure maps can be confusing. Here’s how to use them.

How To Easily Find Buried Treasures In Minecraft 118

I Found The EASIEST Buried Treasure Map In Minecraft (Part 12)

Buried treasures are a great way to get different types of valuable items in Minecraft 1.18. When players venture out into the vast sandbox world, they will find several chests in which they may find a treasure map. They can locate the treasure by locating the cross and digging on the spot. Several speedrunners of the game often use this tactic to get a good headstart with good loot.

A treasure chest can contain anything from raw cod to diamonds and emeralds. There are high chances for the chest to contain heart of the sea, water-breathing potions, iron, and gold ingots. However, finding these chests can be tricky, especially for new players, as reading maps and pinpointing chests can be slightly convoluted.

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What Loots Can I Find Inside The Buried Treasure

Each Buried treasure contains a lot of loots. Each buried treasure chest contains items including the Hearts of the sea, Iron ingot, Gold ingot, Iron Sword, TNT, Emerald, etc.

In the Bedrock Edition, each buried treasure contains items like Chainmail helmet, Lead, Potion of Regeneration, cake and many more.

Keep in mind that the chances of finding the heart of the sea are 100% in any buried treasure chest.

You can also find treasure maps and treasures like emeralds, nautilus shells , a Diamond sword,s or even a golden apple if you get lucky.

Yes, You wont leave empty-handed if you find one treasure.

Use the Curse of Vanishing spell for securing valuable items once you are dead.

Also, check out our experts recommended best VPN for Minecraft.

Exploration Maps And Buried Treasure Minecraft Depth

Minecraft is a pioneer in advance 3D online gaming and is very loved by its consumers, with an everyday increase in its popularity it is constantly being updated and renewed.

Now, with several spinoffs such as Minecraft:

Story mode, Minecraft Earth, and Minecraft Dungeons were first released in 2009 by Mojang Studios.

It was initially released for Windows, OS X, and Linux, and to date, has been the frontrunner in its genre and has now launched versions supported on various other platforms.

The Minecraft update 1.13 called The Update Aquatic first featured the Buried Treasure and many new features.

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Understanding The Map And Reaching The Treasure

Once players have the map, they will be able to see their own location, marked with a white dot. The red X symbol denotes the location of the treasure on the map. Players must first understand the directions of the map to reach the cross quicker.

When the player is holding the map, the top part will always denote North. This way, players will be able to decipher their location and the direction they need to head to reach the cross. Players can also press F3 for the debug screen to see which way they are facing, or simply gauge the direction by looking at the sun’s movement.

Once they start moving in the correct direction, the map will start getting ‘discovered,’ and the player’s pointer will move faster and will have a pointy end as well.

How To Use Treasure Map In Minecraft

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

Now that you have your buried treasure map in your hand, you may be thinking how to find treasure in Minecraft?. Well think no further, this article is already here to help.

How to find buried treasure in Minecraft: Getting ready

First things first, however, its important that you are ready for the expedition. Minecraft treasure map doesnt exactly show how far they are and so it can take many in-game days to reach the buried treasure in Minecraft.

As such, its important that you prepare for every circumstance. So here are a few tips to make sure youll be well prepared for the voyage:

How to find treasure in Minecraft: Moving out

  • The first thing you should worry about is food, get plenty of stacks of your favorite Minecraft delicacy, or else you may just starve to death before you even reach the area on the map.
  • Suit yourself in armor and have your weapon by your side. Getting to the area on the map can take days, and if starvation wont get you, the mobs that spawn at night will, so its best to ready to swing your sword back.
  • Take a boat with you, youll never know when youll have to cross large bodies of water, having a boat in handy might be just the boost you need to get there faster.
  • Take a shovel with you, Its called buried treasure for a reason, youll need to dig it out from underneath whatever block it is, and the shovel is the best way to do that.
Navigating the map

Once that happens, start making your way towards the characteristic red X of the map.

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