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How To Get Best Enchants Minecraft

Armor Parts And Their Enchantments

How to Get The BEST ENCHANTS in Minecraft 1.16 (Plus Tips and Tricks)

Armor consists of 6 different variants in the game, and each variant has four parts. You will find a diamond, Netherite, gold, iron, leather, and chain armor in Minecraft world. There are few specific enchantments for each type of armor.

Read on to learn about the different pieces of your armor and the unique enchantments of each one.

How To Use Your Enchanting Table

Once its placed go over and interact with the enchanting table. This will open a new interface. On the left you can drop in a number of lapis lazuli and the item you want to enchant, then on the right youll see some scripture that signals your choice of randomly rolled enchantments hover over one of the glyphs and will give you a clue as to one of the possible enchantments.

The Ultimate Minecraft Enchantments Guide

Minecraft has become a phenomenon thats more popular than ever. Not only is it incredibly creative and addictive as hell, but its also been known to teach kids learning skills such as logic and literacy. But now it can also continue to make your life easier by giving you information on the newest games coming out every month or offering new ideas for projects.

The creative sandbox game began over a decade ago and has been increasing in popularity ever since. Its never really gone down from its first peak, and its even been rising more recently as new consoles have been released and Minecraft has continued to be ported and supported on them.

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Best Enchanting Room Set

Now the most efficient and space-saving set-up has to be this one. Place down your Enchanting Table, and leave a 1 block gap on every side. Then place Bookcases in rows of 3 which should be 2 high. This will mean your Enchanting Table has access to Level 30 Enchantments, and be ready to use.

This set-up only takes up a 5×5 square, which doesnt take up much space at all. It does use 3 more bookshelves than necessary though, so you can find a way to take these out if you cant afford them right now. The two corner pieces dont need to be bookcases, these should be Wooden Planks or some other type of blocks just to prevent mobs spawning there.

Whilst the Enchanting Table does emit its own light, Id also recommend placing a Redstone Lamp, Glowstone Block or Lanterns in the ceiling to light up the room a little more, to make sure no enemies spawn inside.

If you want to be a bit more creative, you can start looking into other designs like the one above. As long as the Enchanting Table is surrounded by 15 Bookshelves, any design will work. But the Bookshelves can not be more than 1 block away from the Enchanting Table, otherwise it will not work.

Advantages Of Best Minecraft Sword Enchantments

How to Get the Best Enchantment in Minecraft

As discussed earlier, swords are the best way to kill mobs. To make it more effective, use sword enhancement so that you can easily slay hordes of monsters without having a break in between .

We all know that there’s plenty already going on in any given player’s world without adding more difficulty, so it only makes sense to make things easier, too, right? Using enchanted items which allows gamers to bestow special abilities onto their weapons with just a little bit of effort from time to time. When you’re playing Minecraft, have your sword enchanted with the best enchantments to gain advantages and benefits.

  • If your sword is enchantment, then it will reduce the risks of a player being damaged.
  • You can play against big mobs if you have an enchantment sword with you.
  • If you work on sword enchantment, then you will also get enchantment weapons.
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    How Would You Get This Enchantment

    Minecraft enchantments are craftable. You can also get this enchantment from several other ways, such as:

    • You can mine mending in many places of your gaming world. You can get this enchantment from villages, temples, jungles, dungeons, and other places.
    • You can get it from other merchants as well.
    • Fishing is another useful method to get mending enchantment in your gameplay.
    • You can also get it by using an enchanted book and your crossbow. An enchanting table will turn these items into an enchanted crossbow.

    First How To Make An Enchanting Table

    For newer players, enchanting tables will first need to be crafted using items that are a little rarer than others. Players will need four blocks of obsidian, two diamonds, and one unenchanted book to craft the table.

    In order to use the table, players will need to have lapis lazuli and a decent amount of enchantment levels. Lapis is easy to find and is commonly seen located towards the middle/bottom of caves and ravines.

    Lower level enchantments will not cost very many XP levels to get. However, higher, stronger level enchantments require the player to have more XP levels. Players can only reach level 30 enchantments on the table by doing one specific thing.

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    What Is The Hardest Shield Enchantment To Get In Minecraft

    Mending is the hardest shield enchantment to get in Minecraft. Firstly, it is difficult to get, and secondly, it is a very costly enchantment for a shield. You have to spend a lot to trade it with villagers after you find anyone to trade.

    Other ways to obtain the mending enchant is through fishing, but that also mostly depends on luck. You have to spend hours just hoping to get it. Mainly the villagers are the best bet to get the enchantment after you have traded enchant books with them.

    Best Minecraft Crossbow Enchantments In 2021

    How To Get The Best Minecraft Enchantments! [Strategy]

    Weapons are crucial when it comes to protection and survival. Minecraft players can use various tools and weapons to fight with their enemies and other competitive players. Crossbow is one such tool and is the fastest killing weapon in Minecraft. It uses arrows as ammunition. You can make your crossbow efficient with a variety of enchantments. But what are the best crossbow enchantments in Minecraft?

    Best Crossbow enchantments include Unbreaking III that increases the durability and shelf life of your cross Mending I that is suitable for the repairmen of your Minecraft crossbows and Multishot I, well known for its ability to shoot multiple arrows at once. Other enchantments for Minecraft crossbow include Quick Charge III, Curse of Vanishing I, and Power.

    Enchantments add valuable features to your crossbows to make them effective and efficient. You can increase the effectiveness, longevity, and damage power of your crossbows with these enchantments. An enchanted crossbow will increase the damage percentage to your Minecraft foes. This article will help you know about crossbow enchantments. You will get to know what enchantments you can put on a crossbow in Minecraft.

    Lets learn more about the pros and cons of these enchantments.

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    Minecraft Axe Enchantments You Shouldnt Get

    Naturally, there are also some axe enchantments you probably shouldnt get. Its easy to accidentally apply one of these enchantments, especially if youre new to Minecraft enchanting. So, take a good look at the list below and avoid enchantment options with the following names. Unless, of course, you want to become Minecrafts greatest spider-hunter:

    • Curse of Vanishing . If you die with an Curse of Vanishing axe in your inventory, it will disappear. Trust us, you dont want this.
    • Bane of the Arthropods . It will increase your axes damage against Arthropod mobs , but thats a very specific category. Usually not worth it.
    • Fortune . This is mostly used for mining ore, so cast this enchantment on a pickaxe instead of an axe.

    Youre ready to start your Minecraft axe enchantments. Happy chopping!

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    How To Make An Enchanting Table In Minecraft

    To make an enchanting table, open the crafting menu and arrange book, diamonds, and obsidian ores in the following order:

  • One book in the second column of the first row.
  • A diamond, obsidian ore, and then another diamond in the columns of the second row.
  • Obsidian ore in all three columns of the third row.
  • If the items are arranged correctly, an enchanting table will appear in the box on the right, and you can then place it into your inventory.

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    How To Enchant Items In Minecraft

    There are three main ways to enchant items in Minecraft.

    • Go to a Minecraft enchanting table and exchange XP and lapis lazuli to enchant an item.
    • At a Minecraft anvil, combine an enchanted book with an unenchanted item this uses XP.
    • At an anvil, combine two enchanted items to create one item with two enchantments.

    Alternatively, you can get enchanted items occasionally by trading emeralds with villagers. There is also a chance youll find an enchanted item while fishing, or as a drop from killing a zombie, drowned, zombie pigman, husk, stray, wither skeleton, or skeleton. Enchanted items can also be looted in the end city.

    If you play on Bedrock Edition then you can get enchanted items by slaying pillager and vindicator enemies during a raid.

    If you really dont want any hassle then you can use Minecraft console commands and cheats to get the job done.

    How Much Does It Cost To Enchant Items

    Minecraft enchantments guide: how to use your enchanting ...

    The cost to enchant items is the experience you gain by killing mobs, breeding livestock, mining resources, or using your furnace. For example, if you’re level five and do a level 3 enchantment, you would go back to level 2. The better the enchantment, the more levels it takes.

    Enchantments reach a maximum of level 30 and the higher-level enchantments require bookshelves around the enchanting table. In order to obtain the highest level of enchantment, you need a total of 15 bookshelves. The bookshelves must be arranged one block away from the enchanting table in a 1 high, 5 by 5 square, with an opening for a door.

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    How To Get Aqua Affinity

    You can obtain Aqua Affinity by using an enchanting table. You can also get it by using an anvil or different game commands.

    It helps you to reduce your frustration and also saves your time to mine several blocks underwater. It increases the mining speed as well.

    On the flip side, the worst thing about this enchantment is that it will not allow you to stay underwater longer.

    Best Minecraft Enchantments For Pvp

    Here are the best enchantments for your armor, your tools, and your weapons.

    Minecraft Championships rise in popularity comes with more eyes on Minecrafts various PvP modes. Whether its a game of survival, a battle royale-esque mode, or a race, theres a limitless amount of PvP options for Minecraft players.

    Likewise, theres a vast collection of enchantments that are especially useful for playing PvP in Minecraft. Here are some of the best enchantments you can use to get an edge on your opponents.

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    How To Get This Enchantment

    You can obtain this enchantment by trading with librarians for an enchanted book. You need to follow this guide to get protection enchantment in Minecraft:

  • Find a villager and place a lectern near him.
  • You will get a librarian.
  • It will allow you to trade the enchanted books.
  • Keep on breaking and changing the lectern.
  • You will get a trade for Protection IV for your armor.
  • Protection IV is the most amazing enchantment in Minecraft. It helps you to protect yourself by reducing damage up to 64%. The alternates for this enchantment are Blast protection, Fire protection, and Projectile protection. The uses of these enchantments are:

    • Blast protection Used during explosions
    • Fire protection Used to reduce fire damage
    • Projectile protection Used to prevent damages caused by flying arrows.

    You cannot use this enchantment to inflict direct damage against the nasty mobs and enemies. You will have to do it manually.

    How To Get Treasure Enchantments

    BEST Enchantments For All Gear Minecraft 1.16

    Treasure Enchantments are Minecraft Enchantments that cant be received from an Enchanting Table. Instead, you need to find them as a Book, where you can then combine it with your tool or armor item manually. Some Enchantments that are like this for the Axe are Mending, Bane of Arthropods and Efficiency.

    There are 3 ways to obtain them: Finding them inside loot chests, trading them with villagers or finding them whilst fishing. For loot chests, these are chests that spawn in the game world in locations such as Villagers, Temples and Dungeons. There is a small chance of them spawning in these chests.

    Trading with a Librarian Villager is another way to obtain Treasure Enchantments. As you level up the Librarian, they will sell more books to you at once. Finally, there is a small chance to obtain them whilst using the Fishing Rod, especially if youre using the Luck of the Sea Enchantment.


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    How To Enchant Items

    The enchanting table is fairly simple to use. When you interact with the table, the panel in the image above will appear.

    On the lefthand side of the panel, there will be a slot for a tool. Next to the tool, you will see another slot. This is where you add lapis lazuli, a minable ore that can be found anywhere underground.

    With your lapis lazuli and item placed, three enchantments will appear in the panel. Each enchantment requires a certain player level. If your enchanting table has 15 bookcases surrounding it, then you will be able to see the enchantment that requires you to be level 30. In the image above, you can see that the level 30 enchantment is Efficiency IV.

    On the left of the enchantment, you will see another number, which signifies how many levels will be consumed. For example, if you choose the level 30 enchantment for Efficiency IV, you will lose three levels. So, if you had exactly 30 levels while enchanting, it will go down to 27.

    This number is also how much lapiz lazuli will be consumed. For the level 30 enchantment, you will need 3 pieces of lapiz lazuli. Fortunately, this material is abundant, and after a mining trip or two, you should have more than enough.

    The Best Axe Enchantments In Minecraft


    In this list, were going to take a look at the Best Axe Enchantments available in Minecraft. These Enchantments can effect many things, from how fast you chop down trees to how fast you kill enemy mobs.

    When you are Enchanting in Minecraft, the Enchantments you receive are completely random, so you wont always get what you want. It might take a few re-rolls in the table. You can take off any previous Enchantments by placing the Axe in a grindstone.

    For more Minecraft Guides and Best-of content including Enchantments, Seeds and Resource Packs, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

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    Upgrading Your Enchantment Table

    The enchanting table will display three levels of enchantment to coose from. If your table has not been upgraded, these three options will have smaller numbers, which represent the level of an enchantment.

    To increase the level of enchantment, you will need to upgrade your enchanting table with bookcases. To reach the maximum level of 30, you will need at least 15 bookcases around the enchanting table.

    In the image above, you can see an enchanting table surrounded by 15 bookcases. This is a simple placement for bookshelves to achieve the maximum enchanting level. You can add more bookshelves to build up the walls, but they will be purely for aesthetic value.

    What If I Have Enchanted Books

    How to Get BEST ENCHANTS! Minecraft 1.14 Survival (Guide ...

    If you have found some Enchanted Books, then you dont need an Enchanting Table to use them. All you have to do is place your book and tool/armor item into an Anvil to enchant it.

    Enchanted Books can be found in many locations. Loot Chests in Villages/Dungeons/Temples have a chance of containing them. Librarian Villagers will often have them available for trade, especially at higher levels. Finally, having a Fishing Rod with the Luck of the Sea enchantment increases your chance of finding Enchanted Books whilst fishing dramatically.

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    How To Apply Enchanted Books

    As previously mentioned, you wont only obtain Enchantments from an Enchanting Table. You can also find already-enchanted books from multiple locations.

    They have a small chance of spawning in Loot Chests firstly. Fishing can also give you Enchanted Books, as theyre considered treasure, having a higher Luck of the Sea fishing rod enchantment will increase your chances of finding them. Librarian Villagers will also sell you Enchanted Books as part of their trades.

    Once you have an Enchanted Book, take your Bow and Book into an Anvil, placing the Bow in the left slot. Place the Book in the middle, and you will be able to take out your Bow with the Enchantment applied. This is also a good opportunity to give your bow a new name if you please.



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